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Monday, June 29, 2015

Alaska Natives – Under Attack

Wow, so U.S. Senator from Alaska MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly is making herday headway, in recovering the rightful and for so long shamed name of Alaska's “Big Mountain”. One thing well known about the nepotism senator, she knows all about land reclamation, especially when Bob Penny consults her on deals too good to be true. OK, old story, old mess up. See, Alaska as a state gets abused by other states, like maybe because of our destination far and away removed from the others, a convenient target! Good thing we have the “Missie Defense D-Shield System” there in Delta Junction – and under control of the “Religious Right” communes “One God heat sinks...”, the $billion$ dollar blunder that is now getting some Congressional attention focusing on the fact that it has a reliability factor of “negative” 180% due poor craftsmanship – the reason for the “D” stamp of approval signifying “Dysfunctional”. How come our critical military defense infrastructure is either under control of religious freaks or religious zealots? See, the troops are off fighting some SiSi war, in the meantime “civil servants” that “Hate” Uncle Sam are in control of...Yes indeed, there exists “Kill” rockets sitting in silos in “Delta” that, well the internals are rotting away due the fact that the ground water is getting contaminated and leaching crap into the navigational computers. So the answer from the defense contractors responsible for the “mess” – the lobby that controls the purse strings – build new rockets! Don't we ever get a warranty? Anyway, in the bullying of Alaska category, take Ohio for instance, it has been the name-keeper for North America's highest “Porta-Party” through help from Congress...even today as Don Young continues testing Viagra, upon this very issue! Still not finding an erection lasting through the 4-hour debates on “Who” finds ownership to that mountain's namesake, McKinley's state of birth or Alaskan Natives? So the name game has been tested in the House for...well the same amount of time that Don has maintained a circus in D.C., I meant zoo...I mean “Big Tame” museum! Really, Don – due senior moments – maintains the largest office out of any House members, for displaying all his “Big Game” trophies gunned down while gallivanting around the globe with Dennis Hastamasturbate. “Shurley, Shurley bo Burley” the 106th through the 109th Congressional membership must have known Hastert's pedophile connection and as part of their duty, maintained silence. “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.” Of course this was during the Clinton & Gingrich & Bush & Delay “We are Perverts and Coverts of Office”, so I guess it was to be expected. Sad Sack-of-shit thing, we pay their freedom for criminal activity as the immunity clause written by none other then Nancy Pelosi, well “Freedom at Hast”. Anyway, when the time comes to break the long overdue “Lincoln, Lincoln bo Bincoln Bonana fanna fo Fincoln Fee fy mo Mincoln, Lincoln” and MurCowpiefly's staff breaks wind, I mean breaks out the “Perignon”, time to party into the midnight sunshine! Whey, Bill Allen's a pervert and we know MoanaLisa loves the “Dom” as YouBlowTube captured the festivities down Ketch way when she christened the hull of the M.V. Susitna and it was hit so hard it sunk. So it is great to see that the “Great One” can be re-honored to what was claimed by the Athabaskans some 10,000 years ago, Denali! And while we are at it, may as well rename Alaska for the long haul. So instead of the “Lost Frontier”, how about the “Big TEAT” or the suckling spiglet? No not due the fact the 49er is in bed with the Tea-Party Koch suckers, we still rely on Uncle Sam for “Welfare” even though we have today a reserve much for real all told close to $100-Billion$? So the giveaway continues, look the entire Billy Brown family is guilty of PFD fraud, yet we give away our “freedoms” so they can continue to be free and fascinate the entire Discovery Channel that is discovering that the Dan Quayle IQ of a couch potatoe is, well it appears a “Cold Case”. Aren't you glad that encyclopedias are a thing of the past? Imagine trying to teach your kids about stuff only to page past a mug-shot of Bush/Quayle, Clinton/Gore, Bush/Cheney...Anyway, it may be time to rename this state. See, Gubnor Bill wants to allow Trans-Canada through the banned AGIA theft-athon to get more bang for its buck. Now according to the Mobius Strip theory, more bang for the outsiders means less bang for...the sentiment that one man's trash is another Canadians wealth...Look I am all for stiff control at our border crossings. We should erect massive electrified fences with huge Fender speakers that blasts them unwanted outsiders away with “Deportee” or “Crazy Baldheads” playing in the background. Stay away freeloaders! Now I am not talking a “fence” down south on the Mexican border, as we need a defensive “KEEP OUT” fence on the border between Alaska and Canada. They ain't our friends, and using that notion as a cover up that is stealing away Alaska's eminent domain, in fact swallowing up Uncle Sam's eminence. See, Trans-Canada was invited in to help out with building a natural gas pipeline to the lower-48. This Canadian outfit never before affiliated with Alaska was in it for the piece of pipe that would follow along-side the ALCAN Highway, and really had nothing to do with the pipe in Alaska, so who let the Canadians cross the border? Yes in it for a piece of the pipe, not a piece of the “pie”. Dear Mr. & Mrs. U.S. Taxpayer, test time. “Who pays to maintain the ALCAN highway”? No, the Canadians are not that stupid! We “All Alaskan Dimwits for Don Young” were guaranteed a natural gas pipeline within 5-years of “Oil In”, that was 39-years ago gone bye-bye. Still, a natural gas pipeline “fantasy” is still cheap thrills for Trans-Tyranny-Canada. See, Bill wants to buy something from Queen Tyranny, what it is ain't exactly clear. See, Alaska permits a “Public Domain” Right-of-Way for pipelines, in efforts to keep eminent domain an instrument of “state sovereignty”. So we already have what it takes to demand what we want as a partner in any and all pipelines on the drawing board. Trans-Canada is a fictitious and frivolous entity, it owns no gas and it owns no ROW, so why is Walker contemplating buying “something” from these crooks in the tune of $100-Million, when the state is going broke? No we're NOT, just an April Fool's joke. So when Sarah enacted AGIA, with good intent because at that time Trans-Canada was hanging out on the other side of the border and not really interfering with things, well one night when the border crossing agents were sound asleep the border was infiltrated and the crooks headed right for the piggy bank. See, Alaska has a “Big” bank! So it is “fear” to say that Tyranny will walk away with the entire $500-Million that was earmarked for, well for what is still out with a jury. Another reason we need a border crossing, not for illegal aliens that come north to fish, but to take into consideration those pin-stripped illegal comedian crooks that come here to take advantage of boatloads of loot! When a state has boatloads of loot and the “Sergeant of Arms is blackmailed into leaving his post”, like we find with the U.S. Treasury, attacks are imminent. But there comes more testing issues as to why we have been blinded by the Canadian insurrection against Alaska, and they continue to get away with it. OK, we still pay the entire cost to maintain the Alcan Highway – the answer to that “Citizens United” test question - even the road sections that are in Canada! This state is also bleeding away $millions$ in lost revenue to Canadian banks and Canadian business entities, like through a fictitious Fairbanks/Canadian partner called Inland Pacific Reality. The connection is like this. Back in 2007 Doyon Utilities was awarded a 50-year contract with the Defense Logistics Agency, to maintain the “utility” infrastructure at many of the military bases in Alaska, which meant great paying jobs for the Tea-Party and Religious Right, the factions that “hate” Uncle Sam's helping hand but love that “fat” paycheck. That 50-year contract allowed for a guaranteed revenue stream of a $75-Million annually, with that guaranteed income and based on “utility” fundamentals 101, when the commune workers were paid, well it meant a handsome take-home profit of $25-Million – split between Doyon Limited and the other half handed over to the Canadians. But something went wrong in the “equal” equation and most of the profits for the first few years, yes taken across the border by them “crazy baldhead” pinstriped convicts. But the Canadians are greedy and wanted that lucrative revenue stream to continue on the increase, robbing us blindly, and Doyon was then forced to try to rip off the U.S. Taxpayers. By requesting the Regulatory Commission of Alaska to intervene and allow, well here is what the ARMY lawyers have said: The level of rate increase requested exceeds 50 percent for five of the twelve systems and nearly 100 percent or two . Doyon also requests interim increases for each system that in most cases are more than 50 percent of the total increase, without hearings or examination of its extensive filing. DOD 's current annual payments to Doyon exceed $75,000,000 and would balloon to nearly $100,000,000 annually, if accepted without challenge and examination. DOD generally disputes Doyon's numerous allegations and mischaracterization of its relationship, the status of the facilities, and the payments due. DOD intends to provide testimony and other evidence that will largely rebut Doyon's filing. DOD disputes the justification for, and opposes the implementation of, interim rates and notes, as Doyon concedes, that DOD's payments will be increased in August, 2012, regardless of the proceedings before the RCA. DOD welcomes other intervenors and participants in the proceedings, including RCA Staff and consumer representatives, and believes that their participation will provide a full record for RCA consideration and be in the public interest. Doyon touts itself as a “Public Utility" and therefore should be held to the same level of scrutiny as other public utilities. To facilitate the widest opportunity for participation, DOD requests that all hearings and proceedings be conducted at the RCA offices in Anchorage. In view of the complicated coordination and distances that DOD participants must travel, Anchorage provides a more suitable venue. Over the course of this year, DOD has consistently received misleading information, or no information, about the expected filing date of this huge case. Doyon initially informed DOD that the filing would occur in late June, 2012. Then, it changed to sometime in April , then to sometime in May.” So in a nutshell, the “Net Margin” is pure profit that is being delivered – bags of money – to the Canadians and they want more from where that comes from. But I am glad to see that the ARMY, well don't mess with Uncle Sam. And Doyon is in debt at the tune of $130-million, to Toronto Dominion, and is only paying off the interest, as the entire Doyon connection was designed as a money making scam – for the Canadians. So Doyon's collateral, well it's our military infrastructure at risk? So when Doyon could not make ends meet, it tried to swindle more loot from Uncle Sam, trying to raise the rates it charged for cesspool cleaning through criminal like increases, which would have meant in excess of $25-million collected yearly for the next 50-years had the ARMY brass been unaware of what was about to blast away decency. And this was all directed by the board of directors of Doyon Utilities, which finds some of Canadian “blood” but mostly “White Trash” Fairbanks businessmen that seem not to give a rat's ass about the American Taxpayers! But you don't mess with Uncle Sam's lawyers, and when Doyon tried to stick it to “US”, well so far it has backfired. Yes, this was a class-act theft attempt, and should be rewarded with time behind bars for the crooks. Here is what I don't get. The board that tried to pull a good one on Uncle Sam, tried to sock-it-to the U.S. Taxpayers, they all raise the American flag out front their multi-million dollar homes there in Fairbanks? Yet in reality, thay act only as as a funnel for the Canadians, and in reality don't give a rat's ass about you or I and care only about themselves and always have an excuse with a mile long smile as to why it is OK, they call it “Capitalism”. Know what, their close, but in reality its a “Capital Crime”. So maybe we need some of those military lawyers, to help Alaska and the bleeding away of our sovereignty, as when the hen-house is raided - well it is under attack. So when you here the Homeland Security boss talk about “vigilence” come the 4th, our northern borders are vulnerable, and homegrown thieves are stealing away our dignity and heritage. The entire Doyon fiasco, well it is once again the Native Alaskan “name” that is being used as an element of insurrection, wherein the Fairbanks businessmen making a “killing” on this insurrection are hiding behind that Native Alaskan name, all in efforts to well, target the natives! So the next time you see a Canadian in a pinstrip, ask not what your country can do for them are the “Crazy Baldheads” robbing us blind!

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