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Monday, February 2, 2015

$295 plus S&H

What we know. Factoid #1 - The first out-break of “measles” was at Disneyland in California. Factoid #2 – the supposedly infected person carrying around the “virus” was a visitor, from another country. Since then, over 100-reported cases across the nation and growing wherein the Center for Disease control is issuing some warnings about a massive outbreak - originating from Mickey Mouse land! So, was this a ways and means for “Terrorists” to get even, by attacking places of family worship with a cheap-ass threat that causes major fear? Imagine, what a simple weapon wherein the “Terrorist” have infiltrated a “loophole”, wherein many Americans refuse to become inoculated so susceptible to becoming infected carriers – right into the hands of a plan! Just recently, the eradication due vaccinating against “Rubella” was celebrated. So, with complacency that it was no longer a health issue or stubbornness that Uncle Sam doesn't know what is best for me and my religious cravings, has such become a vulnerability now challenged by those bent on causing pain, suffering and humiliation upon our nation? Look, biological warfare has been a concern ever since it was realized that several corporations had provided Iraq with some nasty things, back in the late 80s and in the name of “Science”. And now we have this measles outbreak, that could be cause to ignite an economic disaster – if it gets to the point wherein we must stay home and visitors stay away also. Look, for almost a decade we have been living with fear of some asshole with a strap-on, walking through a crowd and boom. It happened in Boston, but the assholes behind that sabotage realized one-thing, don't mess with Americans – especially that young terrorist that thought he could sail away with 15-mental virgins on a boat in dry-dock! And with half of the nation carrying or concealing, the reason we have so many trigger happy kids, has the intent to cause this nation harm found a new life? This would be sick, but when one looks at the “chemical and biological” weapons that were sold to Iraq many years ago, was “rubella” one of those things? Maybe it was easy to find on the “Black Market”, as money can buy anything, even inflated footballs. Look, like selling weapons, it is “strictly business” for some, and they think not of the repercussions – just like the jerk that sold all those weapons, including a “grenade launcher” to the cartoon killers in France, but think only of what's in their wallet. Money, money, money, MONEY! So, this is something our nation best equip itself to combat, as the underwear bomb went nowhere, and we have been somewhat safe for the past several years. And economic doom, or fear is maybe the weapon of choice for this ISIS. Who in hell is financing that outfit, almost like the Iran-Nicaraguan Contra backing – new uniforms, new trucks, weapons beyond a home-grown garage groan militia? Anybody seen Oliver North? And “What's in Your Cart”? 

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