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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Soldier of Fantasy

Oh well, a John Lennon “Well, well, well”! So to the thousands that have already spent hard earned money then wasted over 2-hours watching a fantasy film called the “American Sniper” fascination, you can now admit it was a mistake. Chris Kyle may have been a genuine hero, but this movie debut places him in another light – maybe a coward for letting another money maker take advantage of the situation. Hey, the celluloid makes money, but we should discourage that interest when a script has been manipulated to skew the truth, especially when we are talking about our proud men & women in uniform. This “Sniper” is an egocentric selfish rendition of one man's moment, wherein it takes away the “honors glory be the horrors” for the troops in boots that have been placed in harms way of combat. If you haven't read the Marc Lee letter written a few weeks before he was killed as a “SEAL” with “Charlie Platoon”, then you are placing true honor in a closet. At 28-years of age, Lee was the 1st Navy SEAL killed in “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, and a SEAL Team-3 teammate with Kyle. For his bravery, for his honor, for his life, Lee received the Silver Star, the Bronze Star with Valor, Purple Heart and the training center at the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado is named in his honor. Talk about a “True Grit” American hero, look no further. But Lee also questioned the “WAR” effort, something that Kyle was known to frown upon – that the killings were justified! So it appears even though a highly celebrated and honorable soldier, for a film maker don't count on the honor of a man or woman that finds “no glory” in these killing fields. And one must also engage and reflect upon what Lee's wife – Maya Elbaum – has said about the film, that it does not do justice to the rest of the story. But if “You Can't Handle the Truth” and you harbor Colonel Jessup denial, then please refrain away from reading Lee's letter, as it will tell the truth of the matter and soon you will realize that the entire “Kyle” hype is, well about the money making opportunities - for the film industry and for Kyle's wife. Look, Chris Kyle may have held an honor his role as a “sniper” in Iraq, but due maybe the effects of “killing” he turned into a wannabe fake con artist that used his “killing” spree, well it finally caught up with him and he rests “Not in Peace” being the center of attention a questionable passion! And this penance finds no “Glory”! And with the Routh trial going on for Kyle's killer - a U.S. Marine that recived an “Honorable Discharge” after the killing field sniper spree - it appears that Kyle's wife must have taken narcissist lessons from Sarah Palin. Look, she appears a fake widow putting on a show! As was Kyle's “American Sniper” book also filled with untruthfulness, as Jesse Ventura has proven while taking Kyle and the book publisher to the mat when lies were discovered about his own SEAL career! Costly lies at that, as Ventura has sued the Kyle estate for slander and libel and has a court judgment against that estate for $millions$! Bottom-line, both Kyle and Routh and Lee are victims, as are all Americans when we have a guy like Clint Eastwood making a bunch of money on, well a polish job on the true facts of “WAR”. And maybe had Eastwood been introduced to combat, instead of serenading his military time as a state-side pool-side lifeguard, then maybe this film would have given credit wherein credit was due – to all soldiers, not just a fascination upon a fantasy soldier called “Chris Kyle”!
Petty Officer Marc Alan Lee(1978-2006)
~ A “True Grit” American Hero ~

The President of the United States of America takes pride in presenting the Silver Star (Posthumously) to Aviation Ordnanceman Second Class Marc Alan Lee, United States Navy, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action against the enemy as Assaulter and Automatic Weapons Gunner in Sea, Air, Land Team THREE (SEAL-3), Naval Special Warfare Task Group Arabian Peninsula in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM on 2 August 2006. Petty Officer Lee conducted clearance operations in South-Central Ramadi as a member of a Naval Special Warfare Combat Advisory element for the Iraqi Army. During the operation, one element member was wounded by enemy fire. The element completed the casualty evacuation, regrouped and returned onto the battlefield to continue the fight. Petty Officer Lee and his SEAL element maneuvered to assault an identified enemy position. He, his teammates, Bradley Fighting Vehicles and Abrams tanks engaged enemy positions with suppressive fire. During the assault, his team came under heavy enemy fire from an adjacent building to the north. To protect the lives of his teammates, he fearlessly exposed himself to direct enemy fire by engaging the enemy with his machine gun and was mortally wounded in the engagement. His brave actions in the line of fire saved the lives of many of his teammates. Petty Officer Lee's courageous leadership, operational skill, and selfless dedication to duty, reflected great credit upon him and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service. Action Date: August 2, 2006

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