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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gabrielle Giffords as VP

Dear Vice President Joe Biden;

America needs a favor, one that could diminish the ever present “divide” that is “falling” our nation. It appears that the Obama & Biden “terms of endearment” will go down in the history books as a very successful team effort. Better then the Boston Patriots, no deflation required! And I guess “Lame Duck” doesn't register with Barack & Company, as everyday it appears something positive for America is coming out of the “Oval Office”. You have many successes under your belt and a long career at what you like to do and perform so well – a political aspiration that in this day and age takes guts, stamina and I guess some laughing time and when things get rough, shed a few tears. I already hold a belief strong that Barack Obama will find a legacy unsurpassed by U.S. presidents and other world leaders of democracy, within my lifetime, and you hold a lot of respect at making that a reality. As we find such dedication, it means the next generation of leaders will have to be better, so you guys have started something that can only benefit a brighter future for this nation. I am writing you today to ask for a favor, for “All Americans” as maybe that “icing on the cake” before you go away. A person that you were acquainted with also seemed to be striving for a long career on the “beltway” and I honestly thought she would be this nation's 1st woman president – yes Gabrielle Giffords. Due matters out-of-our hands, she will never reach that goal, we all know why. It was a sad day. So, even though this may sound beyond challenging as it is complicated, what if you and Barack put together some semblance of a decree through an “Executive Order” wherein you could step down and Gabrielle could, well take over so she could also go down in the history books as a holder of a very prominent position – basically, the 1st woman VP. Like the “Missing Man Formation” a salute for a fallen soldier. I believe from her recovery efforts to date, she is “Constitutionally Eligible” to hold that office – not as a successor – but to carry out the duties when you and Barack are nearing the end of your second and final term. It can be done, and this nation is deserving of such a change as a salute to a remarkable “American”. Imagine what kind of signal this would show the world, not just US! “Gabby” was a 2nd Amendment Right advocate, an NRA member in “Good Standing” so finds some commonality with many Americans that hated to see her career sidetracked by..well we need not go there. So please take this under consideration, and maybe during the final months of your Vice responsibility this could somehow be accomplished. 
Thanks. S. Pam McGee

 "Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all.
 By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!"

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