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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

NET Neutrality

So the NBC mole bows down to the FOX and anchorman Brian Williams ends up in the unemployment line and now the MSNBC crew is weeping like when we lost JFK! Oh, I stand corrected, that mourning is due the fact Jon Stewart is up to no good! A Stewart & Colbert 2016 ticket? Hey, it's comedy central to begin with. In fact I nominate Sarah Palin as Stewart's replacement! Honestly with ISIS so active and Congress so inactive, imagine an entire hour at the Lawrence O'Noodle & Rascal Madcow palace dedicated to Stewartism, it elevates the proverbial “moment of silence” to an entire different level. How much do “Erectile Dysfunction” advertises pay for this waste of time? Just watching the actors, well it was like taking a hit of decaffeinated “NoDoz”, my brain was numb, stimulation on coast speed! But Williams got a raw deal, and now listed as Number 1965 in the “Who's Who” in “NOT to Trust”. I guess some wanted a higher rating, but the first 1964 listings are and have been reserved for Congress, for many years by now. The only individual affiliated with that institute under the 114th salute and not in the listing today is Bernie Sanders – the reason he is the only Congressional member fit for the 2016 race. 114th salute? What you missing a digit? See, long-time anchorman Williams admitted he may have stretched the truth a wee bit during his news' career, which has spanned some 35-years by now - for pastelling his reports to get the point across of what it was like in the theater of “WAR”. So what's the problem if he was not on that “Marine Convoy” that was actually fired upon and hit, as the convoy he was flying aboard was also a target – get the point? It means our military finds a ways and means to protect those on board to cover-up what happens during war – just like the fooling around game behind Air Force One. The enemy never knows the true target of interest a destructive intent. Look, Bill Clinton stretched his dick and found less pain and punishment then what we are being serenaded with by Williams leaving that anchor chair. Who be the next in line..and “laa de frickin' da”, it's basically a sabbatical for Williams - time to write a book as when you make that kind of loot – how much “Viagra” is the Cardinal selling on the boob tube commercials? Just ask the Pentagon! So the news must go on. Bottom-line, the rest of the story finds attention, that those in the news' media play “Games of Thorns”. As to sit in that seat, hey it is $millionaires$ central. And in this day and age just a ways & means to regurgitate what has already come across the “Net”, still without neutrality, and news annoyingly augmented by, well “erections lasting longer then 4-hours”. And isn't what Williams accomplished, to paint a better picture for us folks way back here in the”Homeland”, is not this merely a form of “FREE SPEECH”? Since when was that 1st Amendment afforded an “accuracy statement” qualifier? And now some idiot over on FOX wants to re-open the insane asylums, for news hounds that don't tell the truth? Murdouchebag's Gutless went off on a tizzy about closing down the “Asylums” was akin to closing down “Gitmo”, or vice. Wow, yes indeed, why not re-open the “asylums” for those that don't tell the truth of the news, won't have any trouble filling up them shock treatment beds! See, does FOX ever tell the truth? Did you notice, forgot you don't waste time watching the news on the boob tube, it's already outdated. But for those of us that finally gave up the daily newspaper, due the fact the front page was merely a dedication to “ED, constipation and diarrhea”, well it meant then turning onto the “Tube” - an evolutionary thing, one baby step at a time. Here is what I don't get. How come Williams' cohorts didn't “Stand Their Ground” and boycott this irattional bending over to the FOX? That's right, no “Union” so no strike! But, news tubing is almost a thing of the past – unless “Net Neutrality” really means “Net Neutering”. And Chris Mathews, if you are board and still believe that Hillary would have done a better job as the Commander-in-Chief defending our sovereignty against terrorists, please put on a uniform and go fight ISIS.

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