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Friday, February 27, 2015

FOX Targets Americans

It's over, any worthwhile news that is broadcast either “Boob-Tube” wise or with “Net Neutrality” stuck in “Neutral”, as it is all pre-meditated narcissism. Putting it in perspective, when one considers CNN is no longer a newsworthy organization since Piers Morgan was released on his own recognition well I feel sorry for Anderson as he is the last of the “True Anchormen”. So, it will only be a matter of time wherein “Broadcast Journalism” is DOA. Hey, it had its time! Sure it's in the last inning, as look what happened to Brian Williams! And the way that Bilbo Baggage O'Reilly and David Scornucopia are going at it, just a bunch of kindergarten show-offs – a.k.a. “BRATS”. See, there ain't nothing good coming from the “House”, same old Boehner “kissing asssome pissing off the rest contest. I sent Boehner a bottle of booze disguised as “Feminine Touch Fake Bake Mousse” through the U.S. mail, it was delivered! You would think he would know better then to accept it, as it required a signature of approval! And with the news down for the cunt and the Congress down for the cunt, Obama is holding his own, a man without half a country - so there ain't nothing truly exciting to cover. So with that, the ratings are down which means “Viagra” sales are down also, as it appears with the news that's what covers the bills! Except for the Ed Show, I think Trans-Canada pays the bill for that time-slot! Why cannot this nation for a single second “Stand” united NOT divided and except the true fact of the matter what matters most, that Barack Obama is the “Greatest President” this nation has ever witnessed in “our” times. Sorry Mr. Carter, but you helped, especially with that book, “The Hornet's Horny Nest”: Referred to Matthew 5.27, and confessed: "I've looked on many women with lust. I've committed adultery in my heart many times." Hey, South Korea just legalized “adultery”, another win for human rights so that Nobel Peace Prize was well deserved! OK, so I am a Pierre Bonnard fan myself. But because we are so divided and falling, every day is a struggle for this Commander-in-Chief, as he has “Zero” support from the “mainstream”. So what, it is not the “Mainstream's” stage anymore and the reason the news is no longer “Extra, Extra Read All About It – Hot Off The Press”, as it is already “Extra Old” with the “Net” running at 100-gorgeous crumbs per second! So it is boring for the FOX and the MadCow networks. And we don't need that freak-show any longer, as with “Net-Neutrality” signed into law by Mr. Obama, it allows this connectivity “equality” to finally, “SHOOT YOUR TV”. Amazing that a “packet of bits” would find equality before workers and same-sex partners! Hey, it only required an almost “lifetime” for that to become a reality, “Kill Your TV”, whatever the message! But when desperate, when there is no good news and viewers get sick and tired of a bunch of high-paid brats with “zero” responsibilities a job most of us could do in our sleep so perform like the Patriots and deflate things, well try to invoke something that brings up the ratings. See, 911 broke the record for the “world” watching what was going on. A “Big Event” like that and the “Super Bowl EXLAX”, it brings in the viewers which in turn brings in the advertising bucks which brings in the scam artists. And with the “Superbowel” over with and being February and the fact that Chris Kyle saw his shadow so went back into hibernation - see, in Texas “Groundhog Day” was so replaced with “Chris Kyle Day”, what an embarrassment - things are “Super Boring”! Like said already, same old-crap with Congress – totally “Constipated”. I hope Sarah Palin runs for Hypocrite 2016, I need some good laughter company! So, this may be the intent of the FOX, do something that creates havoc and then when the plan works, so do the ratings go through the ceiling. Yes, the Murdouche FOX has published a brief on how to kill people on a plane with simple materials that are undetectable by the TSA – which goes broke tonight at midnight. So the timing of this article is suspicious, as if Boehner is enjoying that “Fake Bake” and TSA disappears at the stroke, well it is an opportunity for a “copy-cat” to wreck havoc on a plane filled with innocent fans – using the FOX “Plan of Attack”! I reviewed the recipe made possible by FOX over the newswire - during the late evening yesterday when maybe they thought no one was watching or listening! And with very little cross-analysis, it is sickening that an American...well FOX is far from “American” if it lowers itself to such disrespect. The “FOX – How To Destroy the American Spirit” is an article that has no name attached, except the FOX – which is a “person of interest” according to the “Supreme Beings”. So this recipe for disaster has been authenticated. Yes, FOX has gone over the edge on this one – giving a copy-cat an invite to play out a “Johnny Reap Jihad”, as human destruction is what they want as that sells “Viagra” time! What's a few hundred corpses if it brings up the ratings worth $millions$? See. It is well known that when ratings start to dive, there comes a no-return policy, so head it off before it is too late. It is the same recipe that was behind the Bush & Cheney dysentery dynasty doctrine, who cares about a handful of dead Americans – as the cause was worth it. See, with the likes of the Hannitys, the likes of the O'Reillys - and Bill should be stripped of his Irish Heritage for not speaking out about this as that plane will have Irishmen aboard - they have gone so far over the “fringe” cliff, they want a terrorist attack to occur on Obama's watch just so they can say, “See we were right...” I would bet that every day when “Hannity against Humanity” wakes, he prays for a “Terrorist” rain. Why, the ratings! Well with this invite to cause destruction on a plane filled with common salt-of-thy-earth “Americans” and babies, the the entire cast of FOX should be water-boarded – remember it ain't torture just an awakening! Take that back, maybe dildo-boarded as described by Rude Man Glueliano!

 "Yes, Dildo-Boarding, see it, it ain't torture"

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