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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Les "Kyle" Miserables

Here is what I don't understand. The Eddie Ray Routh “Deliverance” was a slam dunk case for the prosecution. Yes “DELIVERANCE” as Chris Kyle reminds me of thum “shiners” that took advantage of the city folk - “squeal like a pig”! I don't feel any condolences for this man, especially as a soldier, but somewhat sorry that Chad lost his life – guilty by association I guess. Honorably Discharged” U.S. Marine Routh had already admitted a “sniper like” attack upon Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, but the “prosecution” decided against the “Death Penalty”? Rather odd for Texas. The only headache that I have with the trial, it should have been re-assigned to Crawford, making it a possibility that George W. would have been summoned as a juror. From the scene of the crime, Routh was a killer that “STOOD HIS GROUND”! This was a “Helter Skelter”...well I am calling it a “revenge killing”, as all the evidence presented so far suggested so, that it was somewhat pre-meditated and provoked by indifferences. Evidence more that thought otherwise was just a suggestion. And all indications leading up to the verdict - which beat the world record time in jury deliberations because the sitting judge warned of a storm and wanted to get home - well it appears that “TEXAS” has no respect for out military veterans nor the “jury” system. Honestly, a storm warning was more important then a proper deliberation, which lasted exactely 1-hour and 35-seconds. GUILTY! And not that the veridct would have been any different had time not been the pressure point, but a jury must take the time to refresh the merits of the trial – else it paints a picture that it wasn't a fair trial due all the Tara Kyle hype of I find myself in a surreal Cinderella who scrubs the floors but has a fairy Godmother who got me on a plane and had a dress and jewelry and even the shoes and spanx waiting for me.” But the verdict sits well, and maybe Texas should now with such success and national recognition secede from the “Union”. More than enough “Petitioners” have submitted a request to Obama to "Peacefully grant the State of Texas to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.” With this verdict, the time has come to bid farewell the home of a “President without a Country”. Look, Routh was not insane, so he was set-up by his legal counsel thinking he could use such a lullaby to get, well life in prison either way. It was a “Capital Punishment Crime”, so Routh was looking at life behind bars in an orange jump suit or life behind bars in a straight-jacket. When maybe the reasoning behind the counsel was based on less torture if not a patient in an insane asylum. So they threw this defense out on the table, the “Not Guilty” by reason of insanity, to fake the jury, fake the world and it worked. Look, prison is a whole lot safer then a “Funny Farm”.

They're coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!
They're coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa
To the funny farm. Where life is beautiful all the time and I'll be
happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they're
coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!!!!

But even though the “troops” were the ones hurt by this verdict, wherein it shows the ugly face of “WAR” far too long, maybe it is a “WIN” for Obama? See, Barack has been trying to ween this nation away from violence, abroad and here at home! Hey, he didn't win the Nobel Peace Award as a token of his skin color! For instance, bringing our troops home from “WARS” that were started through propaganda and have a tendency to promote even more violence. And if so, maybe Routh was doing justice his duty, by using this opportunity against such violence like that which surrounded the Kyle message of “Despite what your Momma told you…violence does solve problems.” - as revenge against this tyrant like “mindset”! We must remember, at the time of the “killing” spree, Routh was a United States Marine in “Good Standing”, and was awarded an “Honorable Discharge” after the ambush! What the hell does that tell you? As a “Divided Nation”, it is so easy to see wherein our weariness and weaknesses exist – and it's destroying US. Kyle was the WAR HAWK” protégé, and “STOOD HIS GROUND” with respect to hailing the “WARS” and his efforts as “Patriotism”, even if he was known to bash the Commander-in-Chief. Routh the “Peace HAWK”, well he had become disenfranchised with the “Killing Fields” and this meeting of deteriorating minds, when Kyle and Routh had finally met on the final “battlefield”, it appears neither soldier feared and “Stood” at ease and attention, and we must now welcome the outcome. Kyle is dead, so is Routh. Bottom-line, nobody is a winner, not Clint Eastwood, not Taya, not Sarah Palin, not Sean Hannity as this is the true ugly side of the Bush Dysentery Dynasty, wherein the “divide” is taking its toll on preserving the kinship between men and women in uniform. Our system is taxed to the maximum – we have outgrown “WAR”, as look what it is doing to our youth. Why so, because what good is a “WAR” when it was started through propaganda – as we learn in kindergarten that a nation of our stature knows better – but it appears we don't and continue on this reckless slippery slope. Said again, it is destroying US. And the deteriorating element – when we are so divided that such a divide scorns the “Commander-in-Chief” in his efforts to do what is right! When we have a nation with a dedicated Congress that admittedly voices that its main objective is to fail this nation, by renouncing Obama like a Catholic renouncing Satan, then as a nation we have hit an all time low and our men & women in uniform are provided a compromising “mission”, one that Dubya thought was accomplished – and only so if “Dividing” was in his game plan. So, yesterday was a bad day, as it never should have come to that defying point, wherein soldiers are duking it out over what is right and what is wrong – and we thought the Vietnam veterans were treated bad. So, I look at this killing of Chris Kyle as a “revenge” seeking mission. And maybe we should all sit back now and ask ourselves, what is “True Patriotism”. And if defying the existing “Commander-in-Chief” is what you honor and find still no respect, then there is s shooting range in Texas waiting for your arrival!

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