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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Captain Bligh Belichick

I lived in Prince William Sound for many years, and knew all about the hazards surrounding “Bligh Reef”. In fact, every damn 3rd grader in Valdez when questioned, well also profoundly aware of the “Perils of Captain Bligh”. Then one night Joe rammed his ship into that reef, and the oil tanker was quickly deflated by over 11-million gallons of toxic pollution. The game went on, even though the head referee – Steve Cowper – cried “Foul”! Then someone reminded him where the money for his governor's salary came from. The game went on! And in the end, the “Wreck” was blamed on no one in particular, maybe a slap-on-the-wrist for Captain Joe. And Joe had been under the scrutiny microscope by his owner, for other problems associated with managing such a responsibility of bringing home the bacon. But there was an attempt to blame the “larboard watchman” for plowing the ship into the reef and he was questioned about it, but we never heard the outcome of that interrogation. Many still believe it was a sabotage attempt, by another oil broker – yes a set-up that worked wherein the all time winning EXXON team was tricked-out! EXXON caught the flack and answered to the media critics, but when into the last inning it won the trophy for making more money then ever – even with attempts to shipwreck through poor seamanship! So the New England Patriots were “snowed” out again for the team's Super Bowel XLAX “Home Coming” prom promotion in “Bean Town”. Did the parade route actually go in front of the court house wherein ex-Patriot Hernandez is on trial for murder? Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the weather is deflating our “Glory Be” party. But in my case that may have been good, as in waiting for Belichoke & Company to show, I came across a classic movie from 1935 – Mutiny on the Bounty. Wow, wow and wow again! Captain Bligh, well it was Coach Bill Belichick! What a coincidence, the similarities with Bligh and Super Bowl 6-shooter Bill. With Bligh, a fabulous navel career and the envy of the LGBT Majesty fleet. With Bill, a fabulous sports career and the envy of the Goodell Majesty League. Bligh, a regimented captain wherein his crew messed not around – same with Bill. But when the “Mutiny” occurred, well Bligh and a few comrades loyal to the team, well they made another win with odds against them. In time, Bligh was promoted to a commissioner, to fix the corrupt rum running trade – to make sure the “King” received his ransom! So, maybe Captain Bill should retire his coaching enthusiasm orgasim and take over the NFL corruption, as he may have an upper hand wherein to begin and praytell any corruption get in the way of “Strictly Business”!

"Tom Brady & Bill Belichick, checking sail wind deflation"

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