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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Halloween AYL

Scary, yes that Halloween has been declared an “All Year Long” ritual here in the “Homeland” with the Congress taking up residency in the ultimate “Horror House”. We may laugh upon a “Do Nothing” Congress, but when that body is allowed to perform “Treasonous” like acts, wherein hell is the Sergeant-at-Arms? Arrest the “Turncoats” for high crimes, as they have turned on this nation! With the John McCains and the Lindsey Grahams along with sacrificial cohorts like the Rudy Giulianis and the Scott Walkers all dressed in the costume of the "scissor-hands”, with the intent of annihilating everything and anything Barack Obama does day-in day-out in efforts to uphold his oath of office. About the only thing they haven't spoken out about negatively is how Obama farts! See, many “neo-conservative hawk-eyed hypocrites” cannot “Handle the Truth”, that the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama will go down in the history books as the “Greatest U.S. President and Commander-in-Chief” of record this nation. He has already proven himself, so it is something the “Tyrant Terrorists” cannot take away. And those that are trying their hardest to derail this great man and derail a nation with a “Divided We Fall” mentality, it is but for a single reason their hatred – the color of a man's skin! I am white, middle aged and have raised an American family. I find political correct ideas with both the “Leftist” & “Rightist” agendas, so I find neutral ground to what may be best for this nation. This is America, we all have good ideas and opinions – but when we practice the latter with hatred, what are we accomplishing but a weakening of democracy – that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. That is what Obama stands for, our liberties! What don't you understand, or is bigotry getting in the way of clear thinking? Yes, low and behold, Obama embraces that same neutrality and that is so hard for the “Right” to comprehend and acknowledge – he is a Statesmen, he does not side with one or the other and is committed to doing what is best for our country without party lines drawing border lines. Why fight what is best for the “Union”? But we had grown accustomed to a party-line president, with Reagan all the way to George W., so we are not accustomed to such treatment and retaliate against what is going on in the Oval Office as we feel something ain't right! What are we afraid of? Our own “Constitution” as we have been subject to a subliminal hacking hijacking by the side takers. I am not afraid of ISIS. I am not afraid of the homegrown insurgents bent on causing destruction from sea to shining sea and affiliated with way far and away religious factions. But I am afraid of these white men that are hiding behind the American veil, using the Red-White & Blue as a means to sacrifice our heritage by attacking Barack Obama on every damn front. He is acting as a president, and that is the reason the thugs have not been able to weaken him, as if it were possible to weaken an American President acting in accordance with the “Constitution”, then the foundation of that instrument has flaws – after some 225-years we find that not the case. Yes, that foundation became very weak over the years, but is reinforced today because we have a man at the helm that cares. And if, praytell NOT, something should happen to cut short Obama's watch, the hypocrites may shed a tear as part of their Happy Gilmore stage appearance, that we have lost the “Greatest of Leaders”, yet that tear shed comes not from sorrow, but more of that laughter that they indeed succeeded in a “Treason like Terrorist” attack. Someday, the history books will revisit these times wherein the “color of a man's skin” was detrimental to this nation's definition and we will find a generation that is not afraid of disgracing the namesakes of the McCains and others who have made it a point to challenge Barack Obama with frivolous comedy which succeeded in defacing our nation due their prejudices. We fort busing, we should begin to fight “Abusing” this man of honor! Yes, many in Congress should be tried for “Treason” based upon their bias and the way they have shown disrepect upon Barack Obama, tried and incarerated as a deterent – and what is so damn hard about “RESPECT”?

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