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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bellwether of WWIII

Can one assess the “Order of the World” by watching the news? Surely for those of US living under the Red state & Blue state “slate” of affairs, and since Congress works under the “White flag of Surrender” umbrella held up by the Hobby Lobby “WALL War Grail” - who can we trust upon such an all important assessment? And today the news media is one or the other, inbred in bed with the Red maybe the Blue, so has also surrendered any neutrality. Brian William's was the last of the Walter Cronkite anchormen and he was just kicked out because he was without incest upon the rest. And Piers Morgan received the same “Hoover” treatment as did John Lennon, so he skipped town. Since then “Shoot Your TV” so as to “Shut Up” the stupid stool stuck news finds a good recommendation. Look, may as well just have Sarah Palin call the shots, at least she doesn't hide the truth of the matter! So I have been using “Net Neutrality” as my guidance for when it would be time to seek shelter from the storm of WAR. See, with Iraq and Iran and Duqu and Afghanistan maybe, it has been considered a “Conflict”. But today we see wherein Obama has been forced to, well bravely go where no man has gone before in a long time. Yes, the 44th Commander-in-Chief is about to ask Congress to surrender partying with Wall Street and for once come to the negotiating table and make a statesmen like decision, whether or not we should fund the Pentagon for more “Viagra”. That means Congressional approval for an erection lasting longer then 4-hours so by definition, officially at “WAR”. Look, the fact of the matter is that Obama worked his way towards “Peace” by hauling back the troops, because when he wanted to take a drive one day his “Security Detail” warned against it - not because of threats by a crazed “SarahPAC” fringe - but it was due the fact America's highways & byways were rusted to ruins, so unsafe. “No kids, we cannot go for a Sunday drive”! Well la-de-freakin'-da we can build “Bridges to Nowhere” in Alaska using leftover defense budget “loot” courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers, but we can't even afford some touch-up paint - to at least hide the rust! Ever wonder what all that “graffiti” from train to painted train from sea to shining sea is supposed to mean – the message is clear, “America is arrested by rust”! It's all a cover-up – buy gangs across the “homeland” some cheap paint and let them cover it all up before the insurance inspector discovers how bad the infrastructure finds itself. It is not “art”! Yes indeed, the crumbling infrastructure here in “MY” once proud America is directly proportional to the Bush Dysentery Bastardly Dynasty. So, how in hell can anybody even consider another Bush at the roundabout? Said again, I would vote for Sarahstein before a JEBegor, as why try to hide more “Reality” type hype. Look, George H. W. didn't get it right. George W. didn't come even close. So why not just hire another “outlaw” and throw away more of our “Liberty” by throwing away our income – to build mud houses in the theater of “Conflict” that disappear during the monsoon. See, had there been a declaration of “WAR”, saud and mud houses are outlawed due the Geneva Convention as found under “Torture”. “Torture” on our “Good Will” in efforts to try and help rebuild a nation destroyed by “Dubya's” thirst to steal Saddam Hussein's skull for safe keeping at the “Skull & Bones” crypt. Like Grandfather like grandson. Look, there is a sinister reason behind the Bush, just look! Back to “Net Neutrality”. Which seems to be under interest by Congress and already been renamed as “Net Neutering” in a Ted Cruz missile amendment – bombs away to sway! What I am getting at is this, there ain't no excuse any longer of being left out as to what is going on in the world, through still unabated access to the “WEB”, so someone wants to “neuter” that infrastructure. Yes ruin it just like the intent of letting the highways fall apart, stay at home as that means “control”. But the bastards have not succeeded, not yet but the taming of the few continuous. Look, the worse thing ever invented for political corruption insurrection, well it is the “freedom” of the “Net”! So of course they want control. Now, this “Order of the World” considers today a “Global” effect, as it is no longer a world with an individual nation on its own. It is like a planet, on its own orbit, but still part of the universe! Even though mankind refuses to work together, evolution is insisting on “playing” together fairly with respect to “resources” and what is happening today on the “World” scene seems to reinforce that process – we must share! But we have flaws, and “sharing” doesn't sit well with non-socialists. One particular “secret” tool of interest to make a worthwhile assessment of the “Order” is the “stock” portfolio maintained by the “State of Alaska”, the 49er. See, when Alaska started getting rich from “oil” and before it could all be spent away on “Nowhere” legislation, the “Bush Rat” made damn sure some of that “loot” was confiscated for future generations. So today about $50-billion remains in safe-keeping and invested in the various “stock markets” around the world. So that in itself warrants such a useful tool, as this “portfolio” is a “beltway bellwether” unsurpassed by any other investment strategy, not found even with the Hathaways or the JP Morgans. So the fact that “every action finds a reaction”, well that “portfolio” acts in essence a “Boomsday Clock”, similar to that used by the “Bulletin of Atomic Scientists” to tell us when the world will self-destruct. At least giving us a moments notice so the “fringe” can run and hide in those underground shelters – what a way to end things, in a can! Now I know how Prince Albert felt, or Spotted Dick! Anyway, there is some interesting behavior that stands to reason that a “WAR” is coming our way. First and foremost, the economy in FUKG – France, United Kingdom, Germany – it is running scared because the the Russian madman wants to be the “Wealthiest” runt in the world, topping Bill Gates, so he is hiding money possibly in cans of “Spotted Dick”. So my “bellwether” indicates that the economy over there is tanking, down 15% just this year alone so far not so good. On the other hand, since we own China's air pollution and China owns Wall Street, the economy of scale for United States and China is up 5% - amazing what “hot air” can achieve. The worlds mightiest nations, militarily speaking and air pollution wise doing well together in bed! Now this “bellwether” doesn't provide exclusive rights overnight, it takes time before there comes a “shift” in the “stock” due intentional grounding caused by “speculators” wanting that last drop of blood from that turnip seed! They think they can take it with them, to bribe the “Creator”! And that ”turnip bleeding” takes time, so hold off the bulls! But this “portfolio” and other data available on the “Net” still neutral, well what is occurring today isn't some natural phenomenon – but a calculated “adjustment”. What is causing the weakness? So, the fact that ISIS came on so strong like overnight, it is suspicious. And here is why we should have a kochaine blues cause for concern as to what may really be going on. Obama was bringing us peace, as there came a trend of such “globally” speaking. Sure there came little nook'n and cranny type atrocities by screwed up Podunk nations, but when we can concentrate on such, without bother of bigger fish to fry, we can make headway – a Jimmy Carter trait that works, as long as you keep the Bushmen out of our hair. And Russia had learned long ago, even under Putin, that what matters today is a “global strategy”. So for years Russia was not spending beanpole bucks on a “WAR MACHINE” mentality, but instead getting a hold of the resource market. Which finds the ultimate control. Look, Germany can't make beer if no energy. And if you want to control a “Krout”, seize his suds. So what was formulated over the years under Putin was a control over Europe, but it wasn't a war mentality like control. Maybe that was the intent in the end, but nothing suggests that as a future prospectus. It was “strictly speaking, strictly business”, like the Mafia! So it appeared that Europe was making headway in a new-age of, well global economic reality and superiority. So was China. And there is a massive amount of “energy” stored in the world, so was Europe on too something, that “WAR” was outdated and a waste of money, a waste of resources not to mention a loss of blood? And “WAR” costs a whole lot of money. First the money needed to cause destruction, then money to rebuild the destruction – not to mention the lawsuits for uninvited invading guests! So, as this United States under Bush sought “WAR” instead of a global presence based not on the “killing fields” but through economic might, well that “Bush Doctrine” did sit well with the neo-conservatives that wanted to shove “Democracy, have it our way only” down Putin's throat. Now since Putin was more engaged in making riches in “energy” over declaring war, well that was not playing into the neo-conviction “PNAC” doctrine, especially when Obama showed up to call off our “War Machine” on steroids - so it called for a destabilization of the Russian enterprize - which would in-turn cause a destabilization of “FUKG”, which is happening today as we speak. The “Boomsday Clock” is alerting us to such dangers! At the same time, this planned destabilization and “PNAC's” worldwide presence, well either it backfired or else it was part of the plan, to destabilize Iraq. Which it is my belief that the “PNAC” doctrine has taken on a double sword, destabilize Europe in efforts to weaken Russia and destabilize the middle earth, to weaken Obama's mission. All the ingrediants for a “WORLD WAR”. See, we have the strongest military in the world, as instead of spending money on the needs of the “People”, we have spent it on a ruthless killing machine and there exist plenty of “Hawks” that want to push "Putin's” buttons so they can see if the wiring was correct with our "Kill" buttons! Sad, as Obama was a decent man and he has been cajoled into a mess that reeks of a “World War” once and for all. PNAC - which is the Bush Family Doctrine - it has been trying for 30-years by now to instigate a cause to defend its madness agenda, to take over the world. Maybe that is destiny's child, I hear crying. Anyway, my “bellwether” indicates that the stage is set for a “WORLD WAR”. Basically, this nation is not being condemned today by the “sky is falling” run on the banks, but through a calling that believes destruction is worth the effort to rid the world of every form of government except “Their” form of birth control, “White Men” in pin-striped suits. Once that plan-of-attack is successful, move on to other things. Is a single form of “control” worth it, time will tell. Hitler tried, but it was his evilness that thwarted that takeover. Maybe this time it will be different, but brace yourself as the time has come. In ending, the key to this madness is in the “Banking & Finance” stocks. The “doom & gloom” over the energy stocks is just a front, as a ways and means for money required during a recovery to be hid away, for when the “WORLD WAR III” cloud lifts away. Look, we have not learned form our mistakes, about the horrors of “WAR”. So, the mighty US banks and Putin's banks are hiding the loot, what for I ask? As money hidden away finds no interests, gains no interest, and this hijacking is for a reason some have caught onto, like maybe somebody has warned them of what is about to go down. Yes, today a “Secret Government” not affiliated with the Obama administration or “America” is gambling its final bet! And that “Secret” reeks of the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz scum of the earth. Are they right? It all depends on the end and whether or not the bloodshed was worth it! But, have not we become accustomed to this “outlaw” mentailty, is that what's best for the “WORLD” or just more torture?

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