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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Breaking NEWS

So, with FOX and Miss Megyn “Leopard Skin Pill Box” convening on Friday evening for the “Week in Review” lying binge, I switched to the “left” and found MSNBC – the Ratchet Madcow show. See, what ever happened to good old anchoring, like Walter Cronkite and Piers Morgan and Brian Williams? So switching between the “Left” then the “Right”, one gets an accurate assessment of just how screwed up we have become as a “Divided We Fall” nation. See, since both major “Bad Breath” reporting outfits continue to pacify the Sarah Palin outlaws, it's no different then an Alaskan “Reality” show – some truth, some narcissist journalism but 99.999% fibbing. Sorry, I can't use the word “lie”, too many “cease & desist” notices! The truth is miscued most of the time, as we Americans, You can't handle the truth”! And even though many give the Supreme Court flack over “Citizens United”, the news' media is no different, an unabated free-for-all political platform. So we have been caught in a rut, political preference disguised as newsworthy news. And local news is merely more bad news about “unseasonal” weather and gangland activity - more “Reality”! The subliminal message today, it is “bad breath business”. Look, MSNBC is already throwing support for a presidential candidate suffering from “Spousal Abuse”, so that means 550000 votes cast for a “Staged Fight” victim. And with the FOX, anything that is “RED” coated is hoping for that vote from a “Pill Box” audience wherein half are over 68-years of age – which may be an indication that dementia hits home early. The old saying of “Shoot Your TV”, it is a “1984” realization today, especially with the news! That's why there is a push-on by the Rupert Murdouchebags and the non-transparent douchebags of MSNBC to get the “net” under FCC control – they are loosing business as our youth have caught on to the sinister messaging. Look, give our youth credit for not getting caught in our addictive rutting season. Now it sounds good, that such oversight allows for “Greed Enterprise” to flourish, but once the oversight is in the hands of “state” regulatory commissions, it means send in the corporate lawyers for, well control! Look, the majors are loosing customers faster then Chris Christie loosing weight so he can fit in a presidential debate chair without pounds of Bigmouth flab “floweth” over. Image, it sways votes! And Christie has indicated that he will “Axe” the “Fat Man Tax” that goes into effect with ObamaCare, so that's an easy 60% of the eligible voters, so may as well call the election today for 2016! That is the choice one sees today with the “subliminal”, a woman under the influence of “Spousal Abuse” or a man that will eat us out of house and home! And people still don't get it, that John McCain is the “Official Host” of “Meet the Press”, he's always on! Yes, John always wanted to be at the helm, so he stays in D.C. over the weekends hoping that something will happen and he will be there to save the day. OK, maybe that's as far away as he can get from Sarah. Remember Frankenstein retaliated against its creator! But tainted goods sell when at a discount, as it is only a matter of time wherein news delivered in this fashion – old news – is but a thing of the past. It's like kids asking, “What's that”, when they see a real newspaper. I always get a kick out of travelers buying a “paper” before boarding a plane! There ain't enough room to read a paper – and that is an indication as to how things have changed as one time the airlines distributed the news. Yes, we are getting “Bigger” and planes are getting smaller and the broadcast news is a lame affair. Anyway, I was entertaining myself with the Madcow “ratcheting” it up a notch when she interrupted her thirst for Hillary and then I became alarmed, some “Breaking NEWS” was now front and center this show-time line. Wow, are we under attack? What, a commercial first and then the “Breaking NEWS? So I had to wait for a damn erection lasting longer then 4-hours advertisement, then back to the Madcow. What, but first another commercial. Look, if there is an incoming, I want to know about it. Yes, another commercial because everything is so damn subliminally “controlled” and what is with giving Brian Williams a bad time? Because he may have stretched the journalism truth a bit, in efforts to show us what it was like in the theater of WAR. Give him a break, as his intent was for no other reason then...well it had nothing to do with an erection. So, I waited through two commercials to hear how the Justice Department had just arrested a few goons for sending work-gloves over to Turkey? What in hell is “Breaking” about this? See, it is all about “Who Is First” to break our balls over fake facts. OK, but as soon as the Madcow finishes her hand-me down “Ozzie & Harriet” news it will be, “EXTENDED LOCK DOWN”, as the entire cast of FOX and MSNBC go away for the weekend and we can have some peace and quiet, and need not worry about an erection lasting longer the 4-hours. Both news' outlets rely on people with Erectile Dysfunction, diarrhea or constipation as an audience – no wonder the kids have opted to engage communicating through “social media” - don't you get it, they are too young for this “Crap”, or lack of that doesn't tell anywhere near the truth. Wow, that must be a definition of what is reported these days – worthless crap! So it appears that the advertisement paying the way of the Leopards and Madcows, it is medical prescription crap. Subliminal on top of subliminal. It makes a bunch of money on a “scam” because it ain't needed and then a few years down the road you get a letter from an attorney about a “Class Action Lawsuit” and you have no other choice this settlement because the law firm that was looking out for its own good over your broken dick, it steals most of the settlement and you end up with condoms that may be rejects! So I am glad that our youth have called the FOX and MSNBC bluff. Social Media is here to stay, and maybe when that youth comes of age and is allowed to vote, things will change in Congress. Matter of fact, why not lower the voting age, so our youth can have an early start in life to get things right wherein we have failed miserably!

News' Anchor: You want answers? 
American: I think I'm entitled to them.
News' Anchor: You want answers? 
American: I want the truth! 
News' Anchor: You can't handle the truth! I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very news I provide, then questions the manner in which I provide it! I'd rather you just said thank you and went on your way. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you're entitled to!
American: Did you edit that news? 
News' Anchor: I did my job.

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