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Monday, February 23, 2015

1400 Pennsylvania Ave.

That laughter, sounds like Michael Moore is having his “Make My Day”, after Clint's “American Ass-Wipe” didn't win anything from Oscar except a “song” without a dance. Talk about a “Grouch” affair! What's interesting is that many long time Eastwood fans are jumping ship, as this entire Kyle thing is sickening. But this story trumps “Moore” laughter, and if laughter be thy best medicine still, some of fame know how to bring it on. So, does Sarah Palin get her information and political aspiration training from “child molesting perverts”? Appears to be the case. Imagine had she and McCain won that race, as it would have meant the forfeiture of the once “Great Race”, imagine surrounding yourself with a staff made up from the nation's most wanted “perverts”! Hey, of course McCain was a “pervert” for picking Moose Cleavage. Anyway, some guy named Savage was in jail and serving a 25-year sentence for molesting a little girl – Bill Allen kind of girls – when he decided to send a “Threatening” letter to Barack Obama. I am sure the Greatest “Commander-in-Chief” gets his fair share of abusive 1st Amendment Right invading invitations. So what's the pig deal, as the Secret Service is at his beckon service and can handle some prank wannabe from the “fringe”. The only problem, Mr. Savage thought the President resided at...drum roll please...1400 Pennsylvania Avenue! Ha, ha, ha....hee haw ha! Now this was back in 2012. Then Palin appeared before a naughty audience in 2014, and low and behold, that is when the 1400 address for Obama came up again – as Palin thought the same mistake. So, maybe the psycho-shrinks can make heads or tails upon this connection, erection, commonality between Savage and Palin. Like the same “brain” chemistryy mistrials and from that maybe we can get a better understanding of what makes her tick-tock, tick-tock, “No wonder we're losing time”.

Somewhere a senator sits in a leather chair
Behind a big wooden desk
The caribou we killed mean nothing to him
He took his money just like all the rest
The clock on the wall
No wonder we're losing time
Neil Young/No Wonder

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