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Friday, February 27, 2015

Skull & Bones Hijacking

Wow, so ISIS is on another rampage, destroying all the antiquities in and around Tikrit. Some stuff with a historical value thousands of years old, the hammer-blow job turns it to dust. As this chain-gang of hoodlums wrecks havoc across this once “Holy” land, it is not only destroying but stealing valuable historical artifacts of significance, and selling some of this stuff to wealthy “War Lords” - to pay for the habit. See, as stuff is destroyed, it makes the value of the salvaged then sold stuff much more desirable, the intent of such pilferage. But when the grave diggers discovered Saddam Hussein's grave-site, the mummified head was secured and was then sold to a very wealthy person with ties to the American Neo-Conservative "Pay No Corporate or Personal Income Tax" movement. According to reliable sources, that skull was airlifted from the thugs - after the hansom ransom in the $millions$ was paid out - and supposedly cleared “Customs” in New York City and then went for a journey north on Route 95 and ended up at 64 High Street in New Haven, Connecticut? IMAGINE, as this “Blood” money is used to fuel the ISIS movement, a continuation of destruction. But when no sanctions because ISIS is not a nation, I guess those with wealth look at what's in their wallet only for excitement – without Viagra! As I have cautioned many times over, who in hell is funding this crazed “Johnny Reap Jihad”? Something smells rotten, like a dead corpse has arrived!

Saddman Hussein's "Skull & Bones" 
And the winning bid is.....Sold to an American!

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