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Monday, February 23, 2015


I heard Josey Wales singing Jim Croce's “I got a name”, but only serenading with the ending verse of “I GOT A SONG”! Wonder why? Look, I watched the “Oscar Nominations” for the first time in my 60+ years still not senile like Congressmen Don Young, and it should have been MC'd by the actual “Grouch”. For real, one could pick-up the “bad” vibes as this was a “Black vs. White” celebrity gathering – you could feel the friction even when thousands of miles away. Amazing what these new fandango “Big Screens” can make feel so real – the “friction factor”! It was like watching Congress react during a Presidential “State of the Union”, accept in this case a “State of the Eunuch” with very few showing signs of a relaxing time, sitting on the edge of the ball sack. Maybe Clint couldn't smile, too much make-up or constipated over his most recent intervention invention! Look, I was an Eastwood fan, until this “Sniper” madness found sympathy for the devil wherein I feel Chris Kyle is trying to ante up that “Kill” record, by a subliminal assassination agenda upon the Marc Lees and every other troop that came home from IRAQ in a box - all victims now left behind as Kyle steals the thunder, that stage of “Honor”, and turning that cherished “Forget Us Not” into a stage of “Horror”. Look, this “American Sniper” mentality does Bo diddlley-squat for those suffering from Post Traumatization. And Eddie Routh - the “Sniper's” protégée - on trial for using the Kyle modus operandi of “Despite what your Momma told you…violence does solve problems.” And Kyle's wife, she must be taking “narcissist stage” lessons from Sarah Palin! “I find myself in a surreal Cinderella who scrubs the floors but has a fairy Godmother who got me on a plane and had a dress and jewelry and even the shoes and spanx waiting for me.” Give me a “la dee frickin' da” break! Ever wonder why the White House has been so silent about this Chris Kyle crap? It has a subliminal message attached – one that targets those opposed to the Bush war doctrine by those opposed to the Obama peace doctrine. Basically, “Black vs. White”! We as a nation have become so divided, and wasn't there once upon-a-time a famous American motto that sounded like, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”? Pinch yourselves, as we are in the 2nd half of that game – divided and falling! When a film about a narcissist society finds such momentum, it is not the money made that is the talk of the town, but the mentality of those willing to accept the face value of a meritless plight – it supports the “divide”. Going onto the “Red Carpet”, SELMA had already been chastised a looser, as this nation has become tired of the “Race War”. Why? Because we are tired of a “Do Nothing Congress” doing nothing about “Race”! With respect to the black population, is anything really different from the 50's? Is anything different from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's...NO. Sure the “American Sniper” finds a political message and it appears that Eastwood has already done his duty for the 2016 GOP, as it means votes and in a nutshell, the pooping out the fascination over this film places the GOP as the front runner already by 22% of the votes – for Eastwood's “Man Missing in Action”, that empty chair! Bottom-line, if there was no such message attached, then this film should have been delayed until such time the Eddie Routh trial jury was released. It ain't about Chris Kyle, its about the “Great Divide”, and I am not talking the cleavage between Alaska and Russia! The timing was paramount the success of that film's release and was just an extension of Eastwood's “Missing Man” formation, also known as the annihilation of Presidential “Respect” – when he poked fun at Barack Obama. Clint is smart, and this spoof is testament to his...well his definition of being an “American” becomes questionable in my book – like he is reverting back to the days as Wales the “Outlaw”, killing American soldiers that performed the same damn horrific deeds on his family as Kyle performed on family members in Iraq. Look, Kyle and Routh...there exists many victims this “Sniper” madness and Clint used his knowledge of the celluloid to bring home a message – that the GOP has completely found a ways and means to propagate hate some more, with Obama and SELMA the real victims! And it appears that this tragedy, well it has created another monster, with Chris Kyle's wife, yes a friend of Sarah Palin. Bottom-line, I side with Jesse Ventura on this side-attraction fiasco. And in a nutshell, here is the Kyle “Coat of Arms” that is a good indication of what it is all about – and I smell the “Green” behind the scene:

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