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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Standing with Barack

It is a SAD “State of Affairs” this Union when the Conservative-Congress finds more respect upon Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu then it does upon this Great Nation’s Great Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama. Even though Barack refused to attend or watch this Boehner “Bozo” spectacle with un-invited guest speaker Netanyahu, I did tune in just to see once again how divided we are as a nation. I hope Obama enjoyed this morning’s golf game, and had a good laugh at Netanyahu’s pathetic “Dream” of wrecking our “Constitution” and declaring “Nuclear War” on Iran, while getting an ovation with “Never Again”. The latter is Israel’s call for Armageddon destruction upon Iran. Now please Netanyahu, “GO Home” and push the button like you so desire, and now you have the blessing of the Neo-Conservative fringe! Bad deal? Please Mr. Obama, cut off “all” military money we send over to Israel as I am tired of Jewish blood on my hands. But it was apparent that “Today”, America stands divided and this day may be cast in stone as the “Deciding” day of reckoning. Today I “STAND” not as a “Turncoat” like Boehner’s “brats”, but in unison with United States President Barack Obama in boycotting John Boehner’s “Treason”. Any “AMERICAN” that finds support for Binyamin Netanyahu’s “Never Again” pleading has proven that when so divided as a nation that the Boehner “Thugs” can infiltrate and dominate – “Big Bother” style. And with that continue to perform as members of a “Do Nothing Congress” bent on destroying America, as behind the scenes this ambiguity is no different then that of Israel’s “Nuclear Arms” ambiguity outside any Nuclear Proliferation Treaty. John Boehner is committing “Treason” and should be arrested. But we as a nation are afraid, of a “Black Man” and will allow the “Thugs” to continue to sell out our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness because of Boehner’s enjoyment being a racist. Bottom-line, this speech will back-fire on Netanyahu, and hopefully Obama can reach a deal with Iran soon, and hopefully before Netanyahu’s re-election as then he will be blown away, eye-for-an-eye style and maybe “Peace” can find a seed of “Hope”. Else, it means more destruction and “blood” on our hands. We are guilty, as accomplices this “Treason”.

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