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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bill's Server

OK, maybe this will help “conveniently” clear the air of controversy with Hillary. It appears that the Bill & Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation paid $2066067 in “IT” services in 2014. That's a lot of money! Of that amount, only $462272 towards “Fund-raising”, e-mail fund-raising. The rest was used to manage and service the “Bill's Server”. Wow, one hell of a rich “Geek” squad. Here is what I am getting at. Everything the Clinton clan is made of today – as a family – be it “conveniently” tied to that “Foundation”, that is wherein “mission control” we may have a problem. OK, Bill's “Server” is most likely at 610 President Clinton Avenue, over there in Little Rock. It was traced to the 2nd floor. This “Foundation” supposedly performs amazing things in efforts to re-build and uplift “Humanitarian” stuff – something the Clintons should be proud upon and make it their legacy – too hell with a run for the White House! But, so what this controversy over Hillary's stubbornness to follow the rules and use a government controlled e-mail service while Secretary of State. Look, it's a husband and wife team that wants to trump the Bush Dysentery Dynasty, by making history. Bush 41 & Bush 43, it is already written in Wikipedia! Did you see the “Wikipedia” for Gorge W. Bush's memoirs: “This page and all other pages intentionally left blank”. Poor bastard! And with Barack as the first Afro-American U.S. President, too hell with trying for that lady VP position, let's go for the gusto. It's all about “Image” and getting there first is what counts. Same with the Alaska Iditarod as an example of how far some will go just to be the “First”. Susan Butcher – bless her soul and heart – she was the best dog mushing athlete ever in the “Last Great Race on Earth”, but wasn't the first female to reach the finish line in Nome. It sucked, as no one was more deserving then Susan, but she was taken out by, well borderline cheating by another gal that used someone else's dogs! So with Bill and Hillary and it appears daughter dearest, well this “Foundation” is very, very powerful. It is no doubt just a front - with a good intent as a sideline business behind humanitarian initiatives - as a very clever and “convenient” campaign whistle doesn't stop here. It is a way for the Clinton clan to wine and dine their way once again into the White House, by making the Clinton mark known around the world, as with “Citizen's United” and...well it is estimated that it will cost the front runners in the 2016 race about a $billion$ bucks to win that coveted “Oval Office”. OK, according to reliable sources - Hillary's own testament - half her e-mails were cake decorating ideas from around the world and the other half official Secretary of State business – which means she did a half baked job. It was like a Sarah Palin quitting. Except stay on the payroll and spend half the time doing the job and half the time schmoozing – for the 2016 Presidential race. See, this “Foundation” is Hillary's key to win over the votes of many “female” voters, that will do it. But just last night MSNBC's MadCow was throwing some doubt – still too many unanswered questions about Hillary. And the “MadCow” controls about 99.9999% of the liberal “female” votes. But it appears that the “Clinton Foundation” looked good from the outside, but when one analyzes the true facts of the matter its accomplishments, there is a whole lot on money that, well it looks like highway robbery! Now the BHCCF found fund raising reaching $144-Million in 2013, sorry the records for 2014 are still on the way to the IRS. Wow, that's a whole lot of money to bring in. But only $8.8-Million went to use for: “IMPROVE GLOBAL HEALTH & WELLNESS,INCREASE OPPORTUNITY FOR WOMEN/GIRLS, REDUCE CHILDHOOD OBESITY,CREATE ECONOMIC OPP &GROWTH AND HELP COMMUNITIES ADDRESS EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE ”. And $30-Million in salaries? Something wrong with this equation as the head-honcho executives, well they have one task to accomplish, getting Hillary in the White House. So, the “Foundation” acts as a “convienet” front wherein high-paid executives most likely spend their days-in and days-out campaigning the “Clinton” name. It is despicable, when one sees the amount of money this “Foundation” brings in, what it sends out and what is accomplished by the executives, as a salary heist. Some of the BOD double dip! Look, when the ratio of input to output is 6%, and the salary upwards 20% and the rest ends up in the “Left-over” bin, what gives? If it's money given-away by those that can afford to help for humanitarian reasons, don't hold on to it, just give it away – and that is Chelsea's job. How hard is it to give someone else's money away? At the end of the year, the balance sheet for a legitimate fund-raising humanitarian outfit like the “Clinton Foundation” should find no leftovers. Look, Hillary was in the U.S. Senate, so she knows it's an easy giveaway – no different then hog handling the U.S. Taxpayers' money! Bill was president, he also knows how to give it away! So I am suspicious, not that there is anything wrong, but when “Functional Expenses” show an obvious disproportionate outcome compared to what is spent in true humanitarian aid and thus taints the true financials, well what else is behind it except a ways and means to look good, a front for more important things and designed for no other reason then to get that prize – the “White House” wherein the “Oval Office” will then find a “Women” sign at the “crapper” door!

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