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Sunday, March 8, 2015

National Interest

So what is the interest upon “National Interest”? OK, first and foremost, throw away everything you learned in kindergarten! Like sharing, being polite, being truthful! The same reason we cannot get “our” Congress to recite the Fulghum “Creed”, it doesn't work for politics. Sometimes, due many factors known and unknown, sometimes “Our” government must act in the best interest of that “National Interest”. Which means weighing all variables to make sure the outcome is consistent with the overall intent of that “Interest”. Basically, what's best for this Union? For instance, when the DOJ went after Alaska's Senator Ted Stevens, in the end that “National Interest” warranted the DOJ to “cold case” botch the investigation, as what was starting to become front and center of attention and pointing to a bigger and more challenging “can of worms”, well there comes a time and place to call off the goons. When an investigation un-covers stuff that could weaken our nation's security, transparency must be weighed as to what the outcome could bring – in embarrassment, ridicule, litigation or inciting “road rage” destruction. It is that simple, this “National Interest”. It is the main reason that Congressmen Don Young is off the hook today, along with Ted's son Ben. It was getting too close for comfort, un-covering some ugly stuff, not just with Alaska's “Corrupt Bastards Club” mentality, but was starting to thread its way into the “Spider's” web – hitting home in Washington. Sure Alaska is some 4000-miles away from the “beltway”, that means nothing. When powerful men - like with Ted Stevens - find themselves in trouble, it usually means trouble elsewhere. Unless it is a case of sexual perversion. So with Senator Bob Menendez now in the DOJ sights, for illegal activity, it will be interesting to see the outcome. If it is an investigation that finds the “National Interest” in jeopardy, it will mean nothing and this guy will slide by. If what he did does not find negative ramifications upon that “Interest”, he will get booted out and maybe booted into prison. Such enforces the DOJ in its position as the deterrent police, to once again show they mean business – as long all depends. The fine line upon equal justice is the fact our DOJ wants to set a deterrent like policy against political corruption, but sometimes must bite its tongue and allow illegal activity to survive - at least for the time being until such time the criminals can escape and shred the evidence. Or in the case of Ted Stevens, he gets taken out of the picture and everybody that was running for cover can now relax! This is how it works, and the main reason we see that crimes committed by politicians finds nowhere near the penalty – for equal crimes committed by non-politicals. Even if convicted, the right to a speedy trial is circumvented by “freedom-time” during the appeal process, which takes many years and lots of money from outside help! Did Tom Delay ever see jail time? NO! So maybe there is a reason today for politicians to get in bed with more powerful “organizations”, as when the gavel drops, well it appears that the more you know, the less time for the crime. “National Interest” is a politician's “Get Out of Jail Free” card. That familiar saying: “Don't do the crime if you can't do the time”, it all depends on “what's in that wallet and who you know and what you know”!

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