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Saturday, March 7, 2015


Barack Obama must be enjoying his final time in the “Oval Office”, as what comes from the Commander-in-Chief is truly amazing – and he seems to be on a roll! It is not by any stretch of the neo-conservasnots imagination a “lame duck run amuck” administration, things are getting accomplished! All down hill from here “SIR”! First and foremost, the 44th already succeeded in proving that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were genuine “Turncoats”. Yes, the “Dumpya” brigade tried to “turn” around the economy, not to fail it like many believe, but turn the U.S. Treasury spigot towards the 1% so even more wealth could be stolen from us. Obama reversed that draining of our hard earned wealth to the Wall Street sewers and today we are still “free”, as had the Bush plan worked, the intent was to make us “slaves” of the NON-UNION. Now with Obama during this “Tame Buck” times, I'm talking legislation and “Executive Orders” designed to “trump” his adversaries – that will be his legacy! As for almost 8-years by now, Mitch McConnell has made it his “Deliverance” to find a ways and means to stumble Obama in his tracks, with road kill getting in the way of progress. McConnell has been trying to get Obama to squeal like a “pig” since, well when we found out Mitch was that “Dueling Banjos” pervert! How in hell do movie stars get into politics? And I am sure Obama gets a laugh when he approves some of this stuff designed to disenfranchise the “Lobby” and at the same time benefit the citizens – RED, BLUE & WHITE. And you can tell that Alaska's pride and joy shot itself in the groin with Obama, and today we are starting to “feel” the pain – I mean “joy”! See, not too long ago we were told that the “Obama Budget” did not include funding again for the “Federal Alaskan Pipeline Inspector's Office”. This was a position of “oversight” power, to make sure any “natural gas pipeline” that transported “gas” from Alaska's “North Slope” aligned itself with “Federal” guidelines designed specifically for the transport of “Alaskan Natural Gas”. Since day one, way back to Gerald Ford then Jimmy Carter, the “intent” of Congress with respect to boat-loads of Alaskan “natural gas” was to benefit the nation. So it was a bureaucracy created to also assist in any pipeline construction endeavor, with permits and things of that nature. Basically, streamline the process, so all were in favor of the funding – especially the Alaskan politicians living at the Congressional “Outhouse”. But that office will close today, due the fact a “page” in the “Obama Budget Bill” that included that funding went missing? Now when the Alaskan delegation was asked about it, as to why the funding was erased - as it is up to the Congress to make the case for or against, as even Obama cannot just strike an appropriation from the operating budget - well MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly acted as if confused – so what else is new? Don Young was on a pilgrimage to eradicate the homeless, so was not available for comments. OK, it was a trick question to the delegation, as MurCowpiefly and Wolfgang Young and Mr. Mouthfull of Crap, well they wanted that appropriations' page “Intentionally Left Blank” - just like Dubya's momoirs! See, when government oversight aided and abetted their desires - which means doing stuff that benefits their re-election PACing “War Chests” - funding in the tune of $20-million was a done deal to keep that office alive - since a long time gone by. Remember, it is Congress that sends along the “Operating Budget Bill” to the president, for approval. But when push comes to shove and the Federal guys had done all they could to assist Alaska in “un-stranding” that gas and now that the 49er finds an interest in building an LNG “export” infrastructure, that office could only “interfere”! Yes, use them then abuse them – by sending dedicated government workers to the un-employment line. See, the Alaskan LNG project is a monster, with estimates of between $45 to $65-Billion! Alaska may become a 50% owner of that project, if and when it is needed. So the State of Alaska could see investments required in the $20 to 30-Billion range, approximately half of the “Reserve” kept so far in safe keeping. Now to those imbeciles that think the Keystone “Veto” was a “win”, think again. When that “bill” was in front of the Congress, well MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly added some language that is more of the “Bush”, bushwhacking - take from the poor and give to the rich. See, in the “Keystone Bill”, which was passed by Congress, it sets precedence, even if it found the “VETO” at the end of the line. And in that bill and so sponsored by MoanaLisa, “Made in AMERICA” was hijacked! Which means the steel required to build the “Keystone”, had it passed GO, it meant the investors could bypass the “Sense of Congress” clause and buy cheap steel from 3rd-world countries that don't believe in “human rights”, a.k.a. “slave labor”. And that is why there came no more funding for the “Federal Oversight Police”. When that “office” is funded and has Federal oversight, it means the “Sense of Congress” is in effect, which means “Made in AMERICA” is also in effect. So, are you now starting to see the “light”? It is still on at the end, but that tunnel is very, very long! See, by MoanaLisa introducing a bill that disallows the “Sense of Congress”, it sets precedence. And when the funding was “mysteriously” cut, it takes away that “clause” entirely, so in both cases what MurCowpiefly was trying to do – cut our throats. If non-American made steel were allowed for Alaska's “Big Pipeline Dream”, well we see the construction costs coming in closer to the low-ball, in that $45-Billion range – which means the state has to invest a whole lot less. Get the picture? So Obama has trumped MurCowpiefly by once again funding that office – in efforts to benefit “All America”. What a statesmen! And since Don Young is still on a hunting mission to eradicate the homeless population, well we may soon see that office once again “OPEN for Business”, and providing the government oversight required to make sure Americans benefit. It is that simple! Maybe a time wherein “Federal” intervention is desirable.

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