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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hillary Forgery

NO, she won't run for the U.S. President, as “SHE” is not QUALIFIED – based on the wording in the original U.S. Constitution and in effect today! "He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years...Before He enter on the Execution of His Office, He shall take the following Oath or Affirmation." HE, he, he! So, Turd Cruz has a better chance at that Oval Office then, well any “She” and well known Constitutional lawyers are already getting ready to take the “HE vs. SHE” clause to the U.S. Supreme Court, for clarification in efforts to, well keep it a “Man's” world! In all honesty, if Hillary was indeed “Qualified” to run and did pull off a win, it would indicate that a “majority” of voters give not a rat's ass about “Transparency”. And that my friend is a dreaded disease allowing the “Constitution” to whither away, and even though “We the People” think we have a “Foundation” of freedom guaranteed – look what we learned in “A Few Good Men”, like “You can't handle the Truth”! The best thing that could happen to this nation is a vote for a “Commander-in-Chief” with “Net-Neutrality, like when Lech Walesa found the “vote” of Poland's working class undivided by political alignment, for a very simple and thought provoking realization: “broken agreements, contracts, guarantees…The world cannot just leave it like this. If something like this happens, only force is left. How can we win, if (he) is boxing, and we are playing chess?” Yes, today it is what defines this nation, as the working class continues to play, well not even chess but more in tune to Russian Roulette and the Scott Walkers – and we thought Dubya was a puppet of the evil – well are playing hardball and providing the ammo for our fascination at pulling the trigger! In efforts to take back our responsibility, as “AMERICANS”, we must act in unison like Poland's working class and come together now – else we fail, and conquer by dividing shows its ugly face. The 2016 election will be the tide of change or the tyrant of change. “This land is your land, this land is my land”, not just the rich to steal away as an inheritance, it belongs too all of us and we can take it back through “Solidarity”! Why in hell do we succumb to the “WAR MACHINE” mentality, when it is just a ways and means to to make riches for those already swimming with wealth? To hell with “WAR”, let's set our sights on, well to “Go where no man has gone before” - not space but taking care of this nation's infrastructure! OK, space is a vast opportunity, but when we spend so much on the “WAR MACINE”, it derelicts our conviction to be “explorers”. Look, take every damn penny forfeited by the working class through taxation and use it to modernize man and get us out of this despicable Neanderthal “killing” religion that seems to have consumed way too many once righteous citizens – why have we become addicted to this fascination to “kill” our brothers and sisters? If our founding fathers were here today and we were all subjected to a “Citizens Lie-Detector Test”, the results would be overwhelming in the “Failed” category! We are not, because we have lost control, we are not performing like our founding fathers had envisioned. But we see a trickle of hope that we can get back on track that vision. As a Constitutional scholar above all, Obama has tried, has succeeded and we need that next move as a continuation of getting this nation back on that track full speed ahead, for the masses - for our children's sake - instead of a select few and far between. Why in hell are most Americans intimidated by the wealthy? If we vote in a Clinton or a Bush and any of the “Feigned Fringe”, we will find that 1-step forward 3-back a reality. So far, from what I have seen those undertaking a run at the Oval Office, it is religious zealots and those that are true to heart “Controlunists”! OUR time has come, “Love it or Leave it” be your sentiment about Obama, but bottom-line he is a Chief that speaks the proletariats' language, and his dream is “OUR” dream. Those in denial of this “Dream” have been blinded by the light that emanates from the wealthy and powerful, that...well you are being used and abused! And we have a man before us that can take that Obama one-step and make it a ball room extravaganza. Bernie Sanders is his name, with a single agenda. That single agenda is exactly what Obama has focused upon, what is best for this nation's working class above all, and Bernie can carry that torch forward. Look, “You can't handle the truth” due we lost our will, we lost our “American Spirit” when hijacked by the Bush-Clinton-Bush dysentery dynasty. Since Bush senior, look how much money has been spent in the Middle East theater? And we still have nothing to show for such efforts except an infrastructure here in the “Homeland” that is evaporating into thin air due lack of interest? And the wealthy that manage this “WAR MACHINE” mentality, well they are racking in $billions$, so have no intention of turning it off. Look, any other outcome - well like mentioned beforehand - campaign money seems to abort any decency in “Our” government and we continue to put aside “OUR AMERICAN RESPONSIBILITY” for a fascination of, well denial. Why in hell do we accept the KOCH suckers' agenda forced our way? Look, when wealth forces...exactly what Lech fort so hard to “kill”. It is time “We the People” put the political party line aside, and elect an individual that can carry on the tradition - as Obama is doing without Congressional support, with his hands tied and way too many miss guided “Patriots” offering “Jim Crow” advice. So, Bernie is our savior to take over the Obama torch. Here it is in a nutshell. Too many despise Obama because he is a “Black Man”, so no matter what he does in efforts to make sure wealth does not trample the working class, he has a disadvantage due “prejudices”. So, as the ultimate “Litmus Test”, elect Bernie to carry on the Obama tradition, and then maybe we can look back one day and say, wow, now “I can handle the truth”!

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