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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hillary Did NOT Lie!

Well, well, well, Hillary did say that her husband's “server” was secure! No, not his pecker! No doubt about it, so she stands too win in the Pinocchio race, when compared against Bill's record of achievement, to deceive. But of course that “Server” was secure! Bravo Hillary, for telling the truth. Now that “fib” about being “secured” by the Secret Service, well that was a little far fetched. See, the server was supposedly at Bill's office. I think the location is 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue, may have to ask Sarah Palin for clarification. What? Now Bill gets protection, being an “ex-con” man, but that protection follows him around – as the Lewinsky & Flowers & Jones team have restraining orders in effect. So maybe that “building” found security, but it goes to show that many users of hi-tech gizmos have no idea what is behind the technology – the reason it is so easy for the CIA to monitor what you are cooking for diner tonight – eavesdropping on your recipe googling. Look, I worked for one of Alaska's biggest “IT” and communications outfits and my detail was to encrypt the exploration data leaving a “tight hole” exploration well on the North Slope – due to “corporate” spying. All wire-line - and today with “Blue Tooth” wireless - all that “bit” traffic floats through a “Central Location”, called the “CO”. It's a giant room with cob-webs of wires and equipment, and wherein “Butt-Sets” allow technicians to eavesdrop, not for any spy-verses-spy ordeal, but for fun. Against the law? Sure, but who's watching and I'm just listening! A technician could appear to be trouble-shooting a circuit, when in reality plugged into Sarah Palin's hot-line – her husband Toad worked on the slope! In fact there was a permanent set-up on some lines! When digital took-over the analog world, switching circuits became an interesting concept, as from the comfort of my home and using “proprietary” code, well get the point. LOOK, nothing is sacred any longer in the wired west! OK, I was giving Hillary credit. So yes, that “server” that concealed Hillary's e-mails while Secretary of State was secure, and the reason she is adamant that she will not give it up or out for enjoyment. Now when did the rich people get one up on the proletariats? See, is there really a law that allows a “private server” to be not punishable by a saxophone? I meant legal probable cause subpoena. Anyway, that server was most likely a Dell office type server – with a hard drive that mirrored all the incoming and outgoing stuff. The way such a drive is configured, nothing ever gets completely erased away, as partitions keep piling up the stuff, in an archive like manner. Sure you can erase stuff from your account, but it never really disappears for goodness sakes – the reason for a server – to archive stuff. Now some will say, just erase the hard drive, like a clerk in office trouble may attempt on a desk PC – that command to re-format as an excuse to hide something. Well that does nothing! And here is the really problem, what if Bill's server was aroused by outside interference, who in hell would ever know? See, according to Chelsea: “We’re sorry for the mass e-mail, but we wanted to wish everyone a belated Happy Thanksgiving! We also wanted to share that we are engaged! We didn’t get married this past summer despite the stories to the contrary, but we are looking toward next summer and hope you all will be there to celebrate with us. Happy Holidays! Chelsea & Marc.” Now a “mass” means that there were many that may have had Hillary and Bills mail-box, if Bill or Hillary was also on the recipient list this Happy Thanksgiving! Look, if we can infiltrate the Iranian industrial computers with a Stuxnet and wreak havoc on stuff with destruction in mind, we can surely tune into Sarah's fascination at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue. No she didn't have an affair with Bill – damn I hope not! So, as far as security, Hillary was right and that is what is scaring the hell out of the Clintons. That server may contain some very valuable stuff and should be turned over to the authorities. If not, we see wherein wealth & power is once again providing preferential treatment. Look, the Supreme Court is still looking for that clause in the “Constitution” that guarantees “individual right to privacy”? It is considered a “Constitutional Conflict”, the reason we can be “legally” spied upon as the jury remains “hung” with respect to “privacy”! Look, if you do nothing wrong, nothing to worry about! There exists maybe an inherent privacy established out of humanitarian decency, but there is nothing that guarantees such a “Right”, especially when push comes to shove and there may be a necessity to violate that privacy “maybe” clause. Unless of course an individual is aligned with a state that finds a “State Constitution” that guarantees such, like can be found for citizens of Alaska – the reason Palin was off the hook with her “private” e-mail account use that was ridiculed when she was the governor. “The Alaska Supreme Court went as far in the direction of protecting privacy rights as any state. In Ravin v State (1975), drawing on cases such as Stanley and Griswold but also basing its decision on the more generous protection of the Alaska Constitution's privacy protections, the Alaska Supreme Court found constitutional protection for the right of a citizen to possess and use small quantities of marijuana in his own home.” So Hillary should just give it up, the server and any political aspirations or inclination to be the first women to...I mean, could you sit in the Oval Office realizing this is where Bill, well wherein that “server” was dressed in a Blue Dress!

We both were nervous feeling guilty
And neither one of us knew just why
Dell, Dell, Dell, oh Dell
Dell, Dell!

From Lennon's "Well, Well, Well"

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