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Monday, March 9, 2015

Americans Swindled

How naïve are Americans? Look, it ain't the “Hobby Lobby” that controls our destiny by hijacking the “sense” of Congress, it's the “Wealthy”! When it comes to $billionaire$ wealth hoarding, it doesn't matter a rat's ass what party the 1% are affiliated with - as the end result that segregated “Golden” gated-community's goal is “control” through “Wealth”! Not individual “control”, but control of the “Wealth”, which means...When one looks at the “Wealth Web”, the wealthy are all connected and strive for the same damn demands – said again, “Control”. On its face, the Romney's can claim an association with the GOP, wherein others with wealth taking sides the democrats, but look behind the scenes and you'll see an entirely different scene and it appears as though they are all in bed together now! They are striving for the same goals. Look, if there were indeed separate parties with the wealthy and political “divide”, we would have Wall Street North and Wall Street South! Get the point. Wealth comes together as “ONE” on Wall Street and money buys power to influence. So the “Lobby Goons” that excite the Wall Street investors, when they attack Congress it is for bipartisan reasons, except that “Bi” does not include US! Wealth hoarding is a sickness, just like “living space” junk hoarding to keep everything and anything as a trip hazard, just can't give it away regardless if it is crowding me out of house and home - as I may need that old shoe some day, or a newspaper some many years old to wipe! With the wealthy the same sickness comes from cluttered wealth that allows for the buying of humongous homes and not one but way too many vacation homes and many other amenities, when so many are going homeless and hungry each growing day – the ranks of the down'n out growing by the inclusion of many military veterans. How sad, and what did they die for, as being homeless in the United States of America in this day and age, it's a death blow! Said again, it is a sickness, wherein the wealthy want “more”, and that “more the merrier” can only come by way of the rest of us being shorted, we sacrifice. Yes, the rich trespassing on our right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. There is only so much to go around! And give some away, not on my watch! Look, the wealthy giveaways are based on how it affects the bottom-line, that tax write-off due charitable negotiations. It is NOT a donation from the “Heart”. As tax breaks continue to allow the 1% to exercise more control, wherein those of wealth find tax shelter loophole after loophole, the infrastructure “We the People” depend upon will allow more taxation upon the very people already being targeted for excessive income taxation, in comparison, as we are the citizens that use it the most – but that is not what our founding fathers agreed upon. Equal access to that infrastructure is paramount our society's success. The wealthy use it, so should pay also. And with more and more with wealth finding a plane of their own, are not they invading our “air-space”? Look at the burden the private pilot places on air traffic control. Come on, rich asshole, pay up! And when “We the People” were told that Romney only pays 15% tax, no wonder he can afford a $10-million vacation home – one of many. This is sick! Of course taxes didn't come into play until such time there came, the quest for a “Do Nothing Congress”, as they are doing everything they are told to do, by the “Wealthy”. It is nothing new, except the wealth in this nation that is amassed by the “workers”, it is being targeted by an exponential decay sabotage. We are getting poorer as the sea-saw of the have and the have not has angered in and is stool stuck. So, until an across the board tax is honored that is equitable, we will see more of a wealth disparity here in the “Homeland” and breaking this nation's “Heart”. And herein exists the “Big” problem of why many wealthy individuals are afraid of upsetting the “cash-cart” that would allow some semblance of equal distribution of our taxable income that at least enters the U.S. Treasury. There should be no preferential treatment that “Mother Lode”, it belongs to all of us! Look, how in hell can an individual of wealth get a “Tax Return” when he nor she didn't pay into the piggy bank to begin with? Because, it is that very same “Piggy Bank” that is under attack that is cause for concern as to what is happening in America today. Call it “Free Loading”, as it fits the behavior behind those of wealth. As many wealthy individuals are not true entrepreneurs and more in-tune to wealthy welfare recipients – the “Big Takers”! I have no qualms of men or women that made it to the ranks of the wealthy without help, without an Uncle Sam handout. Why in hell are there so many rich kids living off a “Trust Fund” that to their lose will never enjoy what it is like being a salt-of-the-earth American bread winner? I love it, would never leave it and feel sorry for those that have such wealth and cannot enjoy the fruits of one's own labor. I once questioned David Koch on that same thing, to which he was lost for words and realized in his position, with his wealth and up in age, no he would never be able to experience that “American Spirit”! And it is my belief the reason he is trying to destroy this nation. He is jealous of what it is like to be a “True Grit American”, applying for a job, working your ass off for peanuts, raising a family under the circumstances but happy! First and foremost, the “Biggest Target” is the U.S. Treasury – that piggy bank. Along with “loopholes”, it amounts to criminal activity, maybe “Treason” if not a definite “Turncoat” affair. And the “Biggest” pot-of-gold un-secured for safe-keeping comes from the U.S. Treasury in the form of “Defense Funding & Spending”. Crime doesn't pay, just start a war and keep it going, as that pays! See, killing people isn't a crime if from a different nation! Today, this nation spends over $640-Billion on our defense. We are the laugh of the entire world when we see how that computes against our “Gross Domestic” Product”, as we get very little in return for that bother. Simple economics, what do those $billions$ get us in return – more hatred? Yes, which means more war! So we spend a whole lot, for what? When the troops in boots are paid - a pathetic salary for defending this nation - well there exists a surplus of close to $375-Billion. My friend, that “Pot-of-Gold” is what is under attack by the wealthy as this is the leftovers that are almost free for the taking by defense contractors – the reason we as a nation have become addicted to “WAR”. True that military research finds things that enter the trickle-down technology e-bay monopoly, but cannot we do the same dam thing based on humanitarian reasoning instead of a “Killing Field” mentality? But the “WAR MACHINE” is how wealth is hoarded in a so-called “Patriotic” way. Look, the CEO of a giant defense contractor that has Uncle Sam by the balls because of “Intellectual Property” rights, does the CEO feel it “Patriotic” to be taking home “$millions$, of YES Taxpayers loot? The reason I find the use of the word “Patriot” is an impostors excuse. I am lost for any definition of “Patriotism” that fits a wealthy bastard. OK, it all depends on how that wealth was stolen. Bottom-line, we sing a good song, we preach a good take, but “Patriotism” in its true state is MIA. If it were not missing, the salt-of-the-earth would have already taken over the Congress and lined up with a “Great President” named Barack Obama and done “Great Things” for this nation. We still have not got off home-plate, as we are not going anywhere in space straddling a bottle rocket! The universe holds the clues, for things like “teleportation”, yet we still heat our homes the old-fashion way, by burning ancient dinosaurs – as we are still somewhat caught up in the Fred Flintstone era. If all of a sudden we said the hell with being the “worlds” peacekeeping “War Lord” and decided to take all that money wasted on “blood-shed” and put it towards modernization, wherein maybe we could teach some sense into the 1%, maybe we could start looking at what “Modern Man” was supposed to look like by now. NO, not dressed in battle fatigues! Honestly, lets take the defense loot away for a single year, then we can build a huge space craft for the 1%, and get rid of them - as if we did find the opportunity to open up where no man has gone before, they would want control of it right-of-way. But this “WAR MACHINE” mentality, it sucks and even when Obama tried to tame it, talk about a bad dog! Case in point. And here is a case study that tries to place it into perspective, as too why WAR is no longer good for America. Congress had demanded that the Defense Department spend money on a 32-year project to build 2457 F-35 fighter jets, at a cost of $178-Million per bird on average. Many in the military said it was a waste, that the “bird” is a waste at that cost – but do as they say else a guy like Mark Begich will suspend the brass. So when the engineering and fabrication is complete and a new F-35 rolls off the production line and the janitor finishes the clean-up, all the costs associated with this “High Class” weary War Bird are paid in full, for all the labors and Uncle Sam is sent a bill for $178-Million. Remember, it's a contract with strict control that allows cost over-runs, but only with reasonableness and transparency is very good these days with military spending . Wow you say, but that “Bird” provided employment for a whole lot of Americans – trying to get to the point of why this nation cannot decrease its defense budget – or afraid to do so as the fallout would be brutal, like we are stuck! Cold Turkey? But along with that “loot” for each bird rolled off the assembly line, a 5% “FEE” is allowed, as additional profits. Maybe at one time in history an “R” was dropped from that “FEE”? But for each bird, it means the defense contractor finds an additional benefit for basically nothing but a “Good Will” gesture – after every damn penny from rent to this and that even for the send-off barbecue, every penny is accounted for and Uncle Sam pays up. But that 5% has always been a bone of contention – as the original intent was to allow for some “spare change” in profits – to pay the executives that really don't get involved in the day-to-day production line get those hands dirty. So, for that bird now in pursuit, it means Mr. Giant Defense gets a paycheck under the “FEE” designation of, drum roll please....$8.9-Million. Another bird, another $8.9, and on and on and on. Now this goes into the corporate kitty as income – sure there may be tax on it, but it is more then likely hidden away. But, low and behold, a CEO and underling executives base their salaries and bonuses on the leftovers! So if a defense contractor makes 77-jets per year, wow, how about a “Top Gun Executive” bonus of $6-Million and an additional stock option of $8-Million – each year this bird project is shitting on the American Taxpayers! Now this will continue on for...OK, I am the CEO of a defense contractor and was hired at the beginning of this project and the beginning of my career as I had friends in high places. After 32-years and time to retire at 57 years old, a net-worth of $500-Million and half way to $billionaires$ heaven, from U.S. Taxpayers' money! Now this is a single observation of a single military project – shoved down the “Brass” do it or loose it – your commission. For a single year alone, that “FEE” accounts for well over $18-Billion to be divided amongst the upper echelon bastards – and they think of “Patriotism”? That janitor, that works for the Defense Contractor building this “Bird of Paradise”, he would have to work an equivalent 550-years, for an equal yearly wage that the CEO enjoys! Wealth disparity, yes and it is U.S. Taxpayers' money! Look, maybe the janitor is more important, with respect to “Patriotism”. Today, it is not the military minds that formulate our defense strategy, it is Congress. Military generals want peace, not protracted conflicts just because the “WAR MACHINE” is thirsty for more “Daddy Warbucks”. And if you made it this far, it ain't for “Peace Sake”, but for a continuation of the extravaganza of unabated recklessness – fostered by a 1% attitude that it is “Patriotic” to rip off the U.S. Treasury because jobs are created by the pillaging. Something wrong with this picture? It will catch up too us, and at least I can say, we tried but money talks. Here it is in ending. “TRUE PATRIOTISM” means calling an end to all war, to give us a chance to cancel out the “WAR MACHINE” mentality, starting over to get the objective of where we really want to be with respect to spending money on, well making $billionaires$ that have no desire to stop what is filling their wallets so plentiful and bringing our young kids home in a wooden crate draped with a war torn flag. But, it's a sickness, so maybe we have a commitment to do something. Hey by stopping it, that may mean less veterans going homeless! How in hell do we explain that situation to our kids, blame it on “WEALTH” and that factions hijacking of “PATRIOTISM” because “Greed” seems to erase the pain and suffering of “WAR”, for that 1%!

  "Bird of Paradise" making the 1% Richer!

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