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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Final Scent

OK, this is it as I have more impotent things to do in life then worry about Hillary. Like watching the river flow! But herein is where my disgust rests its case. It is all about money! It is estimated that to win the 2016 election, best be willing to waste a “$billion$” bucks. That is what the “Outside Interference” will spend...for what is still not totally understood. Sure, they can't take it with them, but why try to destroy this “MY AMERICA”? Hillary has been working on her presidential aspirations for many years by now, the reason she failed as “Secretary of State”! FAILED? Look, ISIS came to be on her watch, because she was too damn busy making it look like it was “State” sponsored business when in reality it had a dual identity – called campaigning on the “People's Dime & Time”. She's connected, it became a family affair – called the “Clinton Foundation”! See, in efforts to raise that kind of loot and in competition with the Koch Suckers, in this day and age one must resort to “world-wide” blood donors – as it is money that buys one's way into the “Oval Office”. That is how the Bush Dysentery Dynasty worked its way into the history books and no different with the Clinton fascination over power. And, when this nation's politicians must rely on “outsiders beyond borders” for that power hunger addiction fix, as that can only backfire, may as well give us back to the “Spotted Dick”!

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