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Friday, March 6, 2015

Game of Thorns

The Assassination of Theodore Fulton "Ted” Stevens.

Game of Thorns? Blood Money? Dirty Politics? How about BDD, for Bush Dysentery Dynasty as it seems to fit. It was hard to find a simple title that would gain the interest of those that frequent the “Blob Blog”. I blog, and what goes with the territory at enjoying my 1st Amendment right is pissing some readers off, not intentionally, so with that I am somewhat accustomed to UN-intimidating threats”, a.k.a. “Hot Air”. Especially amusing when I made an attempt to start a petition to re-name the Ted Stevens International Anchorage Airport in honor of a non-criminal hero – namely Susan Butcher. Received about 240,000 “AYE” votes! Wow, was Don Young pissed, so was Bill Sheffield and a cast of Stevens' die-hards. My house was TP'd and I found a dead skunk in my mailbox, or what smelled of such – and that was indeed a Don Young prank giveaway. Look, when Ted Stevens was indicted for political corruption, my feeling was he got what was so deserved, only because I had an ongoing bout with Ted and he made a comment that I was non-human - I didn't exist so he had no intention of entertaining my complaints directed to his office. But when we met face to face at his office secluded away on the 4th floor of the Federal Courthouse in downtown Anchorage, well he then realized I was for real big deal! His original denial that I was for real was due my party affiliation, registered as an “Independent”! Yet he did entertain me with his definition of “Political Corruption“ when I asked him why be bothered to secure money – that was requested by his constituency – taxpayers' loot to study the pennis size of the Muskox? He was adamant that his job was to come through, if the money once delivered was abused, that was not his problem as he had more important things to accomplish then worry about, well the measurement of a pennis and somebody crazed enough to attempt such a feat! But over time, possibly due the information available on the “net”, I have changed my tune and now go to Ted's defense – as he may have been framed, which cost him a career and cost him his livelihood and may have cost him his life. So I have started writing a “script” for a documentary about what may be in tune to a “conspiracy” theory, interesting it is what one finds out there that fulfills such a challenge. Yet if the published facts suffice to be authentic, it should not be a challenge to exonerate this “statesmen”! But when dire threats recently started showing up in my “In Box” and disappearing without a trace due my “Ted Stevens' Assassination” blog, well I realized this may be serious business. I keep up – best I can – with “cyber-bullying-espionage”, so have a good understanding of the “coded” technology and its limitations at infiltrating, and every new day brings newer and more sophisticated “malware” and problematic “viruses”. I worked for Siemens, so know all about the “Stuxnet” virus used to wreck havoc on the Iranian centrifuges as part of that nation's attempt to develop a nuclear warhead. Of course the CIA and NSA found involvement and enjoyment watching as super-expensive custom made components went into self-destruct mode, and sent Ahmadinejad running for cover. And I also realize that our very own NSA maintains some state-of-the-art sophisticated artillery that can shoot through that “Series of Tubes”, as Ted liked to use in reference to the “Internet”. But in efforts to send a somewhat “threatening” e-mail, and once it is opened remains readable but for a few seconds then disappears – well this is eavesdropping at its best. Basically, being spied upon in the comfort of your own home. A new chapter on “Landlord Voyeurism”. Privacy? Just a suggestion in today's hi-tech gizmophobia. So, with such threats - because of coming to Ted's defense and attracting attention that he may have been assassinated - maybe best to provide a little more detail as to why it is my belief that Ted Stevens' plane crash was a sabotage attempt by wealthy and powerful individuals afraid that the ousted senator was about to spill the beans and with that open up a spectacular “Can of Worms”. Yes chilling, and too the bones! It starts back in 1980 with what was called “Operation Eagle Claw”. OK, we hate to go back so far in time, as we get easily distracted and frustrated and feel it best to move on, forget what happened is the sentiment. But that is how the wealthy and powerful work, as time means nothing to achieving their goals as long as it gets accomplished. Back during the Carter administration, towards the end of the 39th's first term, there came some actions that point to a possible on-a-need-to-know “breach”. In April of 1980, on the same night that Ronald Reagan was in his final GOP nomination debate with George H.W. Bush, a plan to extract the 44 diplomats held hostage from the embassy in Tehran was underway, but failed. The “Iranian Hostage” situation was a “hot” topic for the 1980 presidential contenders, basically a make or break proposition for Carter in his efforts at any 2nd term re-election attempt. This “rescue” plan was approved by Carter and had the blessing of this nation's top military strategists that worked directly with the Commander-in-Chief. It was a “grand slam” plan of attack, with built in redundancies using the best men and equipment the military had at its disposal, but found failure when it was put into action? Even though it was “Top Secret”, during the debate Bush seemed to answer a question about the “Hostage” situation that kind of indicated he may have been aware – of what was going on as the final debate challenged Reagan against Bush – these guys were not friends by any stretch of the John Wayne imagination. They differed entirely on the main issues, from economics to military superiority to the “Iran Hostage” situation. In fact, Reagan was rather timid on the “Hostage” question, as George H.W. had too much to deliver in retaliatory debate rhetoric, due his experience as head of the CIA and other government affiliations over his extensive career. Reagan was still a movie star, Bush a career government star. Yes, Bush made mention of a concern with respect to “highly classified mission information properly accessed by the president's top people”, an off-key revelation that focused emphasis on the “properly” aspect. Which was rather odd, as it was like pointing out a weakness towards a “president”! Debates invoke the “brain” chemistry and what may be fresh information finds an interest to be distributed, as time is essential in delivering an answer. What one learned recently, well spilling the beans makes sense when under camouflaged questioning - can't look stupid looking for an answer. Bush knew something of interest and failed at keeping it a secret! And he still held close ties with many CIA directors and associates. If there came a breach with Carter's plan to extract the hostages, I would say that one individual made aware of it through the “channels” was Bush – especially with the drive to become this nation's next president as these bastards will do anything for that “glory”. When a guy like Bush enters the race, it isn't an “individual” desire, but a team approach and what goes on behind the scenes is very resourceful – maybe scary. The “Operation Eagle Claw” mission failed and would be Reagan's victory come the November presidential election, as a botched rescue along with what appears to be interference delaying an “October Surprise” in Carter's favor was the end of the 39th's future. Something looked and smelled, like dead skunks! Even though Reagan won the GOP vote for challenging Carter, the entire back-drop from that final debate through the November election reeked in Bushism. So Carter's downfall may have started with the botched rescue attempt, as up until that time Carter still held a promise of winning again the “Oval Office”. That all depended on the “Hostage” situation outcome, as it was front and center of attention with the American voters. But it appears that somebody outside the intended receivers knew about Carter's “Hostage Rescue” plan of attack, so were the Iranians warned? Yes, someone with ties to Iran knew about the secret clandestine outposts called Desert I & II. Basically, whomever spilled the “beans” on this rescue mission placed many American military in harms way – in the end 8 kids in uniform came home in a box. Due the fact that the game plan had found a way outside its intended network - through improper access as eluded upon by H.W. during the debates - it allowed some Iranian thieves to infiltrate the “Desert I” site and steal fuel that was needed for the operation – as it was the stagging base for refueling the operation! How in hell does a monster sized fuel truck end up on a lonely road in the middle of the desert waiting for a handout? How in hell did the thieves know when? The thieves were somewhat successful, and drove off with a critical portion of the required fuel supply that once confiscated was enough to possibly challenge and call for an abort on the “mission”. And ensuing fight broke out between the troops stationed at “Desert I” and the fuel thieves wherein the fuel truck on the escape was blown up, basically sending off a fire-ball smoke signal of “Here we are”! One on the thieves was killed, another escaped in a pick-up truck! The cat was out of the bag. After that, the entire mission seemed to fall apart and was called off. Due the fact that the Iranians - or possibly “operatives” - were made aware of the plan and fuel was stolen and consumed in a fire-ball, the Sikorsky RH-Sea Ranger helicopters had to rearrange quickly for re-loading with what fuel was still left for an escape and that is when a liftoff accident caused a “Bluebeard” to crash into a C-130 fuel tanker, as even though the preferred method for refueling was through bladders as called for in the plan, those tanks had been emptied somewhat by the Iranian thieves. Even though “Desert I” was situated in the desolate Dasht-e Lut, a dirt road used for travelers was also a way for planes to land, as it was somewhat hard-packed. So the fact that there came American casualties following the crash and an aborted rescue attempt, Carter had to make that known to the “world” the next day, which caused many to loose faith in his leadership. The day after the Reagan and Bush debates, it appeared Carter had very little room left to maneuver a win! Had that rescue attempt been a success, it would have more then likely sealed Carter's 2nd term. The “Iranian Hostage” situation had dragged on for over a year by now, and with very little time left to accomplish a rescue before the general election, Carter was starting to loose ground with Reagan - who had been picked as the GOP candidate following the Bush and Reagan debate mentioned above. Said again, somebody knew about this “Hostage Rescue” plan and it failed because of that “breach”, as it was distributed to somebody with ties to Bush and most likely made its way through the secretive CIA channels – for a reason none other then to fail the “mission”, dirty politics YES! So Carter was finished, as this became a big embarrassment and of course by that time the Iranians had taken the 44 hostages and spread them out, basically denying another rescue attempt mission. So the only saving grace plan was through a diplomatic solution, which would have and could have come about before the election, in an “October Surprise”. But there came interference also in this arena – and it wasn't from Reagan, but more likely from Bush. Why, he already lost to Reagan? Look, Bush knew something and was working behind the scenes to capture at least the VP position, as Reagan's running mate. Bush would do anything to get into the “White House”, just so he could be positioned as an incumbent or successor for when Reagan's terms were up, as George H.W. wanted more then anything else to be in that “Oval Office”. So Bush had the ransom note, he had the goods, he held the connections, he was a shoe in as the vice “no if and or buts about it”. This is a time in American history wherein “Dirty Politics” really infiltrated the scene with a cancerous dereliction upon our Constitutional conviction, and look at where we are at today! But many doubted that Reagan would ever entertain a Bush running mate, as these guys hated each-other, during the debates it showed. Regardless low and behold Reagan - who had been nominated by the GOP - well he chose what some say was the “Accidental Vice President”, George H. W. Bush. Of course the news' excuse was that long-time Reagan associate Gerald Ford refused the opportunity, as a good cover-uproar. George H.W. had something that found interest with the Reagan gang – yes ransom! So Carter was unsuccessful in the “Iranian Hostage” ordeal and lost the election. Even Carter's diplomatic reasoning – such that would earn him the coveted Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 – those efforts based on diplomacy failed him to reach an agreement that would have set free the American hostages. Rather odd in itself as all indications found some semblance of an “almost” agreement in early October, a month before the general election. An “October Surprise” would have helped Carter, but it never happened and was also suspicious amongst those that had followed this ordeal. And low and behold, a few seconds after Reagan was sworn in as the 40th U.S. President, even before he ever sat in that “Oval Office”, the hostages were set-free? So with the botched hostage rescue and with George H.W. finding a ways and means to get his ass into the “White House” possibly through interference with Carter's diplomatic approach, as Bush did maintain contacts in the CIA, it appears that maybe the Bush will do anything just to get at that presidency – that proverbial foot in the door? Look, Bush was probably encouraged by his father Prescott to take advantage of a situation when attractive to one's political aspirations, but that relies on lower-life confidants that can make it happen, like stealing – “improperly accessed” – information that could be used to sabotage a mission – and in Bush's case an entire presidential administration may have been taken down for the count. OK, let's be “Frank”, if I have the opportunity to see or steal a plan of action - stated again as “improper access” - and provided that information to another American, is it aiding and abetting the enemy? This is a case wherein I believe finds a husband and wife team guilty as spies, no different then Julius & Ethel Rosenberg – except they did not reveal any information to the enemy. Espionage, it should be, that enemy within. Jimmy Carter lost a bid for a 2nd term due a botched rescue attempt and interference at a diplomatic solution to the “Iranian Hostage” situation. Yet within 20-minutes or so of Ronald Reagan taking the oath of office, the “American” hostages were set free. When Carter was still the Commander-in-Chief, there came a plan of attack that would have secured the hostages and awarded them freedom. We have the know how. It would have sealed Carter's re-election. But what if, what if somebody became aware of that “Rescue” plan, like a “mole” and provided that information to an adversary, like to confidants of the “Reagan for President” operation. Or to Bush confidants, in efforts to have a ransom note for Reagan! That's exactly what transpired to sabotage Carter's plan which escalated to a sabotaged diplomacy which then sabotaged Carter's chance at a 2nd term – it is that simple. Reagan won, so did Bush which would start, well look around you! Bush was the “brain” behind Reagan's win as the 40th, and payback for Bush came with the invite as the VP. So in time, there comes payback to the individual that was acting as the “mole” as disgrace upon this nation came back in April 24th, 1980. This is an intelligence “breach” espionage affair – with the “Enemy” within! During the time that Carter was reviewing the hostage rescue plan, there came a possible “breach” at the White House. No, not some external breach, but within. There was an aide named David Doe, that worked for Carter and was “well” known to stay after hours routinely and had access to Carter's “In-box”. Basically - due maybe a vague “trust” relationship – Mr. Doe could and would have access to top-secret briefing stuff, when no one else was around to watch. He admitted to this UN-authorized privilege and when Carter realized that someone had been in his “study” and had discovered the “Hostage Rescue Plan”, Carter approached Doe to quiz the aide to what may have been seen while rummaging through the President's documents. David Doe denied any wrong-doing or knowledge of such a plan! It appeared to be a trick question from Carter, as Doe knew the plan existed from his answer. But Carter was a gentlemen, and dismissed any possible breach that could affect the outcome, as he too may have thought that a “breach” would be grounds for “Espionage”. But we know today that somebody in Iran was well aware of the plan, as thieves don't show up to a secret location in the middle of a lonely desert, unless they were tipped off in efforts to execute a plan to sabotage. It goes back to Bush's “properly accessed” criteria as heard during the final debate on the same day this rescue plan had been placed into action by Carter's “green light” go ARMY. And the very next day, due the “smoke-signs” from the fuel truck ablaze and the fact that one of the thieves escaped, that secret base was covered like ants with Iranian soldiers. According to reliable sources, the outgoing didn't even have enough time to destroy sensitive information and one helicopter that was left behind is still in use, by the Iranians! OK, I am not stupid, neither are the majority of Americans. But before all the glaring security cameras were a common occurrence security gadget and today even filming while we piss, if I had the opportunity to be able to view what the most powerful man in the world must deal with, what are we Freakin la dee da naïve? Of course it is common to practice such spying - improper access - as that is human nature. Now David Doe was in competition his fascination to stay late so he could rummage through the President's briefings. See, it was thought of as a lullaby excuse that what was at the top of the pile was significant. Like a pay raise over a hostage rescue plan, things of that nature priorities! So came this game, of being the last person standing with access to the office, to get that place in line. This was Carter's private study, so if an individual with access wanted attention on something of personal interest, just place it on top of everything else! And Doe's competition to see “who was on top” came about with another person of interest that worked, well also into the wee hours of the night, also with UN-escorted privilege to rummage through the president's briefings. That was an individual named Alice DoeJoe, that at the time Carter was president maintained the position of special assistance to the director of the Office of Management and Budget. Today, David Doe and Alice DoeJoe are married and are $billionaires$ - two office aides now listed as #190 on the Forbes 400 richest people in the world! Listed as “Self-Made” billionaires. So what, maybe they were lucky! Wow, what's in your wallet – besides a ransom note! So, to regurgitate some bothersome things, Carter was out due a botched hostage rescue and Reagan was in, tagging alongside was George H. W. Bush – dreams coming true as H.W. was in the “White House”. At the same time, the GOP had regained control of the U.S. Senate, and Ted Stevens was the majority “whip” which under Reagan would become a very, very powerful position. In 1983, just 2-years into Reagan's 1st term, Ted decided to “mysteriously” change some tax codes that were originally designed to benefit Alaskan Natives. Remember, Reagan already had a tax plan change and a fiscal policy in effect that seemed to be working rather well for the nation, that “Reaganomics”! This Stevens' code change was indeed an “outlier” type of move, well “loophole” that was about to get even bigger. It was a so-called preferential “loophole” that may have robbed the U.S. Treasury of $50-million in Taxpayers' loot. It was based on the fact that Alaskan Native Corporations could sell “corporate” loses for pennies on the dollar and another American corporation could purchase the “lose” and benefit the face value of the lose. So, in theory if the Alaska Native corporation realized a $50-million dollar shortfall due poor management, it could sell that for $35-million in cash and the buyer could take full advantage of the $50-million – which meant the U.S. Taxpayers' Treasury would be shorted revenue from taxation by that same amount - but for good intentions, supposedly. Now in steps David Doe, and this must have been the payback or favor, as there is nothing even imaginable that would have Ted Stevens risking changing a tax code for such an advantage a single individual. Look, Ted was “For the People”, when it was all said and done with. Sure he played favoritism on occasions with his campaign donors, buddies and colleagues, but nothing that would find a humongous dereliction upon the U.S. Taxpayers. He believed in the “Trickle Down” theory, based on the fact he provided in other ways the needs of his constituency – through “pork”! Stevens was well known for that, bringing home the bacon some more! But that $50-Million, with Ted's blessing as it involved the Native Alaskan issues in which for the most part all other members of Congress shied away from being so complicated, well soon it was up to $8-Billion! This was an out-of-sight out-of-Congressional-transparency undertaking. And David Doe was behind this madness, as he was the honorary recipient eligible to receive 1% of that money and helped Stevens re-write the “code” that allowed it to take place at the disgrace of the American Taxpayers! Stevens was an attorney, not an accountant – he was forced to manipulate this “code” as a payback favor and not realizing the ramifications of a “Ponzi” scam! I would bet that Ted was not told the truth in this matter, just “Do It”, as it was supposed to benefit his Native Alaskan constituency – so it was difficult to say NO! Yes, for doing basically nothing, it meant bank-rolling over $80-million in profits and David Doe is hailed as one of the fastest growing wealth hoarders in history! The “loophole” had grown bigger then Chris Cristie's wasted waste-line, in the tune of a 16000 percent increase. It wasn't by mistake that this “code” was allowed. This was a favor for something, maybe it had something to do with what David Doe knew about Carter's plan to free the hostages, that was some how or another held as ransom upon Bush. Maybe David Doe was told there would be a pay-back, just time was needed so stay cool and someday his efforts would be rewarded. Bush won, so David Doe would surely reap the benefits of this win! Imagine going “sour” and coming forward with the goods on this affair, as American troops were killed! In it for the “American Glory” or “American Greed”! And said again, when that rescue attempt went bad and was aborted, that was Carter's end! It allowed for a GOP Congress and a GOP president. So David Doe was a $millionaire$ like overnight, for a tax-code change that did not benefit Americans by any stretch of one's patriotic imagination! So 1984 was a very good year for Doe's wallet. Remember, from a Carter clerk-aide to a self-made “$billionaire$! And in 84 married to the same gal he was in competition with over Carter's in-box! Suspicious, yes it is. So somebody forced Ted Stevens to change the tax-code to benefit the Alaskan Native Corporations, at the expense of the U.S. Taxpayers but in reality it was designed to benefit Doe and DoeJoe more then anyone else. Said again what was envisioned as a small lose to the Taxpayers with the intent of helping the struggling Alaskan Native Corporations, it had now swelled to $8-billion and climbing. Now the IRS was asked to look into this matter, but could not find any wrongdoing? Why, they knew better then to go where no rational man had gone before, to confront the Bush, as that is where it would eventually lead to. And when dealing with Alaskan Native issues, like mentioned before it is very confusing. Look, if Ted said do it, it was a done deal! Anyway, David Doe then bank-rolled that U.S. Taxpayers' loot now stranded and invested in what is today called the “Carlyle Group”. And low and behold, look at the individuals that have sat on the board of directors of a “Corporation” that refuses to allow an American flag present when briefing the news' media! That “BOD” includes, none other then George H.W Bush – in effort to steer “$Billions$ Carlyle's way in defense contracts – maybe just more ransom! The Carlyle Group is today a major Corporate “Hog”, and it was started by investments made possible by fleecing the American Taxpayers. NO not some whim of a good idea, but it could have only survived by preferential treatment, as a payback favor. Look, I have reason to believe that the seed of the “Carlyle Group” in its infancy was a “David Doe & Bush” connection, and its aim was to ruin Carter, which allowed the GOP to win the race and allow this nation to become more involved in a “WAR MACHINE” mentality, as “War” makes even more $billions$ for the defense contracting business – to which Carlyle enjoys the windfalls. Is this not enough evidence that today we find the evidence of madness behind the Bush Dysentery Dynasty, along with followers that believe an expansion of this madness through unabated wealth and power is the “American” way? OK, so David & Alice(a.k.a. nee Alice DoeJoe) DoeJoenstein are well known and respected New York socialites and generous philanthropists – net worth close to $3-Billion! They hand money out and away in a “Patriotic” manner that makes me sick – and if for no other reason, well they screwed the American Taxpayers' out of a whole lot of loot – its called “Treason” as I am sure that somewhere along the way it was due a “ransom” wherein Ted Stevens was dragged into something he was not aware of upon the ending consequences and ramifications – such a giveaway, especially if it harmed the America Taxpayers. This is how Ted performed, yes crude and rude at times, but the “Hulk” image was for a reason, don't mess with the best. And the DoeJoe's give away $millions$, maybe because deep down inside the guilty verdict must remain, well without “improper access”! So Ted was clever and knew what was going on around him for the most part, this fiasco with the DoeJoenstein's probably went under the radar, until during the Stevens' indictment when things started surfacing that startled Ted. Maybe he was told things but not told the truth, getting back to what he once cautioned me upon – abuse of the system. Maybe when kicked out of office he finally had time to remissness his time in the senate and started finding things that no longer sat well. This would have pissed any individual off, and maybe Ted had heard and seen enough, and was so frustrated that he was ready to “spill the beans” on the likes of the DoeJoenstein's and Bush, as it may be considered “espionage”, especially if a breach can be traced back to Carter's “In-Box”. And the same damn pilot that was Alice DoeJoe's training pilot when she came to take-over the Alaska bush, he was behind the stick on that day in which Ted was “killed”! The association this web and its characters is nerve racking! Ted was a target and knew too much, and being targeted by the indictment police, I believe Ted could no longer sit quiet facing a felony! He did nothing "wrong", just followed orders? With that, his existence was considered "No Longer" beneficial to the continuation of the Bush Family Dysentery Dynasty and had become a "threat". See, George H.W. Bush is smart, as he didn't target Ted, leave that to the low-life that get tangled in the "Web" - do it or loose it! Imagine, if George H.W. Bush was indicted for espionage, it would make his son's “War Crimes” look like water-boarding, just a suggestion it was “Torture”! But when I put the puzzle pieces together, going back to 1980 and what has transpired today, maybe “We the People” have been subjected to subliminal “Torture”, not by “Dubya”, but by “Daddy Dearest”! I am hoping to get funding – a.k.a. funny money – to create a documentary that covers this affair and maybe sheds some light on the fact that when George H.W. found a way to get into the “White House” through “improper access”, that is wherein America started its “Divided We Fall” and also shed some light on so-called “Americans” made wealthy through “filth of politics with blood stained hands” and today must hide under the cover of a “Patriotic Philanthropist”, when in reality it may be a cover for a husband and wife “spy” team that may have performed an act of espionage, that is no different then what occurred with the Rosenbergs as "Americans" were "Killed"!
Theodore Fulton "Ted" Stevens
"RIP" when the "TRUTH" comes out!

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