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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mr. Fake Bake

Wow, so John “Fake Bake” Boehner can’t even “little white lie” with a straight face – as too much tanning booth time does indeed cause irreversible damage. See, he thinks that Congress and the Americans want Benjamin Netanyahu to waste our time and our money coming over to America as an “Un-invited Guest”. Benjamin who? The polls don’t show this kind of support at all, even with the FOX polling which targets a fixed victim for a fixed income. Why? Because Boehner’s invite is problematic, like with being un-American or un-Patriotic with behavior bordering on an act of “Treason” – defined today as “the crime of harming our sovereignty”. And I thought that Newt Kinkrich was the worst of the worst of “Fun House” speakers – Boehner is proving me wrong. But there is tension between Israel’s Bennie and Obama. See, when Bennie was about to attack Iran’s nuclear processing capabilities a few month ago, we had inspectors on the ground that were in harm’s way of a Tomahawk missile “Built in America”, that when in the hands of the Israeli’s was about to kill innocent American citizens trying to “Think Tank” a nuclear arms treaty with Iran. So what did Obama do with this threat? He told Bennie nyet, that “Our” Air Force would be on high alert and blow the Israeli jets out of the sky. This is the “Commander-in-Chief” stuff we never hear about, talk about “Kahunas”. But with Boehner and yNet, just a bunch of spoiled “brats” needing a nap. Now I did send Netanyahu’s office a bill, for 11-cents! That’s what this “un-invited guest” will cost me as a U.S. Taxpayer for added security. See, he wasn’t invited by the President, so the security is an extra burden on US. Damn it, we can spend money on lop-siding politics yet we give not a rat’s ass about funding “Homeland” security matters. Maybe we need to increase that 10% Tanning Booth tax to, well high enough wherein Boehner blows a fuse and is taken away in a straight-jacket, as this guy must…he’s a one man creep show, as just how brown does he think is beyond decency? Is Boehner afraid of being a “white man”? And that behavior is scary! Anyway, Netanyahu’s circus is in town, and the Boehner will be on display, as the darkest white man alive. Maybe when Bennie returns home, he can take Boehner with him, as in Israel there is no “Tanning Booth” taxation, plenty of sun and not many “blacks” to compete with!

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