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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Witch in HEAT!

Wow, it is only the second day of spring and it appears this may be one bastard of a “Hot Summer”! The Witch is in “HEAT” already. See, on the weekends the major political party news' channels resort to a subliminal IQ test for its lemming audience – basically gearing up for the 2016 “Helter Skelter” race. Look, when a Ted Cruz can entertain...forget it! Now with MSNBC, it is all “crap” about “Lock-up” and wait there's more, something called “Extended Stay”. It is camera hour after camera hour of the prison state of affairs, which we know is an utter failure, just like Congress. Honestly, when Obama gave his prized speech in Selma a few weeks back, instead of broadcasting intelligent content, well it was more gang land rape crimes! The world could be at WAR and the only thing from this broadcast, well punks getting 3-squares a day on our dime. So to watch such “failure”, well it takes an IQ missing. Which means the watchtower poll finds the Ratchet MadCow following, well low enough self-esteem to believe Bill Clinton...this creep wants to be 1st LADY? I often wonder what happens to the MSNBC gang during the weekend, like the news all of a sudden ceases to exist. Their doing time for lies, so it is live broadcasts! It is sad when a news broadcast relies on “erections lasting longer then 4-hours” and “pay day” loans sharks - what business thinks it's OK to pay for advertisement to air-wave shows of murder and rape? It is like giving the criminals that stage when, what about the victims? These shows glorify the felons! It is a “Reality” channel in disguise of disgusting news. But when the ratings are crashing, look just get rid of “dead weight” - like Liberty Bell Mathews and that Canadian, Ed! Sorry, as still not to the “Witch in HEAT”. Now on the Murdouchebag FOX network, the IQ test comes in the form of the “Witch in HEAT”. I am talking some bimbo named Judge Jeannie Pirroanha. Yes, “Witch in HEAT” as she goes ballistic on everything and anything Obama and was even to the point of blaming Obama for Chris Kyle going back into hibernation. See, it used to be Punxsutawney Phil, the “ground-hog” – but in Texas they re-named the “hog” in honor of Kyle! Pirroanha even slammed Obama for a nose bogger that blew out of her nose, when she was so upset over Obama using Air Force 1, her head was about to explode and stuff started blowing out of every orifice. You can see that by the “Pirroanhanoia” facial expressions, “I shat my pants”! Now I don't watch this “crap”, but keep in touch as I believe it paints a very good picture of this nation's Intelligence Quotient – which today finds a “Divide by Zero” error! See, we have this couch potato fascination over “Reality” shows, like all the fake shows about Alaska. I live in Alaska, have been there for almost 40-years and know what an “ice road” is NOT! To waste time watching this “fake”, have we become that addicted to wasting away? Life is precious, get off that fat ass! It would be better off health wise to get drunk and pass out. But here it is. The “Liberal LEFT” is guided to MSNBC, so no matter what is front and center attention, it finds a fan following. Same with the FOX, just tune in and with very little initiation of the brain waves...well both broadcasts should be banned for lack of decent content. Really, when a show content slips below the IQ level of an ignoramus' anus, then the FCC should send out a “WARNING”, this content not suited even for “Mature Audiences”. Just turn the damn “Boob Tube” off and enjoy a Sunday outside. But now the same damn crap is available 24/7 on that cell phone that is growing leaps and bounds to a point of...just how big do I need - it's a “phone”! I'm designing a cell phone in a baseball bat, carrying it around for protection – against the Pirroanhas! But, with this technology, I don't need the TV news as I can “surf” and find the extreme to the extreme, and “Reality”, just look right in front of your path! Anyway, “Witch in HEAT” went off the deep end the other day, Obama bashing. I won't go into any detail, but if a picture is worth a thousand words...
Oh, my love(Barack), my darling(Barack)
I've hungered, hungered
For your touch

And dear judge, of course Obama is NOT on your side, as that would mean “TREASON”!

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