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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Beat of the Day

It's “Nuclear Meltdown” time! The 47 “Treasonous Turncoats” are convening this weekend at a secret location, probably in Iran. Maybe talking once again to the Mojohideen-El-Khaiq for “Political Asylum”, as they may need a hideout escape. See, the “Logan Act Violation Petition” before the “White House” is serious business, and the way the trend is continuing with those demanding the 47 be held responsible for “reckless” behavior, well the “White House” may be forced to act. Now, all was “cool” until Tom “Snickerdoodle Brain” Cotton said it was all a joke – with an unsolicited letter sent to the Iran Mojo! Had he “Stood His Ground” that it was serious business and following the “Sense of Congress”, it would have been not a big deal. But when it was signaled out as a joke, well it started a landslide of distrust. And if the “Trend” of dissatisfied Americans over this “joke” continues, by those in favor of “Congressional Justice” signing on to the “petition”, it could account for 20% of American voters indicating something must be done and the perpetrators facing, well possible “Deportee” status, right in line with the "47's" political philosophy!

Snickerdoodle Brain = Snail Noodle Brain; SLIMY, SLOW & STUPID

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