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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Great Alaskan HOAX

Now Alaska is well known for “Great Things”. Like the famed “Last Great Race on Earth”, with respect to the Iditarod sled dog race. And maybe soon we will have another thing of greatness to brag about, maybe embarrassed upon! Call it the “Latest Great Alaskan Hoax”, with both the humorous and malicious definition of the latter taking shape. So, have the citizens of Alaska been JOAX'd? It means “Juneaubratite Hoaxed”! Sounds like “Joked”? Are we beginning to see the after-birth of a failed receivership, when under the governorship of Sean Palinell? Yes “Receivership” as that definition applies through its legal ramification boundaries, a situation in which a state's interest is being held hostage by a receiver, a person "placed in the custodial responsibility the property of others, including “citizen” money assets". OK, “HOAX'd” like in Trans-Canada? Look, every time we hear another excuse of why “NO New Pipe” in the ground to deliver “Affordable Natural Gas” to interior Alaska so we can maybe breath clean air, what is unraveling today is suspicious of a “Hoax”! Look, a “HOAX” does not find prosecutional immunity, it is the ultimate in malfeasance and negligence, so maybe we are on to something! Like “Corrupt Bastard Club” round-up Number 2! See, every time the “Trust Us” legislature comes up with another delay scenario in this “long overdue natural gas pipeline to serve the citizens' needs”, something in that excuse language is bothersome and needs clarification. The “Big Players” in the Alaska LNG are EXXON-Mobil, Conoco-Phillips, SOHIO-BP and Trans-Canada. Sorry, but had to add the “SOHIO”, as it was sad when this Alaskan “alma mater” disappeared! But where in hell does “Trans-Canada” fit into the picture of this “Integrated Mega-Project” that is supposed to be interested in “un-stranding” all that gas up north and delivering it by LNG to another “receivership”? According to “Official Records”, Trans-Canada is not included in any legal sense, not even included as a “future participant”? So, have we been taken for a ride? YES! Of record: "DESCRIPTION OF THE APPLICANT AND FACILITIES ~ The exact legal name of the applicant is Alaska LNG Project LLC. Alaska LNG Project LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company. The current members of Alaska LNG Project LLC are ExxonMobil Alaska LNG LLC, ConocoPhillips Alaska LNG Company and BP Alaska LNG LLC, (collectively, the “Members”). Affiliates of the Members currently hold oil and gas leasehold interests in Alaska, including in the Prudhoe Bay and Point Thomson Units." See, no mention of the Canadians! So, should by now you “Concerned Alaskan” be in line with my reasoning, as I believe we have been “HOAX'd”, or in reality “JOAX'd”? Will someone please tell the Alaska legislature that Trans-Canada is not part of this “Big Pipe Dream”? Neither is the “State of Alaska” at the present, but in the application it mentions: “Alaska LNG notes that, on May 8, 2014, Alaska Governor Sean Parnell signed Senate Bill 138 into law, enabling the State of Alaska to participate in the Alaska LNG Project. Alaska LNG notes that it may seek to amend the Application to add a State of Alaska designee.” So it appears that Trans-Canada is basically a “Pimp”, and the “State of Alaska” just a whore, wherein the “House of Ill Repute” down in Juneau pays good money to the local whores and the pimps collect a handsome ransom. How much so far? Look, this is what happens when “Transparency” enters the arena and is trampled upon – due reasons of “confidential” malfeasance! Now, are we wasting that loot so others can “research” the LNG markets and possibly help fund designs that are in competition with the Alaskan LNG? Let Mikey try it! Sure appears we are being taken for a ride – the “Greenhouse” has been robbed! See, EXXON is going ahead with its WCC-West Coast Canada LNG, just down the street from Alaska – in British Columbia. And that project is a duplicate - LNG export size wise - of what is of record for the Alaska LNG – as was filed with the United States DOE and FERC. Exact in size! Except, a whole lot cheaper to build and according to Canadian forecasts, the WCC has taken the lead in the “LNG Battle of the Bulge”! EXXON, which proposed this duplicate sized project, was the last party to throw an interest into an LNG export from British Columbia, the last to apply, but is now the front runner? Yes, a project that would flood the LNG circuit with the same amount of product that was envisioned by the Alaskan “Integrated Mega-Project”. Yes, flood the markets with “cheaper” Canadian stuff! Buyers beware Alaskan LNG? Look, EXXON can afford only one ”Mega” this size! And what do we get from Juneau that provides any semblance of hope that we will ever see “our” project get the go ahead? More pathetic crap is all that comes from the Juneaubratites and now governor Bill Walker has thrown one hell of a wrench into the plans – like it was an intentional sabotage! Because Walker is smart, as he has followed this LNG racket for some 35-years by now and maybe was quick to realize that Palinell left us a “scam” so is trying to recover – what isn't exactly clear. And here is why the entire Palinell Trans-Canada fling was a pre-meditated “scam” designed to, well “harm” Alaska's interest. When oil prices crash, it is corporations like EXXON that can take advantage of such down-turns. See, with oil prices on the fall and projects being shelved, it means boat-loads of “qualified” workers along with over exposed equipment inventories – like nuts and bolts and pipe to valves – well stock-piled. So there comes a discount in labor and materials! EXXON has always taken advantage of “slow-downs”, as it is an entity unlike most of the rest and fit to weather the storm. So the “Green Light” for the WCC, well it will send the Alaskan LNG to its grave – DOA. What the Alaska legislature is afraid to tell us! Now the money wasted so far by the “State of Alaska”, well it wouldn't be the first time stupidity was rampant with a total disregard of its intended “mission”. But when you start to dissect, maybe all the time the entire project that found Trans-Canada as the “pimp” and taking our money was in efforts to bring in competition as a ways and means to eventually sabotage our “Big Pipe Dream” - for their very own benefit. See, in the beginning, Trans-Canada was on the receiving end of Alaskan “loot” for the research and design of a “Natural Gas Pipeline” from Alaska through Canada to the lower-48. That money was approved by Sarah and the giveaway reinforced by Sean Parnell – the reason it is called the Sarah Palinell fiasco – maybe “crime” tells the real truth! But then Trans-Canada changed horses in midstream, by reneging on the “Alaskan-Canadian” pipeline concept and opting to go to “Exporting” LNG, with a “Stand Your Ground Stand Alone Alaskan LNG” project! Which allowed Trans-Canada to keep spending that “Billion$ that was already earmarked by the state legislature. OK, it was only $500000000, but when you include the salaries of state workers that have been involved in this free-for-all fiasco, it adds up. Now when Trans-Canada decided to change gender, many protested to, drum roll please...Dan Sullivan! His e-mail responded with “Out of Office” for his career. Even though the Trans-Canada “mission” was no longer anything close to the original intent, that entity was allowed to keep spending money – on the Alaskan LNG project. But little did we know at the time what was really behind that interest – with Trans-Canada inbred with the WCC project! So, with the WCC moving forward, as we hear still nothing but lame excuses “our” turn, and the fact that one of Alaska's “Big LNG Players” was EXXON and affiliated “Big Time” with the WCC – take into consideration also that BP may be bankrupt pretty soon – well it stinks! We have been used, as competition to better serve the interests of “Outsider”, they win, we loose! The only reason that Trans-Canada remained involved in the Alaska LNG, was to bait the Canadian interest so that project would find a better fit, overall within the present LNG market dynamics. And who knows what the Canadian government allowed as incentives in efforts for this project to sabotage the Alaskan “Dream”, when that competition showed its ugly face. So it appears more then likely that the Alaska LNG was used as a pawn broker, for interests 800-miles away in Canada. Yes, Canada won! And maybe Trans-Canada had a whole lot to gain by secretly sabotaging Alaska's Dream, as that entity doesn't own any “Alaskan Stranded Gas”, but is well endowed and well connected to make a killing with the EXXON project, as it has a pipeline that will feed EXXON's habit! So, we Alaskans have been...well call it the “Latest Great Alaskan HOAX”, and the only thing we have going in our favor is maybe, a big maybe, sloppy seconds!

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