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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Grand Alaskan THEFT

Craig W. Richards
Attorney General – State of Alaska

I bring this issue to your attention in writing and also sent as an e-mail correspondence upon a subject that needs your attention. My concern deals with the way a planned “theft” from the State of Alaska was granted immunity after its success and the perpetrators let off the hook, for violating the law. I am not a lawyer or involved in police work, just a citizen in “Good Standing” that finds it hard to believe that the SOA Department of Justice has allowed this theft to continue after the fact and thus enrich those that demonstrated a willingness to perform “Fraud” against the state, against the citizens of the state as we are the ones that feel the burden when prosecution finds no merit, and criminals are rewarded. Back in 2013, I was made aware of a planned fraudulent attempt by my employer - based out of Fairbanks, Alaska - to bill the SOA for services never rendered, while performing under a contract for “Technical Support” before the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Committee. Over $10,000 dollars in one month alone went attributed to falsification of my work-log record and I have reason to believe other employees where also targeted. When discovered in 2014 after several months this ongoing theft, realizing my name was attached to the “Fraudulent" billing invoices before the SOA, I blew the whistle as any “Good Alaskan” would do and brought my concerns to the attention of the victims, the AOGCC Board(Catherine Foerster and Dan Seamount). I provided all the evidence, from the manipulated “work-logs”, e-mails by my boss that suggested “burning” the AOGCC at the benefit of another client - Golden Valley Electric Association - and all the evidence required to indict those involved in this “Theft”. With that information available making it easy to indict, an investigation was begun and low and behold the state's civil and criminal division found nothing that proved falsification, nothing that proved an attempt of fraud or as sometimes pleaded by prosecutors, found nothing “against the peace and dignity of the state”. When my owner/boss decided to theft from the state in efforts to give another customer a break on work that was already performed(GVEA) and instead bill the SOA for that work to stay in good favor with its better long-term customer, there existed a “bogus” work-log spread-sheet that was fabricated by my boss, to cover his tracks. My work-log was changed without my permission and used as an invoice before the AOGCC/Department of Administration for payment upon services never rendered. Now when the SOA started to investigate due my whistle-blower action, well it appears that AOGCC Commission “Chair” Foerster was allowed to work with my boss to produce another “bogus“ work-log spread-sheet that documented the same amount of hours - “fraudulent” hours scammed for payment - but completely different then the original “bogus” work-log? So new lies to cover the old lies to cover-up this “Theft” and approved by a high ranking authority under the SOA umbrella? Is this not enough evidence to indict that “Ham sandwich” and indicate something has gone wrong with the way the state tries to prosecute theft? So I am confused, angry, that I went out of my way to blow the whistle on falsification with all the evidence necessary, lost my job and in the end the AOGCC allowed the perpetrator a lullaby excuse “Get Out of Jail” freebie, at my expense and that of the State of Alaska. This cannot be by any stretch of the imagination what the state statutes guarantee and by no means any sort of deterrent and calls out that “Crime Does Pay”, as the company was allowed to remain on the AOGCC contract after the fact. So I am asking you to get personally involved as this state's head attorney to find out what went wrong the outcome of the investigation that allowed invoice fraud to enrich the crooks. This was and should have been a simple indictment, as I was told so by the investigator that was handling the case. Then all went quiet and for some insane reason somebody decided to allow the criminals leniency. In fact towards the end, I was not informed to what was going on and had to request the outcome through a “Public Records” application. Another reason this case shows questionable signs of doubt, with respect to how it was handled and the outcome. The evidence was not lacking and I can only think that the AOGCC was embarrassed over this “Theft” and the Commission did not want bad publicity under its watch, so instead of upholding the “Law of the Great Land”, let the robbers go free without any punishment. Said again, the outcome has punished me as it has punished the honest citizens of Alaska. So please get to the bottom of what went wrong in realization that if a simple indictment like this finds no merit, how safe is this state from criminal activity. Thanks for your time this serious matter...

PS: Since I believe the State Legislatures would also find concern the outcome of this case, I am forwarding this same correspondence to the House & Senate leadership, also copying Governor Walker. I am also sending a copy to Catherine Foerster, in efforts she realize she did wrong in allowing criminals to trespass and get away with this theft, in efforts she resign as we cannot have authority in critical positions that do not understand the ramifications of criminal activity.

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