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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

MoanaLisa the Job Killer!

For those Alaskans concerned about a future for our children's grandchildren, for those that follow the ways and means of survival our land swindling nepotism senator from Alaska, well is it time for an impeachment, maybe castration - at least a daddy spanking! Whatever works to quit  and quiet forever her show and tell “Trust Me", defined as actions and inactions that sends the message she gives not a rat's ass about the constituency! Remember, she is the daughter of a banker, that “Truth In Lending” statement? See, on the surface it sounds so eloquent and good-news-bears alleluia upon issues MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly engages herself, the everyday beltway politics with outcomes that are supposed to benefit Alaskans. That is why we pay her $175 thousand and allow her the entire month of August off as "R&R", to lookout after our self-interests, not her special interests – like using her office hours to find unrealistic "land ahoy" deals. But it appears she is wearing that "Turncoat" hat, the British are coming "Tricorne" is in her fashion wardrobe and today so apparent she is taking sides against US. Just like we saw when the Fat Lady sang - Frank's wife - when she turned against the state because the toilet in Frank's "Private State Jet" was too small. And sure enough daddy-dearest-daughter is trying to single-handedly destroy the EPA and at the same time surrender all mining restrictions, so backyard gravel pits filled with arsenic and old lace will become the norm around town, except in gated communities of the 1% crookedness culture. Some Alaskans bent on destroying “Government” cheer this madness that comes from the orifice of our senior senator when beating to death the EPA's obligation. Look we would have been better off had MoanaLisa stayed home and continued to roll out linguini, she was good at that! Yes, MoanaLisa's attack on the EPA, it looks good to the republican foundation voters, that she has been able to threaten the EPA into deferring the Obama “Green House Gas” emissions initiative, new laws in effect seeking stricter standards. Today, Alaska has been granted a waiver to, well continue to burn Joe Uselessbelli's dirty coal in efforts to continue to pollute the air. And coal is supposed to be cheap, so how come we don't see that trend in Alaska? Increases on the average about 11% year after year after year. Yet the state still only garnishes a measly 2% revenue from Joe digging away at “Our” coal? And "Big Oil" pays 12%? Anyway, with Alaska's exemption, well other states are taking the EPA to court, challenging as to why a state like Alaska with pollution so bad in and around the Fairbanks containment breached non-attainment continues to find scary like  “Air Quality Alerts” broadcast almost daily in the winter months, most of the year that is. Yes "ALERTS" becoming a familiar obstacle to any efforts at normal living, scary like "We Are Under Attack" warning parents to keep their children and pets indoors - well what have we gained by MoanaLisa's attack? Nothing, in fact we not only find un-healthier air, but a jobs market that is just as polluted. Here is the catch-22. Had that EPA mandate been enforced, had MoanaLisa taken best fit side-arming, it would have created over 21000 good paying field construction jobs, for at least the next 5-years here in the “Last Frontier”. It means all those "fringe" wannabe actors could finally get a real job! Had MoanaLisa taken the stand to protect the voters – which means not caving in to special interests tied to banking corruption made famous by Frank – it would have meant pushing forward Obama's mandate! Why in hell takes sides with the Commander-in-Chief? Because when an administration makes new laws, especially with respect to environmental concerns, it creates jobs in efforts to meet such standards. That's it, to what is behind this "Go Green" initiative, a continuation of the "Stimulus" but not on Uncle Sam's dime, but time for corporate America to "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask..." In Alaska, the new standards were tough luck for an electrical "grid" infrastructure that is 3rd world nation like at its best, but Obama's new law could have been useful and achieved a windfall, through a few things we know how to do very well – build pipelines! If we can get 16-Billion barrels of oil off the "Slope", how come we cannot get even a small fraction of natural gas "set free" this way? Had MoanaLisa backed down the "favoritism" extended her "other" constituency that fattens up that political "War Chest", it would have meant a force majeure ruling to finally build that natural gas pipeline from up north to the interior. So by catering to her special friends, we Alaskans are the ones that loose out, again! Said again, it appears she is strong on continued attacks against Obama, but read between the lines too exactly what she is trying to accomplish under secrecy of "True Representation"? See, even though MoanaLisa has forced threatened the EPA into stooping low, the exemptions for Alaska may in effect "Kill" jobs! And with oil prices still on the move south, had MoanaLisa looked the right way instead of the other way, it would have meant the creation of thousands of good paying construction job, engineering jobs, procurement jobs, truck driving jobs and much needed income for the Alaska Railroad. So by attacking the EPA, well she garnishes votes from those opposed to anything Obama tries to do "what is best". Yet by taking the stand against any legislation that attacks her "Hobby Lobby", in the end we lose and had she taken the other side, we would have seen that long lost dream finally a reality, as it would have meant a natural gas pipeline. Jobs? Cleaner air? Cheaper fuel? Something is very wrong with her thinking!

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