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Monday, August 3, 2015

Lovely Couple

Wow, Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham, of course they were made for each-other. Lovely couple, peas of the proverbial pod! And when I listen to Hillary's latest excuse with respect to the possibility she allowed “Classified Information” transfers to and fro through her unprotected e-mail server, like unprotected sex, she is adamant about this fact: “I did not send nor receive anything that was classified at the time”. Yes, read between her lullaby lips. “At the time” is a lullaby that allows her to skip town! She is right about this fact, and it is a lullaby already conceived just in-case the Congress gets an OK for an espionage investigation. It is a premeditated excuse, that which conveniently covers her tracks – disrespectful, yes! Now this is par with Bill's pathetic lullaby: “I did not have sex with that woman”. Read between Bill's lips, “that woman”. Who in hell was he talking about, could have meant Annie the blow-up doll or any “woman” that roamed the White House! The guy was a pervert. So here we see more of the same with the Mrs., changing the outcome by demonstrating a few precise words of choice with persistence. With Bill, it was how he defined “SEX” - as following that embarrassing moment for America, well Bill was quick to re-define what he meant by “SEX”. Finding his excuse based NOT on intercourse with Monica. So he had a hum job in the Oval Office, NOT intercourse so Bill skated out of this affair – by smithereen word smithing. Now with Hillary, of course she is telling the truth with “at the time” as it takes a monumental task to “Classify” things. Just read into Executive Order 13526 penned by Barack Obama during Hillary's time as “Sting Ray of State” and you soon realize that something isn't automatically considered “Classified”. There exists many determinants to a correspondence's "sensitivity" and so be it why is Hillary using a million-dollar mile-long smile smokescreen lie maybe? Because, by claiming her e-mails were not classified “at the time” she excuses herself from indictment of many espionage act violations. The reason Congress is not gaining traction on any attempt to get to the truth – it is the “TRUTH”, nothing was “Classified” at the time...YET! So that is why it has taken so long for this act of omission to bearass any fruit – as Hillary should have realized that until such time somebody with authority scrubbed her e-mails to test for “sensitivity”, well she must now resort to a lie in efforts to stay in good standing those that would stoop low enough to throw away a vote. Is it a respectable excuse, NO and that in itself is the reason she should have proceeded on the side of caution. So Hillary learned from Bill, and today we have a mess on our hands. Presidential material? If word smithing is acceptable, then OK. But we saw what happened when Bush was allowed to “word smith”. To name but a few – WMD & “Yellow Cake”. And such classified lies, well that cost many American troops to find an early grave. So, this is what the nation will get if Hillary gets to take over that “Oval Office”. Now in all honesty, I really care not to take sides on this issue and waste my writing time, but it appears that greasy sliders are filling gastroreasonableness on both sides of the isle. I am talking again the side taking debate about Hillary Clinton and her private parts e-mail fascinations. So, it appears from too much stomach interference this “grease”, well diarrhea not only of the mouth finds many stool stuck and thus we find a stagnated opinion, whether or not Hillary should face the “sound of music” - finding 50% in favor of incarceration and 50% in favor of ejaculation, Bill's legacy. And not the sounds of “Edelweiss, Edelweiss” but more in line to “Folsom Prison Blues” - “Ankle brace, ankle brace”...see, it is a very simple matter when an unbiased assessment compares the reality of “wrong turn verses right turn dead-end street” this issue. But it is an important issue, as it strikes a sour note with respect to “Trust”. And above all, “Trust” is demanded above all in a “Commander-in-Chief”. OK, Bush was an outlier. I am serious, as this is no laughing matter. For this debacle which is acting as a disconnect between “Trust Me or Not”, just read into that Executive Order 13526. And like already mentioned, this “Order” was framed by Barack Obama back in 2009, the same time Hillary was acting “authority” of the Department of State. That “Order” goes into great detail about what is permitted and what may be in violation of the “Classified National Security Information” act. But with Hillary, sure this was a premeditated attempt to skirt the “Public Law” doctrine, finding that “prey” area to operate incognito under the radar and in reality violate the obligation under oath. That is the key, regardless of the possibility of criminal negligence with respect to “Acts Omission” as detailed under the “Espionage Act. This was planned well in advance by colleagues that reasoned that the existing law found loopholes, so like has become the game of the wealthy like the Clintons, take advantage of it! Like a “Tax Loophole”, some find it as a ways and means to take advantage of the system of merits and in reality the fallout finds we all share the pain! But we must also realize that “loopholes” are everywhere, nothing is perfect when it comes to trying to corral all aspects of a law as the English grammar system was designed not for specifics of language, but for imbeciles with a grammatical structure based on a 4th grade education for an overall understanding of what the word “Truthful” actually means in practice. And that is where we expect our public servants of such high authority to worship the “Trust” doctrine, going above and beyond to make sure one sides on the “safe haven” side. With Hillary, she used this safe haven for her own personal gains, bypassing the “Executive Order” knowingly, the reason she is adamant that "I did not send nor receive anything that was classified at the time.”

So Long, Farewell
 by Bill Clit & Hillary Rottenham

(Bill Clit)
Auf Weidersehen, goodbye
I leave, I heave
A sigh and say goodbye

(Hillary Rottenham)
I'm glad to go
I cannot tell a lie
I flit, I fart
I fleetly fleece, I fly

(Bill & Hillary)
So long, farewell
Auf Weidersehen, goodbye


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