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Monday, August 24, 2015


Only a few die-hard “Bush Rat” Alaskans will remember July 15th, 2015. “Bush Rat” in the context of understanding how Jay Hammond fought so hard to make sure Alaska didn't succumb to “White Collar” scumbag outlaws. But on the 15th this year, there came without much fanfare another indictment, this time in secret against Doyon Utilities, akin to Schaeffer Cox wherein then we saw Don Young's “Sovereign Citizen” booked and looking at 26 years outfitted with the ball and chain for messing with Uncle Sam. And we can thank the U.S. ARMY for taking this “Doyon” battle to victory, for the U.S. Taxpayers sake. BRAVO, BROVO, “This We'll Defend”! I am talking the secret indictment of those that think the “Raping of America” is in the best interest of “What's in Your Wallis Wallet” sentiment. Yes, the ARMY has proven that George Gordon, Dan “Grocery Boy” Gavora, Paul Moul, Shayne Coiley and Kristen Winters are no match our men and women in JAG uniform when push comes to shove. Those listed are a few members in good standing the Doyon Utility “scam” management committee that did indeed try to rape the American Taxpayers, rape and then drag our battered remains over the hot coals of Joe Uselessbelli's mine run crap. OK, maybe you have not been paying attention to what is going on in our own backyard. Seesaw, back in 2008, Doyon Utilities was the lucky recipient for taking over “ALL” the utilities at Fort Greely, along with “ALL” the utilities at Fort Wainwright and also “ALL” the utilities at Fort Richardson – a “Big Bang Game” winning streak. It meant a $multi-billion$ dollar contract under the terms and agreements of the “Military Base Utility Privatization Act”, legislation that was designed to “save” money for the U.S. Taxpayers burdened with over-run costs at the critical military bases in Alaska. It was thought that under the label of “Private”, costs would fall in line with what local utilities were charging for similar service – not cheap but cheaper in the long run. Funny, as Doyon Utilities was a new business entity owned in equal parts by Doyon Limited and Fairbanks Sewer & Water. Yes, from the beginning this partnership affiliation, well “stunk” of a giant cesspool on overflow. And Doyon Utilities was not the top achiever “grade wise” with the solicitation bidding for the “Privatization”, but somehow was able to stretch its muscle – most likely through the Native “name” affiliation and union with Don Young and MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly – and with that preferential political treatment win the bid away from other reputable Alaskan business entities, like VECO. It was a 50-year “contract”, for operating and maintaining 12-utilities at the Alaskan military installations – from heating needs, water & waste-water, electricity and natural gas distribution. Basically, guaranteed income for Doyon. Now in the beginning, all was going smooth and according to the contract. In fact, several times during the years 2008 through 2011, Doyon actually requested permission from the Regulatory Commission of Alaska to (decrease) the costs that it charged Uncle Sam – wow, an “ask what you can do for your country” reality! But soon into the lucrative contract, as planned Fairbanks Sewer & Water sold its remaining 50% interest to CORIX, a subsidiary of Inland Pacific Resources, a Canadian business with ties to Toronto Dominion Bank – which now meant that 50-year contract was 50% owned by “outside” interests, too bad we didn't build that “Fence” when we had a chance! See, this 50-year contract with the government required a whole lot of money, as Uncle Sam was selling off $billions$ in property, so Doyon decided it was best to borrow from the Canadians and at the same time pay a foreign interest $millions$ in interest payments – to date Doyon has borrowed $130-Million and in the end an outside entity will enjoy about $60-Million in swindled U.S. Taxpayer income – that money belongs on this soil, not transfered to Canada – the reason we need that “fence” between US and them... Sidebar: The original contract with Uncle Sam stipulated an “American Bank” was required for all business transactions, and in the application Doyon submitted for approval it named Wells Fargo-Fairbanks as the institute it would engage upon for loans. Yes, the ARMY was making sure this “Privatization” benefited US, not them. Anyway, when the sale of Dan Gavora's “Sewer Follies” was sold to CORIX for an undisclosed sum that saw the owners of FS&W enrich themselves with “Private Stock” totaling $50-million, well that is when the “Good Will” between Doyon Utilities and the United States started to deteriorate and in the end it meant “WAR”. In the end, we “True” Americans won! As far as the losers, well they should be in jail, sharing a cell without phone with Cox. See, when CORIX consumed the remaining ownership of Doyon Utilities, the set-up by the crooks was to apply for “Tariff Relief” - in efforts to pay off that $50-Million in “Preferred Stock” plus cover up for a whole lot of “funny money” being transferred to the Canadians, through “Fraudulent” attempts to increase the cost of doing business with Uncle Sam – a violation of the existing contract! So on July 15th, Doyon Utilities and the U.S. ARMY came to grips with a settlement agreement that basically throws Doyon into its own cesspool. In the beginning when this “Fraud” showed its ugly face along with the discovery that some of the Doyon staff think they are American, well the ARMY called out Doyon's bluff, that the increase requested in efforts for the bastards to reward themselves the joy of raping pain another wherein the 5th year of the contract was manipulated to bare fruit like it was the 50th year of the contract, well ludicrous and fraudulent evidence was like an indictment against Doyon Utilities. It is fraud, but for some reason in Alaska a business finds immunity to prosecution. Had this been an individual, instead of a business, it would have meant jail bait time for those inclined to think like a “Terrorist”! It didn't work and today we see that the men & women in JAG uniform mean business when it comes to contract disputes and protecting that American interest against theft. With that said, it appears the Canadians tried to use a few “Bad Americans” to justify what was seen by the JAG as premeditated “Fraud”. In fact the “Consolidated Stipulation and Settlement Agreement Resolving Disputed Issues” between Uncle Sam and Doyon Utilities finds 10-pages that are under “lock & key” as confidential – too bad Hilalry wasn't part of this agreement – and those pages contain the reasons as too why this attempt by Doyon to rape over the American Taxpayers was borderline “related to fraud”. Anyone that has followed this issue from 2012 can see clearly that the JAG was about to bring in their own cuffs! So in the end the bluff was called on those that thought it best to side with their employer and damn the “Good Will” of America. It didn't work, and today I feel at ease that not only can we be rest assured that our brave men & women in uniform will protect us abroad, but when push comes to shove bare the weapons that protect our “sovereignty” here in the “Homeland”. Funny, as there is still an American flag waving at the Doyon Utility headquarters in Fairbanks – what are they up to now? In ending, this “scam” by Dan Gavora & Company failed, because we still have that Red, White & Blue to defend, and an ARMY with that detail to defend, even when others so un-American hide behind the “Corrupt Bastard Club” mentality. GOTCHA Dan!

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