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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cat Scratch Fever

I am all for hunting, as it can find some semblance of an obligation towards contributing to “wildlife conservation”, but we have before us today an exception – as the word is out, We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off...” and we have a decapitated Lion King named Cecil front and center of attention. Sorry, but that kind of Ted Nugent brutality is not by any stretch of the imagination, “Hunting”. It is nothing shy an egomaniac psychotistic kahoonah sickness wherein rich bastards use their wealth to show off. Imagine having $50-grand to waste away an aging lion! Now I have not hunted for years, after many years living in Alaska – as enough was enough and Alaska is different with respect to “conservation” efforts through human intervention. It is instead an interference play with nature's ways and means to thrive for a healthy wildlife population. Survival of the fittest works without the smell of “power powder” and human feces alerting a caution to the critters. Alaska doesn't have the over-population problems like occurs with managed deer herds along the eastern sea-coast, wherein different states find different rules of the road which complicates things. So, I viewed hunting in Alaska, well it doesn't contribute to that “conservation” effort. What I experienced in the wilds of the 49er finds nature taking care of itself and man need not interfere. Yes, I stopped hunting when I realized that the only human hunting that should be allowed would be to benefit “subsistence” hunting, for those that truly must defend keeping food on the table – that which can be salvaged from the wild. This “subsistence” doesn't include the “crazed fringe” that has invaded Alaska ever since the Discovery Channel canceled Jacques Cousteau and stooped to new Ted Nuggethead lows, wherein outsiders have wrecked havoc on a once pristine wilderness. Fame by the insane when confronted with a camera - “Their goona put me in the movies, they're goona make a big fool out of me”. In all honesty, I started to turn sour on hunting when I saw all the “Anchorage Brats” heading toward Glennallen in that yearly ritual with those “Tier II” hunting permits. Yes, high roller CEOs from oil company wealth gallivanting off in their half-million dollar luxury liner motor-coaches, refrigerators filled with booze-Allen and high powered rifles that could catch a caribou off-guard even under the influence. That is all this road kill ritual was about, wrecking havoc and going home with board room bragging rights. So it was that kind of abuse that allowed me to put away my hunting firearms and bow strings for the good. But over the years, Alaska has seen its fair share of abuse, especially from “Big Game” guides that bring in the rich folk clientèle. As to stay in favor with outfits like the Safari Club International, well guides must sometimes skirt the law to make sure something is bagged, else forfeit that reputation and that means no more clients. Hey, a “Big Game Trophy” posse can fetch a guide a year's salary, for a few weeks in the brush and with success, bragging rights means a hefty “bonus”. Look, this “Cecil the Lion King” caper is not out of the ordinary, it happens, well every night when the sun goes down. Not only in Africa, but “poaching” is a sport to outwit both the animal and the law! A two birds with one stone fantasy. In America, more deer are taken by illegal means then with tags – and it is that same “crazed fringe” that is behind this lawlessness, many aligned with a Tea-Party mentality of insane survivalists. And Alaska sees its fair share of this abuse. Take Ted Nugent, injuring a bear then letting it wander off to die because he shit in his pants and couldn't pursue! And in efforts for his film crew to fill the celluloid, shoot another innocent bystander – of course he was caught and cannot hunt in Alaska, California or 34 other states – at least banned from hunting for a few years. But I am glad to see the Safari Club International supporting a “full and thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the death of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe...and has imposed immediate emergency membership suspensions of both the involved hunter and his “professional” guide, and they will remain in place pending the outcome of an investigation.” That “Professional” statement makes me laugh! Sounds like another Tom Brady “I didn't do anything wrong”! Wow, the company we keep, as Don Young's favorite campaign contributor, the Safari Club! OK, so this organization that caters to the rich “Big White Hunter” finds a membership of 50000 and has contributed over $140-million to Don Young like SuperPACS. Yes indeed, the entire membership fee is used all in efforts to make sure illegal hunting – OK unethical hunting – continues on, not only here in the states, but abroad also by our stool-stuck Congress making a few phone calls to an 011-263 Zimbabwe exchange. And yes, that idiot dentist that shot then beheaded Cecil, well he was a proud member of this spoiled brats club. And when an organization collects a handome membership fee and throws all of that loot towards defending “Trophy” hunting and we see “zero” towards concervation efforts, well when all the “Big Game” is gone for good and herds no longer roam the lands, then we humans will become the target of the rich, because it is not a fair hunt but a crazed filthy-rich mentality that likes to “KILL” for the thrill of “bloodshed”! It amounts to going after the biggest of the herd, for that “bragging right” and “conservation” just a smokescreen for the addiction. Sad, when we have members of Congress that would stoop so low, but then again...we have idiots that seem to think “Scratch My Ass Fever”, whatever it's called is a calling! We humans are also “threatened” in the cross-hairs! Yes indeed, killing humans will someday become a “sport” if not already. It will start with the rich on guided hunts to places like IRAQ, wherein they will play out their “American Sniper” fantasies. It will then be like a “plague” and migrate to our city streets, wherein the “homeless” will be the “Targeted. And when one looks around, it may be happening already with all the innocent bloodshed, from crazed lunatics that finds it descended from the bowels of the “Big Game Hunting” mentality. It is shit like this that finds more abuse upon our “Constitutional Rights” as with this rich bastard attitude, wherein they pay to play, in the end we will suffer some more those “Rights” and already this “Cecil” is seeing attacks on those “Rights” by those that use every opportunity to also “target”, as we never resolve the problem by going after the “root cause”, caused by “wealth”. And why not? Because those that are funded by wealth to make sure the playing fields continue to be the killing fields, well they are just like the “Big Game” guides, and cater to their clientèle or else...

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