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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


MoanaLisa calls it an “Exemption”? The head of the EPA calls it a “Deferment”? Either way, we Alaskans loose out and should remember this the next time the MurCowpiefly gets herself involved in legislation that affects my take home pay – which relates to never again voting back in the nepotism senator. We have seen enough of the clandestine ugly ways and means her “significant victories” at others expense. OK, this is a “victory” for MoanaLisa and her back-door man, Joe Uselessbelli, as coal fired power plants NO longer under attack will continue to keep North Slope natural gas “stranded” even more. See, this “Deferment” now goes on the back-burner and with that, Fairbanks will become the most polluted city on earth, with respect to “Air Quality”. See, Obama wanted to reduce “Green House Gas” emissions from current levels to safe breathing levels by 2030. To achieve this mandate, it meant cutting the emissions from coal burning power plants to achievable levels through technology already available – but costly to the “consumers”. It meant increases in an average monthly electric bill by 35-cents! But now Alaska, well it ain't good news. Here is the take, it looks good from top-side, what the MurCowpiefly accomplishes in the brothell of the beltway. But in reality she is forcing legislation – due her seniority – forcing stuff that will eventually cause health issues and not reduce my energy bill here in Alaska. Is this what we expect from a representative? NO! See, MoanaLisa should have taken the other approach, by emphasizing going “Greener” and that would have “forced” the state to build that natural gas pipeline to “UN-Strand” all that “cheaper and cleaner” fuel so I can boil water. I would gamble that if we could hear and see what goes on in Don Young's SAFARI palace, we would find an understanding that it is only a single entity that benefits from this “Deferment”. Why? Well if we finally built a pipeline to deliver “cheaper and cleaner” burning gas to my doorstep and your doorstep, then Joe's mine would be de-commissioned and after the demolition derby, the Alaska Railroad would then go bankrupt because of no traffic. So read between the lines my fellow 49er, as this is NOT a victory for Alaskans, but a death blow again and will set back...well good riddance the prospect of a natural gas pipeline in my lifetime. Look, I am not a total believer in this “Global Warming” trend as the numbers just don't add up, there is something missing in the “missing carbon” science project. Yet, this debate could have been used to our advantage, in getting that gas flowing south. It's our gas, so what's the problem? So instead of fighting for “Corporate America”, had MoanaLisa involved herself in “Representing the People” instead of that special interests, we could have used Obama's new regulations to our advantage. Here it is in a numbskull. Bringing gas home from Prudhoe Bay would have reduced our dependency on Joe's rotten coal, which garnishes about 3% for mineral rights, so better left underground. It would allow the interior military bases to convert over to gas, and in doing so shown the “Brass” we care about the future of a military infrastructure and troop presence. Like for example with Eielson, which has been working under a “shield of protection” because it cannot get an “Air Quality Permit”, as the power plant has seen better days and with this new “MurCowpiefly Victory”, it is no different then when she christened the M.V. Susitna. That boat sank! So “Significant Victory” this is NOT! It is just the opposite and will indeed set back that pipeline project a few more years. And without that additional supply entering the market to compete with Cook Inlet gas, the owners of that infrastructure that contribute to the “War Chests” of our land Baron Baboon and Safari chief Cecil, well they will indeed see this as a “Victory”. Dear Alaskan, read between the lines. And so Joe continues to produce coal, Bill Sheffield continues to chug-choo-choo when all the time had MoanaLisa used her clout to make sure we advanced by moving forward with a gas pipeline due new “government restrictions”, well besides costing me more we loose in many other ways. See, hundreds of jobs would have been created with building the infrastructure to bring that gas homeward bound, with many more additional jobs in efforts to convert the power plants, construction jobs and the list goes on. So today, a few crappy jobs at Joe's mine are safe. In fact, Joe Uselessbelli should be honored also for this “Deferment” and if that latter definition is a mystery instead of a “Victory”, think of it like this. A deferment was used by cowards during the Vietnam War, to hide from reality. And the best “Deferment” came about when Ted Nugent “Shit in His Pants”, in efforts to, well defer any commitment to helping out our troops. Basically an exemption to “Shit” on all of us, no different that what MoanaLisa has shown with support to Joe! Said again, this in no where close a “Victory” for Alaskans.
"Bill, like father like daughter...there only peasants"

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