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Monday, February 29, 2016

Ryan & Hatch

Will it be House Speaker Paul Ryan as the 45th Commander-in-Chief along with "President pro tempore" Orrin Hatch as the 48th Vice? May States' RIGHTS show its "secret" force and prevail to promote the next U.S. President and Vice, in tune with the U.S. Constitution?

Today, from sea to shining sea, we have 31-Republican governors in retaliation 18-Democrat state leaders, along with a few of mixed race. Which means the GOP has an overwhelming majority with respect to a state's "RIGHT". Something that should not be taken lightly, as we may see the emergence of this "Sleeping Lion" come the verdict in the 2016 Presidential election. And even though silenced for a long time, it appears some "RED" state Attorney Generals - a governor's posse - are looking into the possibility of indicting or holding accountable the "electorate" if Hillary Clinton is the winning vote for the 2016 election. See, the threat of an indictment and prosecution for casting a vote for a known criminal that may have contributed to espionage, such a possibility over-shadowing the current state of affairs Hillary's affair with the "Server", it allows a state's "electorate" to consider casting a "faithless vote", which in itself may be considered a state crime. Yet, it could also be argued as a "Patriotic" attempt to halt an abusive situation. The electorate is supposed to vote the will of the people, but does not have to vote that way if there exists a valid reason for a deviation, along with the realization such a deviation could bring prosecution in state jurisdictions. But the jury is still out the "crime" aspect any electorate deviating and the Supreme Court has yet to rule on a state's power with respect to a "Faithless Vote", and with speculation we may have a non-majority opinion for some time before we see a Scalia replacement, best brace for a situation that may find Gore verses Bush but a simpleton pimple. So by NOT voting at all with a "Faithless Recusal" vote, a state electorate is off the hook by virtue no opinion exists and a stay delay any opinion, well it means "Freedom at Lodge" for the electorate to say "NAY" to Hillary regardless of what the voting machines indicate. So this could play out come the time between November 8th - the election and January 6th - when Congress convenes to count the electoral votes from each state and January 20th - the inauguration if the count is ratified by members of Congress for each state as the caretakers of what the electoral delivered. If it comes down to not enough votes by the states to fulfill the "Majority" vote required - shy the 270 electorate votes due "Faithless Votes" - then the House of Representatives gets to pick whomever it wants as the next President, within certain guidelines. In the meantime, while the House debates the debacle due not enough "Faithful" votes from the states of the Union and couples that with Clinton impeachment hearings on the agenda, the Vice President is also not yet seated, as today we find no demonstrable boundaries between the party line team - yes guilty by association harboring a treasonous individual, as the "Vice" chosen by Hillary could find the same "Faithless" dilemma. Finally, the "Militia" finds meaning in action, as the state of the States is meaningful and such shows how the states have the real control, through the electorate! So, come January 6th, the votes for president finds no majority due the "Faithless Electorate" fending for itself and freedom from prosecution and the House cannot come to grips, due fighting across the aisle and with NO Supreme Court to render a say, it is "dead-lock" time as Obama is now free and playing golf and we are a nation without a Chief. With a dead-locked chambers, Paul Ryan becomes the President, as this is what the Constitution allows. And if the same deadlock is found in the Senate, the vice goes to Orrin Hatch. With that, all the power of the Presidency and Vice along with a majority Congress, it is a GOP windfall! First on the agenda, fill the Scalia seat. And now the Democrats that sided with Hillary are up in arms, but have no traction and dead-lock continues, and with impeachment hearings finding new life to de-throne the Clintons, well Ryan and Hatch are in the Oval Office for a duration and nobody of the "Right" objects to this premeditated coziness. Hypothetical, yes but watch out as even though it seems far-fetched, with members of Congress ready to try Hillary on January 6th - if she was to reign as the President elect - we may find a time in modern history wherein the Founding Fathers execution of the Constitution tested to the limits, and maybe this time around "We the People" will for once have a better understanding of the "Litmus Test" and how the "Constitution" was so thorough, enough said with a fallback plan. And because "We the People" went sidetracked with that understanding, we get no choice in the matter as built into this great document, a policy wherein when we fail to heed the warning of a catastrophe, we have somebody taking over within the merits of what our Proud Fathers mandated, as the Founders realized the weakness of the citizens. So, Paul Ryan could become this nation's Commander-in-Chief for a long time, along with Orrin Hatch also in the "hot-seat", just what the GOP was hoping for and by the time it is all said and done with, when we finally have a Supreme Court that is functioning to deliver a verdict and render a decision the 2016 race, the GOP will have already succeeded in setting precedent that will sign, seal and deliver a blow to democracy, because "We the People" went stupid our responsibilities to NOT allow the infiltration of treason into politics - blinded by the "Might" we were and the Constitution was at rescue it did, but was also inebriated with a misunderstanding upon what our "Founding Fathers" intended and the GOP will take advantage such shortcomings as today any means to win finds a fascination! If this be the early 1800s, Congress would probably be incarcerated for its action and/or inaction to protect the "Trinity", that of "Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness". By the citizens allowing Hillary Clinton to enter this race, we will find forever a scar upon "Liberty", as this nation should find no value entertaining "Treason" into governance. The only solution, it is called "Bernie" as the GOP has but a bunch of thugs in the candidate wings, but the Constitution at its disposal and Ryan will use it to the "panty line" disadvantage. 

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