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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wounded Worrier?

 So the “Wounded Warrior Project” is under observation for suspicious activity that funds donated by the willing are being used instead for hoes and extravagant travel? I always held the notion that our troops are taken care of very well, so assistance by crocks wasn't necessary. But the “Project” boys are under scrutiny, that some of the loot confiscated away as donations from salt-of-the-earth Americans was used for “other” accommodations - like 1st class travel, Madame Heidi Flesh hoes and fancy wine. But low and behold, as what is the standard that scrutinizing charitable organizations falls under? There exists millions of organizations that fall under the umbrella of “Charitable”, in efforts to hide from the “Tax-man”. Churches – way too many, Save the Animal outfits, Send Ted Back to Canada, the list goes on. So, now that the news' media has focused attention on the organization that uses Trash Adkins as a vice, in comparison, let's look at how the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Foundation performs for the same damn reason – party lobbying and a few percentage points of the confiscated wealth going to the needy. In 2013 the “Warrior” received $342-Million in donations; BHC confiscated $149-M. Charitable payments to begging organization: The “Warrior” gave away $42-M to help our wounded or 12% of after the fact revenues; BHC gave away a measly $9-M, which amounts to 6%. Chalk a win up for the “Warriors”! In the salary category, Warrior paid out $40-M when Bill's budget for salaries was $30-M, a difference of 20% topped by 35% - another victory for the “Warriors” as money saved away from lucrative salaries, well it can be used for the cause! With respect to salary caps, the “Warrior” paid out a top salary of $473k, and Chelsea paid a friend $464k. Oh, and on the subject of “Conference Dating”, to which the “Charitable Navigator” is trying to pin the “Warrior” with funding abuse, well it meant $26-M as compared to $9-M for Bill's auditioning, percentage-wise the total about the same in the 7% category – so in comparison the “Warrior” beats the Clinton's hands-down, under the definition of a fitter charitable organization. So in a nutshell, why in hell is the Wounded Warrior Project being subject to ridicule when at the same time the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea scam finds acceptance for a worst-case relationship of record under the disguise as a “Charitable Organization”? This is what we as a nation have come to be, we are afraid to bring the “Truth” forward. Why the Clinton's can get away with such petty malfeasance, well that family has NO loyalty towards this nation. When “We the People” offered to help Bill with his pathetic drunkenness with friendly Oval Office pussy, the impeachment was for his own good and that of this nation. So with Bill, Hillary and Chelsea, there is no loyalty and that is why, well the “Warriors” shouldn't be “Worrying”, as when push comes to shove any audits by the IRS, just throw Bill and clan under that bus – justice served. So Dear “Chastity Navigator”, are you in bed with Bill? To recap, the “Wounded Warrior Project” finds a donation ratio of 12%, Bill gives away only 6%. And not to forget, when Bill, Hillary and Chelsea are gallivanting around the nation on these “Conference Date Rapes”, we spend $millions$ in Secret Service protection, money from the U.S. Taxpayers that could...well help out our “Warriors”! And I agree with Bill, that Hillary's “Private Server” was paid for by Bill, through “Charitable Donations” in the tune of $2-Million bucks. And if I paid that kind of money for Hillary's “Victoria Secrets”, damn sure I would have the password – and that is what the “Server Romance” is all about, access NOT denied and that is why when I see Bill and Hillary together in public, visions Not of Johanna but Julius & Ethel Rosenberg!

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