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Monday, February 22, 2016

We Deserve Respect

If every vote counts, not this time around count me out. And with all due Thomas Jefferson unalienable respect to this "count", a fictitious villain in disguise it can be, as such a duty bestowed upon the citizenry should not be taken lightly. Yet it must be honored as it is all we have at our disposal as an individual liberty at "Action". It is sad that I may have to reserve my "right" even if it assists the "right" to victory, so what let the perverts prevail. Please leave your "coward" comments to someone more deserving the dereliction my call to duty. Yet regardless of the "sticks and stones will break thy bones" sentiment, never in no way land hell could I chastise my  right and constitutional conviction by casting a vote for another Clinton, especially Hillary. So even though I have always voted the party line towards the "Left", I find myself already in a stubborn mood as to how I would vote in the 2016 race - NOT the "Panty Line". Look, the mainsail neo-conservatism has dumped Jeb! Yes the guy that was a signatory to the PNAC, dumped because at least half of the citizens realize it is time for the old dysentery dynasty to evaporate out and away from the political scene - no different with the liberals. It is time for that change on both sides of the isle. Yet even with an ongoing FBI investigation, some are still convinced that the "Panty Line" can be trusted with the keys to the "Oval Office". Like already indicated with my full court press, count me out as I do not want to be considered an accomplice. But Hillary still finds an adoration by weaklings that supplies a handicap due her "Trustworthiness" issues. And but for Harry Reid convincing the Nevada "culinary" unions to cast a nauseating caucus vote for Hillary, well Bernie would have easily won that race and we may have seen the end of the Hillary's annihilate decency campaign. The mainsail democrats are fearful of a Bernie Sanders, but it is a better choice for Democracy upon our Republic then another Clinton at the helm. I represent a majority of salt-of-the-earth oil field workers that tread on thin ice when in the oil patch and find support with a liberal agenda. But we have sworn to uphold our party line ideologies, yet we cannot do that through support  for Hillary - as the litmus test for true "Trustworthiness" remains but a suggestion. It is all in "Who You Know" that seems to be catapulting the Hillary fascination to the headlines and taking over the delegation, when we should maybe learn and follow how the GOP is changing course and horses in midstream. It is this cowardly fascination with Hillary we need to destroy in efforts this preferential treatment from her turncoat colleagues is also sidelined, just like Elijah Cummings coming to Hillary's support and at the same time taking a direct shot at Mr. Sanders' credibility, when mentioning he "Didn't Know Bernie" and a shot at the bow upon MLK's vision and dream - Elijah, once my comrade in equal rights is a disgrace today and everything he once stood for, well evaporated. See, I didn't see Mr. Cummings at the Petus Bridge back in 65, so he can't be for equal rights - same sentiment he sent the crowds with his misguided attack at Bernie in efforts to support Hillary! This is the problem, we must tear down that "Wall", as it acts as a barrier our "True" liberties. Yet for the "Liberals" the creep show continues, as one premeditated thing with Hillary is the fact she is good at dividing many voters sick and tired of heresy - voters like myself that continue to live up to the Founding Fathers' expectations. With ridicule finding solid footing evidence, I do place one of my cherished votes for Hillary, that she will be indicted on the "Server" fiasco as it was "criminal" activity - maybe not elevated to a serious crime with jail time - and with so, so much evidence that indicates not just a mess-up but a total disrespect upon the Commander-in-Chief, as Obama signed an EO into effect that forbid such malfeasance. And Hillary's present day lullaby, that things weren't marked "Classified" today exists as a lame excuse as it was a planned assassination upon the system of merits established to protect this nation's security. But when Harry Reid interfered with the voters even though at odds with the Hillary campaign, well he is today the reason I will never find support with Hillary, and would not only reserve my vote away from a Clinton presidency, but may even entertain a vote against her - because this nation deserves better!

Harry Reid after Hillary beat him into submission to get the Nevada "Union" vote...Instead of "water-boarding" a Picabo Street kind of torture, wherein Reid was kicked down the stairs then locked in the basement until "I surrender Madman Secretary"!

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