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Saturday, February 20, 2016


Back in 1982, Ronald Reagan signed an Executive Order that defined the qualifications for allowing an individual access to “Classified” government information. Accordingly, “A person is eligible for access to classified information provided that a determination of TRUSTWORTHINESS has been made”. Wow, and unlike today, the changes made to this “qualifier” over time seems to have muddied the waters. See, Bill Clinton eliminated the “Trustworthiness” aspect of the law with EO 12958, wherein any “Trust” relationship was sidetracked by: “favorable determination of eligibility”. I guess “trustworthiness” wasn't understood by the man, seems today nor by the lady. Trustworthiness according to the U.S. Supreme Court: “Someone who is honest”. Look, a bed-bug could find “favorable determination of eligibility”! See, I would wager that Hillary had “favorable determination” access way back when, as Bill was busy with other more impotent business - Hillary was reading the recipes! So most recently when Hillary was asked about “Trustworthiness”, her answer: “I Try”. And herein is where we find the “root” cause of the “private server” debacle, she tries. With all the laws, rules and regulations along with sworn oaths of office and disclosure statements required those allowed such access to government “secrets”, well all we hear from Hillary finds more lame excuses. If she just found “Honesty” for once this issue instead of “trying” to be honest and tell us she messed up with the “classification” stuff, then maybe it would then become a dead-beat issue and the FBI could retire away from the investigation. See, she would then be throwing her vulnerability in front of the voting jury, but with some semblance of “Honesty” as it is still the best policy her failures upon this issue of national importance. End of story...But wait there's more, and maybe this nation needs no longer a Commander-in-Chief that is “Trustworthy” and enjoys a “Yellow Cake” romance. Just in – JEB popularity rating sinks from 11 to 3 following George W. on the campaign stump. For what it is worth, the shake-up with the outsiders leading the pack, Trump and Sanders, well maybe “We the People” have suffered enough with a Congress that cannot align itself with our needs. It is the sitting president that gets the blame due incompetence from those members of Congress so entrusted to represent such needs. So, I am glad to realize  that for the last 7 going on 8 years we have found before us maybe not an individual at the helm that was well liked...because he did bring “Trustworthiness” back into the arena as a personal goal, but was ransacked by those he thought we could “Trust” including the U.S. Congress. Do you really think Hillary will ever get an endorsement by Obama, as that would demonstrate that acceptance of “UN-TRUSTWORTHINESS”, which is today the trademark of the U.S. Congress! Maybe that is what this nation has come upon, a sad day it is, as even with the best of intentions by the 44th, the surrounding “political greed” has acted like an albatross with a broken wing.  So Dear Hillary, just come honest the server, and then maybe we can begin to foster in the fact that, well you and Bill are better off retiring far and away from the “Beltway”!

Read my lips, “Loose Lips Sink Ships”...of fools!

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