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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Who Let the AIR OUT?

The Economics of Dishonesty 101: So let's say for sake of argument that we had a Congress that found some semblance of an American Spirit revival and initiated “ETHICS” conforming legislation along with acceptance of the kindergarten creed – to share, to be nice. And with success in conforming to a standard of “ethics” and other things consistent with telling the truth overwhelming missing for way too long, on a positive note it boiled over to the citizens united through acceptance of “Brotherly Love” and then was accepted by “Corporations” and we had before us once again a decent society – wherein everybody played fair, take only what you need don't waste and Miss Liberty found a reason to smile once again like once-upon-a-time long ago. Wherein we could feel safe again on our city streets, in our schools, in our homes and places of employment. Wherein “Honesty is the Best Policy” was more then a laughable suggestion, but accepted as the foundation of respect. Wow, like it used to be right after the CONSTITUTION was fresh-air off the press! All was good again, people were happy! So, for some reason a Bill Belichick decides he doesn't want to play fair, so he demands that the “Ball Boy” deflate the footballs before a championship conference game, and wins the game so is invited to Super Bowl XLAX. That's right, Belichick is innocent. So maybe it was Tom Brady that couldn't face the fact of “being honest” along with good sportsmanship like behavior, so he bribes the “Ball Boy” to sneak into the “crapper” and perform magic on the balls. That's right again, Brady said he knows nothing about the reason the NFL approved footballs were deflated. OK, so maybe it was Mr. Kraft, through a bribe with a wad of cash! Anyway, so the referee calls foul and the “Ball Boy” admits that he was a sucker for whores, and the rest is history. Because we live under a society that now frowns upon ethic violations, the New England Patriots “Team Spirit” consistent with the “American Spirit” decides to boycott the Super Bowl, basically admitting the guilt and due widespread acceptance conforming to “Ethics” and not wanting to upset Congress, the team forfeits the game! Seattle wins by fiat! Damn, what a boring Sunday? Wow, so with Belichick & Company staying home, it means a $25-Billion dollar “legal” loss to the NFL! See, there is a sinister motive beyond evil reasoning as to why nobody is coming clean with the deflated football capper. You CAN'T, not today in the “arena” we live in – it doesn't pay to be honest! When there is a humongous momentum behind that kind of loot, there is no stopping it, even if there was a murder on the field in cold-blood - the “Show Must Go On”. Imagine if we did have such a society that was not afraid of taking credit wherein credit is due and forfeiting credit when....well “Ethics” is today defined by a “Do Nothing Congress” so who gives a “splash”! But for sake of a ridiculous argument again, a boycott of a Super Bowl as a self-inflicted punishment for a wrongdoing amounting to “cheating”, it would create the “Biggest Lawsuit” ever of record and just by common sense economics, it would probably entertain loses in the amount equal to ½ a day's worth of this nation's “Gross Domestic Product”, when it was all said and done. And that would ruin the “Stock Market”, yes the Walls would come tumbling done, maybe a decrease of half of what it is today, and the road to recovery is tough after such a slide – maybe years! So it is all about the “Importance of Being Greedy” over the “Importance of Being Honest”, or was it earnest? And imagine again if indeed a Super Bowl was canceled for a scandal? It would probably provoke “Helter Skelter”, cop killing and killing cops, looting – not just for home field advantage, but widespread chaos and the Brits would finally win the argument over our silly game! So there is a reason as to why the “Show Must Go On”, it is called “National Security” as money is so damn powerful that nothing gets in its way!

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