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Friday, January 9, 2015

Hardball Sucks

On Wednesday, January 7th at 7pm EST, MSNBC's Chris Mathews went “live” and over the edge during the running of “Hardball”. Maybe “HardONball” is an appropriate renaming of his totalitarian venture. It was “You saw and heard it here FIRST”! See, every damn news hound – we don't have anchors any more as that brings with it professional courtesy – well they want to be the “First on your block to tell whose kid has come home in a box”, a total disregard and lackadaisical attitude for the “Truth First? Who cares yakety yak”. I guess by getting it “maybe” right ahead of everybody else it brings in more advertisers and brings home the bacon. “I called it first”! But when Mathews – who still cries over the crack in the Liberty Bell – went on a rant and rage that the Hebola brothers had been captured in France, one brother killed and the other surrendered when offered some anchovy paste, it wasn't so – as they just got taken down today! And too make matters worse off, Mathews went on a road rage, making fun about the “getaway” car the brothers had used after killing a bunch of cartoon artists, a “Clio” and words to the effect he would have had a different make, like this is not what one uses to pull off a crime! See, he's rich, so I am sure thinking about a Mercedes! So what's the beef, no big deal your sentiment? Well the sad thing, the broadcasting of this “Fake” news with no apparent credibility or no reason to be credible most likely got the other police officer killed! I am serious, as there were news media blackouts from the local established Frenchmen as the local police do not give updates, and it was 1am over there and dark. But with modern day stay tuned to somebody that may be missing a heart, well maybe, just maybe the Hebola accomplices were tuned into Hardball, and hearing all this “Fake” chit-chat about the “trash” being taken out, and this may have provoked anger with an accomplice still on the loose. Yes, MSNBC's “Hardball” called out the wrong storyline, and the only organization that jumped the “gun” and delivered inaccuracies that may have been cause for another “cop” killing. Hey, isn't it best to screen stuff before puking it out especially if filled with inaccuracies? But we got to beat Mrs. Huffington! Mathews is always right, a “My shat don't stink” attitude. Said again, anybody – except the pathetic MSNBC staff – that was tuned into “Chris”, had to walk away with the same damn conclusion that it was over with, so time to make fun of the murderers – in an exercise of “Free Speech”, even if a young police-officer-in-training gets gunned down because Mathews was wrong – to jump the “gun”. This is what the French “Surete Nationale” authorities are saying, that due “Wrong” intelligence broadcast by foreign news' sources that it may have incited the cop killing in the early morning hours of the following day! Yes, they are pissed, but have more important things to do, finding the cop killer! And then the entire “Hardball” recording for that day has conveniently disappeared? Yes, you can't find it any longer. So yes, Chris Matthews should be shedding a tear for the crack in the “Liberty Bell”, as when we continue to see this kind of inappropriate mess hiding behind the 1st Amendment, that crack gets wider and wider and soon we will all be sorry – for placing our cops in harms way just for a bed time story!

 "I cracked it"

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