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Thursday, January 1, 2015

114th Turdcoats

I was on a crowded plane returning home from the holidays, when I offered some relief to a husband and wife traveling with way too many kids. Talk about wound up out-of-bounds. So I offered my services to entertain a 7-year old. Wow, amazing what these kids have learned, so I don't know why “education” has been castrated over what it has delivered – as this kid knew all about the “Do Nothing Congress”! So I asked him to explain in adult terms, well what Congress was all about. ”Mr., Congress is like the bugger that you can't reach, one of them Chris Matthew's “Hard-Ball” types that is moving around in your nose, so you have to swallow it and hope to catch it on the way down, then spit it out”. And the conversation was very interesting after that, as this kid was also up on the 1st & 2nd Amendments. In ending, since he was not of voting age but seemed to have a very good idea of what we continue to put up with a “Do Nothing” majority, I asked, So (kid) you mean like Turncoats”? "NO Mr. Turdcoats”! Wow, maybe there is hope with future generations coming up to the plate!
 114th Congress Prepares for Swearing In Ceremony

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