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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Alaska's “Most Wanted”

My Dear Friend Barack Obama;
It is my understanding that Alaska's Governor Bill Walker has extended an invite to you and Sally Jewel to visit the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. I would be very cautious about any visit to the “Last Frontier”, even though I would embrace the opportunity to hike with you upon the pristine tundra so beautiful as that found in ANWR, especially along the coastal plain. So great job your efforts to protect this “beauty” for future generations, what we expect from a “Great Man”. So let us not allow a ruin upon your legacy, as I for one fear for your wellbeing if you do indeed accept Walker's invitation. I can tell you that I have spent hours, days, months to years up in Prudhoe Bay, it is beautiful and not an inhospitable habitat as those in favor of “No More” land restrictions want you to believe. So, take my word as I can attest that you are doing the right thing, and I'm an oil field worker – raised my family in this discipline and there is still enough activity in Prudhoe Bay to go around without wrecking the peace and tranquility on lands already somewhat protected – and yes ANWR needs your sign of approval for protection. So, with that said, I believe for your own safety and due national security – please say NO to Bill's offer. See, ever since you made it clear and convincing that you will do what's best with respect to protection upon Federal lands designated as “wilderness” when it comes to oil & gas exploration followed soon after by exploitation, to which I favor your stance on ANWR and also in agreement with what you have proposed for the Chukchi and Beaufort, well even though it is winter here in the 49er the “fringe” has come out of hibernation. I for one am aghast over the “Comments” allowed through “Social Media” following the headlines that have followed the press releases from the White House with respect to your proposals. It is scary what people up here are not afraid to chat about – and I realize that the USSS has its hands full in trying to discipher and interrogate what is “Free Speech” and wherein the borderline ceases to exist and that “Chat” could be construed as a premeditated “Threat”. It scares me, and if it is NOT Treason then what else is it? And we must all remember what occurred when Sarah Palin's SarahPAC found Gabrielle Giffords in the “cross-hairs” of an assault weapon – as it provoked that “fringe” and out of hibernation came a lunatic that did indeed take matters unto his own hands. I am glad that you found the time to visit Gabrielle the other day, she is a fine “American”! This is Alaska, Palin territory, like it or leave it. Yes, you are being subject to comments and ridicule allowed without any sense of “Patriotism”, no “think before one speaks” regardless of one's opinion. Said again, I believe it is a subliminal calling, for that fringe to take up arms against you and anyone like myself that sticks with you and supports your administation's agenda. And Congressman Don Young was not afraid to get his 2-cents in, by quoting: “George Obama — and that’s King George Obama — really believes he doesn’t have to acknowledge laws that were passed by the Congress. He’s done this on numerous occasions. He ignores us. He lectures the legislative body: ‘You’re not important, I’m the king.’ It’s disgusting for the nation, disgusting for the people. This man, this person has gone completely wacko.” And here is a man that thinks he represents “All Alaskans” yet he signed the Schaeffer Cox “2nd Amendment Task Force” declaration and today Cox is in jail for threats against government officials and judges - the company we keep here in Alaska! So you don't need to make a special visit, as for those of us that understand what you have proposed, it is in line with your “Duty”. But if you do make it this way, let me know and I will sneak you directions to some of my favorite fishing holes. Please, said again, please keep up the good work as it has worked to keep the “American Spirit”, well and alive and well no matter what the “fringe” is told to believe by the non-believers, the “Traders” and the “Turncoats”. Thanks again and peace be with you. Forgot one thing, any updates on clearing Pete Rose?

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