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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jeannette Bougrab

Dear Jeannette;

HATRED disguised as “Free Speech & Expression” by the Crayola does not take “Courage”, it takes a human-rights dereliction – like rape, it violates! Now that the smoke has cleared and “American” journalists are coming to their “senses” over “censorship” that is appropriate when inciting “Hatred” through insulting cartoons, please “Do Not Tread On US”. Using “Courage” aloof with “Courageousness” to define the Hebdo “Mission” is a cry-baby attitude, and do not try to pass on this dereliction as a conviction nothing other then “Hate Speech” making a “buck”! What came out of the orifice of Hebdo le Charlie, well like “French Fries” finds no sympathy here in America. Many of us here in the United States were glad that “Our” President Obama had the decency to “NOT” attend a “Unity Rally” that promoted hatred. It was “Hatred” that caused this shoot-out, both sides guilty of terrorism. Think back if the cartoons were published with the same intent but without “Hatred”, as under “American Free Speech & Expression”, we strive to be heard for debating in efforts to address issues of importance and like it or leave it, our “Constitution” makes it clear and convincing that “Free Speech” abuse finds a responsibility clause. Yes, if I publish something that incites and harms another individual, under common law causal connection and contributory negligence, I can be found guilty. So, take your “Courage” rage and find “Courage” to get over it. This all could have been avoided, had the editor of “Hatred”, well maybe tried a little tenderness and respect! In ending, this is what we put up with the likes of when Sarah Palin speaks out, or targets a member of our Congress in the “Cross-hairs” of an assault rifle, and the next day we find this innocent representative almost dead – because a crazed lunatic seeks revenge. In fact, many of us here in America, well we see Hebdo not different then what Palin represents – pure unadulterated “HATRED” with a subliminal message bent on “Destruction”. So said again, please do not try too drag us into your scam, to disenfranchise the spirit of “Free Speech” that incites the lunatics and what Hebdo is trying to declare as OK – it ain't and I am sure that by now you see the results of inaction – that being “self-censorship” for the betterment of mankind. What happened in Paris has set human-rights back many years, so please leave US alone and stay away from our “Freedom Fries”!

John Doe & Jane Doe 1 through 1,000,000 strong!

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