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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Joke or Mistake?

SarahPAC Hit List

Wow, just in time to capture a “screen-shot” on SarahPAC. So what? Well 4-years ago this day was when that “map” was used for “Target Practice” and U.S. House of Representatives Gabrielle Giffords was gunned down and remains but a vegetable today. Yes, the 1st woman that would have made a difference in the White House, a threat to the “Narcissist Queen”, gunned down by a Sarah Palin fanatic thinking he was called to action, by Palin publishing a “map” targeting representatives in the cross-hairs of an assault rifle. And this is the kind of barbaric behavior that is setting the stage for FASCISM - as when we find no longer respect for the 1st and 2nd, then we loose such privileges.
Gabrielle Representing America before SarahPAC Attack 

4-years later, still recovering!
Narcissist Queen Giving Orders

Narcissist Queen's Son of a Gun

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