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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bombo & Boehner

Attention getting. With the “JUNO” storm hitting the “East Coast” as the “Chris Cristie storm of all times”, we learned a new word, this “Bombogenesis! And when people started talking about it on high and it was overheard by “highly trained” flight attendants, well it caused 5-planes to be escorted by F-16s and re-routed for security reasons – that “Bomb” thing! Bombogenesis - Bombogenesis is defined as a mid-latitude cyclone that drops in surface barometric pressure by 24 or more millibars in a 24-hour period. Wow, can't even talk about the weather these days! When I first heard the name “JUNO”, I thought it was in reference to Juneau because Alaska has declared “WAR” on Obama, for the ANWR “Lock Down”. And of course let us not forget Boehnergenesis - Boehnergenesis is defined as a sudden decrease in skin color due a “Tanning Booth Tax” initiated by ObamaCare. “Chris Christie storm of all times”? Closing down all the bridges leading to and fro New Jersey!

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