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Thursday, January 15, 2015


Dear MoanaLisa MurCowpie;

Before changing the Federal definition of “Full Time” employment to 40-hours, maybe you should try working that many hours, just to see what it is like. So please, just SHUT-UP. ~ Theodolite Stevens

So MoanaLisa “Nepotism” MurCowpie, the most incompetent U.S. Senator ever from Alaska, a member in “Good Standing” with the “Do Nothing Congress” wants to re-define the “Work-Week” so it can disenfranchise Americans trying to find “Affordable Health Care”. Look, MurCowpie should be cautious trying to attack the “Supreme Court Approved” policy on health care – Obama's legacy. Don't piss him off, as he could get even and close down the military here in Alaska. Remember, Eielson is being used today as a collateral damage variable. The day that Begich conceded the senate race to the Koch Brother's imbecile, the BRAC started smiling. So is MoanaLisa MurCowpie one of us or one of them? I doubt if she realizes what a 40-hour work week is all about. In fact in her first broadcast after taking the “oath of conviction against eviction” as a member of the 114th “Do Nothing Carried Over Congress”, it was to talk about extending the work week. Wow, at first I thought she was talking about the “Congressional” work week, maybe with a little more time they could get something accomplished. So I thought, well maybe there has come a change of heart. I was wrong, as she was talking about “other” Americans in an effort to screw us over some more. And many of us have to work in excess that schedule already, just to make ends meet – to pay for medical stuff still not covered. Here is my take on “Medical Coverage” for Alaskans, something that has been conveniently hidden away and if MoanaLisa had the balls she would orchestrate an interest over this. Way back when the Federal government under the auspices of the BIA started a research project to see how it could cater effectively and eficiently the medical needs of Alaskan Natives. So started what is today called the “South Central Foundation”. Today that entity is a success story, advertising such in commercials like: “The Way Health Care Should Be” and “Shaping Health Care for Alaskan Natives”. It is indeed a success story and why it has not been used as a “Model” is beyond decency and points to dysfunctional “representation”, as when you have before you a program that works and works so well, why not use it to the advantage of “All Americans”? So here is what MoanaLisa MurCowpie and Imbecile Dan should do for Alaskans at least. Give us the same damn coverage as is given to the Alaskan Natives under “South Central Foundation” health care provisions, which amounts to Uncle Sam subsidies of approximately $3725-bucks per individual covered. But that amount is pooled, so it provides 100% covreage no matter what for well over 65000! We should be provided the same basic ingredients for a health care plan that works. Extend the success story of the “Foundation” as a research project. If it worked for Alaskan Natives and extended and works for the rest of Alaska's population, then we have a plan for “All America”. It would be one way to tear down “Obama's” plan that gets scrutiny every which way but loose. Why not? Take something that has worked for Alaska and make it available to all. Especially if a success story. Look, Native or not, there should be no longer preferential treatment when it comes to “Health Care”. I am as “Native” as the Titus brothers when it comes to sickness. So why wasn't the “South Central Foundation” success story used as a ways and means for the GOP to introduce its own plan in an attempt to trump “Obama's” plan? Because this plan is rigid, the reason it has worked so well. It isn't abused! And that is not what the “Health Care Providers” wanted, not under a GOP plan or under an Obama plan. Had we been forced to be covered under a plan already in effect, like with the “South Central” plan, there would have been very few worms to work out. It would have worked, but would have meant success for Obama even if it came about through “bipartisanship”, not what MoanaLisa and the McConnell gang-bangers wanted. So it is sad when we have data that supports a viable and cost-effective plan, yet our representatives search elsewhere, as the “lobby” does not want anything that works for us or for Obama's legacy! So the next time you see MoanaLisa, ask her about the success of the “South Central Foundation” with respect to health care and ask her why it is not being used as a model for “All Alaskans”. But if you cannot stand a “Lie”, walk away and realize she is as fit to represent as Jared Lee was fit to “pack” under SarahPAC.
"I see dead Teds"

"I hear dead Teds"

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