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Saturday, January 24, 2015


Of course ANWR – Alaska National Wildlife Refuge – is “Open For Business”. Where have you been? Even though the debate to open up this “Refuge” has been missing from heated Congressional debates ever since the “Do Nothing” Congress invaded Constitutional decency by evading conviction - some 12-years ago - that didn't stop the state from exploiting some loopholes for a ways and means to develop what was supposed to be off limits – or at least positioning itself to say the ban should be lifted. History Lesson: When Frank MurCowardski was a U.S. Senator, he had only a single agenda, pave the way so his daughter MoanaLisa could take over a “Do Nothing” seat for life. Yes, Frank is the honorary chairman of why we have before us today a dysfunctional Congress. See, Frank didn't do anything except cause trouble for Ted, with his sensation to waste time in committee hearings upon hearings with a single intent of opening ANWR – it was off limits! Ted knew it, but for some reason Frank could not get it through his pea-brain fantasy and move on to things that would benefit his constituency. Hey, Frank was a “Hobby Lobby Loyalist” even before the “Hobby Lobby” became a “Law Abridging Citizen”. But he couldn't let it go, this ANWR, and pissed off a bunch of other senators that decided to work not with him, but against the “ANWR” fantasy and he retired a beat-up man. But he wasn't a total failure, as other senators saw what worked for Frank, like doing nothing and over time, well the rest is history! And when daughter dearest took over, she did “nothing” better then daddy dearest – as she was into Kenai River “slippery slope” land swindling so it made for an enhanced “Nothing” - because she tried to use the excuse she was “Doing Nothing” to hide the Bob Penney scandal. Yes, “Penney-Gate”, as Moanalisa was able to buy a prime piece of Kenai River property, for pennies on the dollar. It was a piece of property that bordered Bob's mansion, where the Kenai River Classic was held – that yearly event that hauled in members of Congress for major donations to help save the river and at the same time allow the true intent of the “Classic”, as with the “Lobby” in tow to toast and fish, it meant a time to re-charge the Alaskan delegation “War Chests”. So this would have been a very vauable situation for MoanaLisa, for re-election! It had nothing to do with a piece of property for enjoyment, it was for political donation catering. She should have been arrested, indicted and taken the “Time” as punishment as this was a “payback” scam. Imagine being affiliated with a “Do Nothing” Congress! So for as many years as the MurCowards have been entrenched in that senate seat, nothing has been done that benefits Alaska with respect to seeing ANWR open for business – for oil and resource development. But the state wasn't about to hang around and wait for hell to freeze over and realized that once MoanaLisa was successful in stealing that senate seat, it would be more of the same nothing with ANWR - and the pipeline was running low on oil, which threatened the state's piggy bank. It was a “Do Nothing” Congress for as many years as MoanaLisa has been a coveted, well friend to the “Hobby Lobby”! “Congress does plenty, it just depends on what side you are on! See, we never get the correct “political” message during re-erections. Said again, the state could not wait around for incompetency to gain an edge on the ANWR debate, so took matters into their own hands. Anyway, the plan of attack called for the State of Alaska to force EXXON into developing the Point Thomson field. And today, that project is full steam ahead of schedule. See, EXXON fought the development of this “Retro-grade Condensate” field for the last 40-years, yes fighting development but at the same time hesitant to relinquish the leases it owned - as what was known to exist in this field's reservoir was “Good Stuff”! Finally, after spending $millions$ to keep the leases but stall development through costly legal means, EXXON was sentenced by the Alaska Superior Court with a “cease and desist decree” judgment and forced into spending boatloads of money for development. See, Pt. Thomson is situated, well very close to ANWR. In fact, directional drilling could find a drilling bit, well down-hole and under ANWR! Damn, the “GPS” was off! If not under the area still restricted by Congress for resource development, or what was at one time in history called the famed AREA 1002, offshore of ANWR is not out-of-bounds today for the development hounds. And we all know how oil can seep – if not through natural occurrences, well call on Haliburton and they can easily blow a “communicating conduit” between there and here, part of their enhanced “Fracing” business. Honestly, I witnessed the 1st “Frac” job in Alaska, an “Independent” thought that was the cheapest way to exploit oil. So in come the pumps and chemicals and water tanks, and like the “Big Bang”, a hole was blown between two-different reservoirs. Unfortunately, the other reservoir was a “Disposal Well” that contained years and years of human crap accumulated from the camp, so this entire field had to be shut-in and will never be developed because the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline does not accept, “crap”! That “Independent” has left town. Really, when the pumps started sending water down-hole at 2-million pounds, the damn man-made island out in “Harrison Bay” started to shake, and when shit started flying from open water that surrounded the rig - like a whale blow from cracks in the earth - well we knew someone's calculation was in error. Anyway, there is a ways nowadays to get stuff once considered “stranded” to be hijacked. Hey, directional drilling can get a “drill bit” within 3-feet of the target some 8-miles away from the rig! Now ANWR has oil and lots of it according to old and outdated exploratory data. But when oil oozes out of the ground, something smells, fishy! So, what good is an oil find if you cannot get the oil to market – in this case get it over to Prudhoe Bay so it can be sent down the one-an-only pipeline, the famed Trans-Alaska-Pipeline-System, also known as TAPS. OK, so you have a field that went “bust” a long time ago called Badami, which is half-way from Prudhoe Bay to ANWR and has a pipeline that goes all the way over to TAPS. Now, force EXXON to develop the Pt. Thomson field, and now you have a pipeline connection that is just on the border of ANWR. See, Pt. Thomson is not a normal crude oil reservoir, but is considered an “Avant-garde Retro-grade Condensate” field, it means jet fuel already, no refining necessary. OK, not quite jet fuel but better and more volatile. So it is a fluid that cannot be sent down the TAPS, as it has too high a “vapor pressure”, so it basically has no home once developed – the main reason EXXON was not sanctioning this development. But EXXON was forced to build a pipeline, from Pt. Thomson to Badami – which means we now have a way of transporting something from, well very close to ANWR. YES, ANWR is no longer “stranded”! Time to poke some holes in the ground, from 8-miles away is OK – with that extended reach drilling technology. And the scientists and engineers familiar with weird reservoir formations have already warned that developing a “Retro-grade Condensate” field has its challenges. There is only one other field like Pt. Thomson in United States, down in Wyoming and under the BLM control. How that field has played out no one knows, as it is very confidential. But down there, pipelines are designed to take different “fluids”, as there is a market for almost anything that comes out of the ground – used for energy to chemical production, they will find something to do with whatever comes out of the ground, maybe even “crap”! In Alaska, we have not that luxury and the only candidate for the “condensate” from Pt. Thomson is with an “LNG” pipeline project or as a “sweeper” gas for tertiary recovery efforts. Regardless, an LNG pipeline is still 10-years away, maybe never due the falling price of “Natural Gas” and when gas is used for “recovery” the State of Alaska doesn't see any revenue - as it isn't really sold, just being recycled! It is saved for the future. So, soon there will be a pipeline from within a few doorsteps of ANWR all the way over to TAPS. If the Pt. Thomson project is too difficult to produce – which EXXON still today does not want to produce – then what? Well we can run to MoanaLisa MurCowpie and tell her, there's some good land for sale cheap, right up her alley cat! But that is wherein Phase II of the “attack” comes into effect, as this was one hell of a plan! See, when we can no longer rely on the “Do Nothing Congress” delegation, we find a ways and means even to side-track the “Sense of Congress”, which in Don's “Beanie Cap World”, is nonsense! Well today, Alaska has forced the “Big Oil” to play fair! “Big Oil” must share its facilities up North, with the “Independents”. Yes even though “Big Oil” paid for this stuff, it must “share”! So call on EXXON - “Big Oil” with “Big Pockets” - and force it to develop Thomson, with the construction of a 70000BPD pipeline. Then when there is no market for that “Avant-garde” stuff, well let EXXON continue to hold the leases, but force it to “share” that empty pipeline, with an “Independent” bent on sucking ANWR dry, and sucking our resource wealth dry as well. As every damn time an “Independent” squawks, just offer more incentives - like through “Royalty Relief” and they will come begging to act as accomplices in the state's run amuck plan to sabotage “ANWR”. And I am sure that when this starts to show promise, the MurCowards will be there to sign autographs and take all the glory! And when the U.S. government finds out that oil has been stolen away outside its intended “owner” and the “Federal Royalty” has been given away, they will cry “foul” and say they knew nothing about it!

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