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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


 “Live from Lake Willbegonesoon”
Now I know how SONY feels, by becoming the victim of a “Cyber-Bullying” attack, as I too have been framed. See, right after I published an opinion on Sarah Palin's “Animal Cruelty” titled “Sarahfraid” and another opinion about North Korea's Flung Dung Phooey's makeover, my “blog” was attacked and some malware infiltrated and would not allow me to publish new “opinions”. So like with SONY, my 1st Amendment right had been compromised. Let's face the facts, what good is that right to “Free Speech” without “volume”. And I always accept the fact that under Alaska's Constitution, with that “right” I am also responsible for the content with respect to any abusiveness that may cause “harm”. Like refraining away from using a gun-sight's cross-hairs to target innocent victims, like Gabrielle Giffords found out was an “abusive” Sarah Palin trait. Sad, as Gabrielle would have been running for 2016 U.S. President and was earmarked to be this nation's first female Commander-in-Chief. You come to your own conclusion, but it is an easy assessment of why Gabrielle was “bullied”, yet the bullet to the brain caused irreversible damage! So it did take some time to remedy the situation and stop the “bullying” and being knowledgeable in computers & networks and armed with sophisticated “tools” I received when working for Siemens as a spy, I could perform my own “FBI” forensics, to find out wherein this attack may have originated. Likewise with the SONY attack wherein some of the “malware” was written in North Korean and allowed for the “guilty” verdict, what I found was rather interesting. No not any North Korean influenced “code”, put what appears to be “Hillbilly” type code, maybe “Pig Latin” and the “malware” has the codename of “Toad”, or is it “Todd”? Wow, I found an audio-video particle hidden away, let's see what it has to offer: “Live form Lake Willbegonesoon”. And is it true that North Korea's Flung Dung Phooey has a thing for Sarah Palin? Anyway, back on-line!

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