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Saturday, January 3, 2015


So my dear friend Barack Obama has just wasted an “Executive Order” against North Korea for what still finds skepticism, as the ring-leader over the SONY “cyber-bullying”? Look, if you were about to send a nasty - maybe harmful - letter to a foe, would you place your return address on the envelope? Of course not, in fact put someone else's address just to fake the trail and “Cold Case” any semblance of guilt – we learned this in kindergarten, when we prepared those “Would You Be My Valentine” cards! And in modern day “cyber-bullying”, not only is the “Return To Sender” completely masked with respect to its true identity, the “code” that is embedded to cause an attack, whether destructive of for information gathering purposes, these codes can also infiltrate by seeding incriminating evidence in efforts to finger point at a possible “innocent” victim, different then the actual perpetrator. Which I believe is truly the case with this blame game, unless Flung Dung Phooey wanted to be caught in the act. So Obama's “EO” goes after...wait just a minute, did we have North Korean “gun runners” that maintained financial status here in the United States? So what in hell, as we know that corrupt government has been supplying arms to the very ones bent on cutting down our young kids in boots. There is more then enough evidence that is where ISIS has been getting its booby-traps. Should not we have decapitated this gun running business a long time ago, and didn't we already have sanctions in effect? Yes, it was called H.R. 1771 – North Korean Sanction Enforcement Act of 2014 – passed by Congress in July, just last year! So it appears someone has been derelict in that job responsibility, as now we need an “EO” to accomplish the same damn thing! See, even if Congress does indeed get off its lazy ass, and passes something with merit, how come it gets sidelined? I just don't get it any more, something is seriously wrong with the way...well “mission accomplished”, except we have no idea what the “mission” was to begin with. So, here is my take again on this entire North Korean and SONY brouhaha. The “code” that was used to “cyber-bully” SONY was part of a malicious virus that got into the wrong hands, most likely leaked through a “Defense Contractor” subsidiary that handles “IT” for Uncle Sam and most likely already involved in “cyber-espionage”. If you had any idea what kind of stealth and intrusion Uncle Sam has played with, stuff that can infiltrate any computer “linked”, including your phone – smart or not – you would take the 5th! But when some idiot collecting a fat paycheck to raise shame went bored and thus decided to play “Games”, it was a hook and whomever was responsible was baited and instead of infiltrating a worthwhile target – they hit SONY. And they didn't know it, due all the finger-prints subject to evidence tampering. So yes, we may have blood on our hands this affair, the reason Obama is being very cautious on how he reacts. Look, defense contractors no longer have loyalty with respect to “Patriotism” and will use everything in their power to, well make more money – it is that simple. This breach was a wake up call, for those entities that will make $millions$ and at the same time they are securing your network, they will also be working on future vulnerabilities as that continues to generate revenue. SONY estimates it loses may settle in at a $billion$ when it is all said and done with. So this “EO” may be meritless as if you knock down the gun runners, the demand will encourage others to take up the slack. And I am sure the reason nothing has been done to capture financial assets sitting in American banks since that bill was passed by Congress – to place a lien on those asset, it appears we gave North Korea more then enough time to escape. By now from when that bill was passed and nothing was done, I am sure all those assets have been removed to safer havanas. Sad thing, that House bill allowed for this program to be self-funded, from financial assets liened upon and it was estimated it may cost $10-million to fund the sanctions. Now, with the assets gone, the U.S. Taxpayers will be on the hook – what a wonderful Congress, and “Patriotism” seems to be a missing element with that body also. See, they have more important things to do, like trying to impeach a great man. How much time did Mitch McConnell use – paid for by the U.S. Taxpayers – in efforts to try and succeed at making Obama a one-term only President? And he was very vocal about this attack – and there ain't no patriotism in that sort of demeaning nonsense. At times, I doubt the Congress will ever recover! Now I am all for Obama taking advantage of his last few years in the “Oval Office”, and let's hope that we see an “EO” that releases Pete Rose from prison – as until such time he continues to be incarcerated and not allowed the honor of indoctrination into the National Baseball Hall of Fame”, this is the kind of stuff that hurts our nation above and beyond “Dung”!

Pete Rose, greatest baseball player of all times, still incarcerated by being denied into the National Baseball Hall of Fame”

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