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Monday, January 26, 2015

Me Pants a Fallin'

So praytell, we are beginning to see who wears the pants in the family! I am talking Alaska's dysentery dysfunctional delegation, specifically how Queen MoanaLisa is controlling Dan Sullivan. Yes, she is teaching newbie Dan the business, and that is good for “business” and leaves any sense of ethics just a suggestion – like an Anchorage traffic light. Why STOP, nobody is listening! It wasn't a surprise that Dan's first chore would be to take up slack in the kitchen, finding a poisonous recipe for tearing down the EPA. Like daddy dearest Frank working to open ANWR, daughter dearest is trying to waste the same amount of time giving the EPA a bad name. See, Dan wants to “ban” the EPA from having the authority to arrest people. Look, if you have to make an arrest and are not allowed or afforded protection, what good is the “Protection” clout of that agency? Now we know that Don Young along with MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly despises the EPA, for taking a “Stand Your Ground” upon the “Barney Rubble Pebble Mine” project, just a Flintstones style Neanderthal-man sized hole in the ground designed to create an environmental nightmare “pit” wherein the State of Alaska would receive a “pittance” in resource “Royalty”. Look Alaskans, we deserve a whole lot more for those resources then on average 1.5%! In comparison, we see 12.5% from oil development – so wherein hell did this mining relief come from? So we are beginning to witness Dan's marching orders, not from his constituency, but from the “Hobby Lobby” which has controlled Alaska's senile delegation for way too long. Look, if you take away the EPA enforcers' guns, of course this benefits Alaskan businesses, just look what is going on with the diesel spill at Mile-Post 48 of the Richardson Highway! Yes, the EPA had to come in and take over that nightmare – so why in hell do we strive to dismantle an organization that is there when we need assistance – for keeping death threatening stuff out of our salmon streams? It doesn't make sense accept the fact that is what MoanaLisa is focused upon. She started going after the EPA and by god with “Nothing” else to do, may as well stir the pot. Too bad Congress couldn't change the way a member of that insane institute gets laid. Leave it up to the “states”, not the U.S. Taxpayers to foot the bill. “Sorry Dan, MoanaLisa and Don, the state is broke due the crash in oil money, so can you continue to represent us based out of desire instead of lobby greed, like it used to be?” It is indeed today “Taxation without Representation”. Look, just showing up for work and surfing for pornography all day doesn't mean being productive. And if I had a “dime” for every time a member of Congress bad-mouthed the “Commander-in-Chief”, I could buy the next president and trump the Koch suckers! But it is amazing that the theory of “what goes around comes around” and after many years of getting by using the “Mobius Strip” criteria, well it is catching up on Alaska. And there ain't a damn thing that Don Young can do about it, there ain't a damn thing MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly can do about it, and newbie Dan Sullivan - well let's be nice for a few weeks. Dear Dan, hope you haven't already unpacked your bags! Alaska's top revenue chief said we need to build a ramp soon for the budget deficit or else go over the edge, basically before oil crashes below $45 – too late. Look, we are walking the plank of economic disaster and we can thank that delegation for a lot of the mess we are in today. We didn't broaden our horizon with respect to revenue sources, no diversification! See, several years ago when the “Brass” went under pressure to cut costs, well they decided - and not due any special interest interference - that Eielson Air Force Base was no longer a necessity. So they made the decision to move the remaining F-16 squadron to JBER. It made sense, as the power plant that was used at Eielson AFB could not meet EPA “Air Quality” requirements and is in need of a wrecking ball as there ain't no money available to build a new plant. Reason being the “brass” are sick and tired of buying “crap” sub-standard coal from Joe Uselessbelli at over-inflated prices and shipping it on Bill Sheffield's narrow-minded-gauge Podunk rail-road at inflated prices. When at the same time Uncle Sam subsidizes that rail by an infusion of at least half the operating revenue requirements – and Casey Jones then gives other customers “Transport Credits”? What ever happened to “Patriotism”? Honestly, we feel “Patriotic” here in the “Lost Frontier” to take advantage of the military, the guys that are protecting us from Russia, as that enemy has moved very close according to Sarah Palin. But when this military personnel move was introduced, or hell broke loose. See, many of the jobs out at the base are civilian, like plowing snow, and many of those civilian jobs so teased belong to “Tea-Party” enthusiasts. So with their pre-occupation to hate government, this was a good time and place for government to depart. Let's face it, why keep friends that will stab you in the back? But when you try to take away that “easy street” government paycheck, well people begin to exercise that 2nd Amendment! So the “brass” were chastised, and only Mark Begich came to the rescue – MIA MoanaLisa and Don. OK, Don has an excuse as he was told by Boehner to “shut-up”! Honestly, with Don - due ethics and ethnic complaints - he cannot “chair” a committee, so he has less power then any other Congresswomen – good thing we like voting in duds. Anyway, Begich was allowed a breather due his threats upon military promotions for our men & women in the trenches in Afghanistan and that allowed the city fathers to work up a game plan. Now what occurred was mind-boggling, as it caused my property value in Anchorage to loose $15000! See, by claiming that Anchorage was an unsafe city, due rape, muggings, drug lords & whores, it was best to keep the squadron up north – in Fairbanks, where there was even more rape, muggings, drugs & whores along with air pollution problems – many times in the “Unhealthy” zone! So the brass decided to hold off on the EAFB reassignment, because many soldiers that were up for promotion but were denied such due Begich's sucker punch, well the troop morale faded and we were starting to loose the war – as many decided is wasn't worth protecting this nation when Congress played this kind of insane game – purely cesspool politics. I tried filing a complaint against Begich, but with the “Sergeant-at-Arms” being “blackmailed into leaving his post”, it was a moot point. So the plan of attack by Mayor Sullivan and Mayor Homeboy in Fairbanks, well their togetherness worked to instill that Anchorage and Fairbanks were unsafe havens for military personnel – but only during the non-tourists season and many Anchorage home-owners saw the value of their houses crash – well a small devaluation. So, now the brass have found out that what the “Mayors Bribery Coalition” used in their report, that after their own research found that it was false, well Eielson is once again on the “Wrecking Ball” list. Yup, a day after Begich conceded his seat to Dan, Eielson was once again up for grabs. Now to accommodate the F-16 move to JBER, it means making room, so the ARMY is getting into the picture and wants to cut a large percentage of the troops at JBER and Ft. Wainwright. And this has the mayors pissed off once again, as Begich is gone and when they made calls to D.C. and asked for the Alaska delegation, all they get is “Sorry, the number you have called is no longer in service”. So brace, as the “brass” has taken notice and have been given their marching orders, cut-backs are coming, like it or leave it. Now there are many things that go into the equation that evaluates a military base and the future. It really has nothing to do with politics – that can only challenge a decision to modify a base and maybe buy some time, so a city can hire rapists and whores to roam the streets to make it look unsafe – part of that discretionary spending that finds “zero” transparency. But when you see a check made out to “Big Lips Lucy”...Now down in California and in Utah, the city fathers saw an opportunity to take some of our troops away, by offering lucrative incentives to the military. See, many bases went “Privatized” back several years ago – wherein the power plants and waste-water facilities went into private ownership, as a means to save Uncle Sam loot. So some states have relaxed things like property tax, as once a piece of the base that was exempt, well under the “Private Ryan” label, it is taxed. When Alaska's military bases went that way, it meant $millions$ in taxation collected by the local city governments, in efforts to pay for the whores. Also, the Defense Logistics Agency is tired of buying “expensive” coal from Joe. See, the military likes to buy on 5-year contracts and likes a set price – it's called “logistics”. And down in the lower-48, due the interest to keep the military as part of a viable jobs infrastructure through incentives, well the price of coal has dropped by 5% delivered and that trend is continuing. In Alaska, it went up 14% - this is what gives Alaska a “black eye”. Take Ft. Wainwright for instance. It is rated as a “10” for preparing troops to fight in “cold climates” and at the same time it received a “zero” for energy costs – due the price of coal as there exists no other alternative to keep the troops warm in winter. Now for the last 10-years, we have been fighting desert wars? So there's that kind of terrain in California, there's the same in Utah, plus incentives and cheap fuel. So Joe Uselessbelli is part of the blame, so is the Alaska Rail Road. But probably the biggest deterrent to keeping the military here in Alaska, it is the Doyon Native Corporation. See, back some years ago Doyon was awarded a “$billion” dollar contract to run the utility infrastructure at JBER, Wainwright and Greely. Well, it soon reneged on its promise and wanted a whole lot more, after all the contracts were scrutinized – with the excuse that when it bid on the infrastructure, it was only allowed to do a drive-by – for assets totaling over $700-Million. Like this was a Craig's listing – wherein even a terroist can get in on the act. For about a year now, the JAG has been taking Doyon to task. But this has cost a tremendous amount of time and “extra” money out of the defense budget, to litigate a contract. And the Alaska delegation never went involved, as it hurts to take sides with Uncle Sam, with respect to what goes into that political “War Chest”. Can you imagine MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly going to bat for the ARMY against her fan club? So we shoot ourselves in the foot, take that back, the groin. And where did the most damage come from? When it was decided through "Citizens United" that Alaska wanted a KOCH representative in power instead of Begich. Look, I wasn't a Begich supporter, but rational enough to see and understand what was going on, with politics here in Alaska that tells me we never did eunuchize that “Corrupt Bastard Club” mentality. See, another reason that EAFB will soon see a wrecking ball is the fact that KOCH shutdown the refinery that provided a secure fuel supply, for the jet set. That supply now comes from Anchorage, so the brass want to move the F-16 squadron closer to that secure supply, as what in hell can you do with jets on empty – and NO, you can't burn coal in an “afterburner”. So we are about to see more “Public Comment” sessions now that the “BRAC” wrecking ball is heading this way. It will be only a matter of time before the wrecking ball comes to town and we see the unemployment rate start to climb, house prices sagging and we will then ask, “What the F....Destructive devastation will arrive in North Pole, then work its way toward Fairbanks then down to Anchorage. Look, the bases are dilapidated and falling apart, as the power plants and other infrastructure were build some 50-years ago. And there ain't no money to fix things up. And we blew it by this account. Like already mentioned, energy costs enter into the equation of whether or not a base is fundamentally sound. Had we built that “natural gas pipeline”, we would have already set ourselves up for a future with a military presence into that future. See, the military by “Public Law” must convert to “Green”. Down in Anchorage, with the “Trash Gas” project that requirement is being achieved, so another reason the troop deployment will be moving south. Said again, if we had built that “gas” pipeline as was a requirement within 5-years of “Oil In”, we would not be wasting time at “Public Comment” meetings about the destiny of the military here in Alaska - as that was about the only incentive we had to offer, cheap “Green” fuel! Yes, it is catching up. And with the price of oil collapsing, so is that “Bridge To Nowhere”, as Don never delivered any funds for the up-keep! This “bad scenario” is nothing new, it has been an over-shadowing obstacle for the last 6-years. Begich tried to keep the wrecking ball at bay, but in doing so pissed off the brass. In the meantime, we did nothing but pick our noses. Yes, we have only the politicians to blame, as what went on was how it was when we had a powerful Senator, Uncle Ted to come to our assistance. Those days are gone forever. Since then, it appears the delegation has been absent – or maybe it is just utter incompetence!

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