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Saturday, January 3, 2015


Wow, it's beginning to sink in...I for one will miss Barack Obama as Commander-in-Chief. I will also miss Michelle, as talk about a woman with charisma for a 1st Lady she is! See, after so many years – 20 at last count – this nation had been without a Commander-in-Chief, as for some reason the Supreme Court's Chief Jester had been pressured into swearing in impostors or for lack of identity theft – Commander-in-Thief. I used to give credit to George H.W. Bush, but when his Gargoyle conglomerate was caught in the housing bubble burst, he was the 1st to receive $millions$ in bailout loot from sonny boy, even before Wall Street went alarmed. Sad thing, with that money from the U.S. Taxpayers, it helped foreigners in need, not us – yes part of the untold story of what went on when “Dubya” was aboard the already out-of-control “Lionel Peanut Gang” locomotive. With Bill, he was the one that actually ruined the “Oval Office” which then turned into the “Awful Office” and it wasn't until this nation bit its tongue and retained a “Black Man” to bail us out did we find the derailed train at least restrained and back on-track. Today, Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of a black man; he is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored; he hath loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword; his truth is marching on.” So the next 2-years will be for me exciting, as Obama has already proved himself a “Statesmen” and maybe we should start using his legacy as a “Litmus Test”, if the next generation of U.S. Presidents meet the “KOOL MAN” standards, then we build the retiree a “Presidential Library” - if not, they get a “Toilet Bowl” monument. And believe it or not, contracts have already been ratified to add another figure-head to Mt. Rushmore. No not Chris Mathews, but our 1st “Black President”. So the other day while on vacation in Hawaii, Barack & Michelle went to dine at a place called the Advantage Cave, a “Private Society” joint wherein “elevating art, culture and pleasure” are paramount. Sounds more like a Las Vegas "whorehouse"! It looked more like the Skull & Bones “Crypt” as found over at Yale – and we all know what goes on inside the tomb, besides “head cheese” and this place looked rather creepy, it sounded creepy – so I hope the food was tested by security guinea pigs prior to any dining pleasures. Almost said “romantic”, but its a damn “Crypt”, ain't nothing romantic about it so maybe Obama was also combining Halloween with the family Christmas break. Now with any other presidents past, we would not have heard of such an extravagant dinner date – as Monica always refused Bill's extra-marital invitations – except for dining out at the “Oval” during “Happy Hour”, especially when “Weiners” were roasted. So one may ask, why does Obama allow this news to be broadcast that he and Michelle dined at a place 99% of Americans would be banned from ever entering – due the fact they still pay income taxes? Honestly, to get into the “Cave”, one must produce a 1040 that is scrutinized for loopholes taken advantage of! But nothing stopped Obama from making it known he and Michelle were visiting the “Private Society” crypt because Obama is committed and is trying to push forward that what has transpired here in the “Homeland”, it is bad business for the “middle class” and he used this opportunity to instill some semblance of concern. When the 1% faction in fashion with most of the wealth can dish out $500000 just for a membership in a restaurant that advertises “Private Society” - that's what is costs to be able to dine at this “Tomb” of Advantage taking - and then spend upwards a $1000 for a measly meal, there is something wrong with this preferential treatment and must be reckoned with – maybe we have lost the battle in taxation equality because the only way someone has this kind of ”extra” disposable income, it means they have found “loopholes” only the wealthy can take advantage of – like the Clintons, like the Bush dysentery dynasty. Look, I felt guilty paying $10.80 for a box of popcorn and a bottle of water at the thearter the other day – because the movie magnates were trying to recoup the loses by thinking the showing of the “Interview” would be a golden opportunity, it wasn't by any stretch of the imagination profitable – so by taking advantage of innocent victims maybe they can make it up. And this outing with Obama, well it followed Barack enjoying what most of us get by with on a daily basis, like a shaved-ice snow cone. Yes, from flavored ice to “kyushu amadai kabocha pickled garlic escabeche”, the diet of the poor verses the diet of the wealthy. Look, if I can't pronounce it, it ain't worth eating! So I thank Barack & Michelle for taking the opportunity to show us once again the disparity that is hitting America from sea to shining sea – and Hawaii, wherein a class system based on wealth is at the overboard and those without wealth will soon be forced to walk the plank. Here's the sad thing. The menu at the “Cave” was one of them sit you eat what I cook – like my German grandmother used to whip out – and it included “King Salmon”, at $248 a plate. This made me laugh. See, it's winter so there ain't no fresh “King Salmon”, so it would have to be from a frozen lot. And here is the take on that and what fine dining is all about, wherein the “Private Society” is non-existent and finds no preference, at least not yet and as long as Sarah Palin keeps “Reloading”, we in Alaska will be somewhat safe. Salmon is good, right out of the water. I used to catch and freeze, then I went stubborn. Salmon finds no match when it is caught, gutted and cooked right on the banks of the Kenai River – sad thing, once you enjoy that kind of feast, there ain't no turning back. But herein, a piece of frozen salmon at that kind of loot, it isn't done for the palate, but how to impress others with that wallet. At least with shaved ice, I know what I am getting and a tee-shirt is the only attire required over a suit, that may cost in excess of $10k. In ending, if we do not pay attention to what Barack has been trying to “show us”, when shaved ice becomes scarce, then what? And that “Advantage Cave”, by definition of the wealth required to dine out, it adds another credible element to Lawrence Britt's 14-legitimate conditions of “FASCISM”. Yes, we are getting closer and closer to that kind of government, something Obama has tried to show us.

 "Private Society Meal"

"Middle-Class Meal"

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